Discoverer AT3 vs ATP Tire

Cooper Tire is one of the most well-known tire brands in the world. They have been around for a long time and are always looking to improve their products. The Cooper ATP and Cooper AT3 tires are designed to provide excellent performance. Still, there are differences between them that make it necessary for car owners to do some research before making a purchase.

Cooper AT3 vs ATP Table

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Why Compare?

There are two excellent options for Cooper tires, and both provide superior performance. The only way you will know which one is better for your car is by researching before making a purchase.

The ATPs might be best for you if you want a tire that works well off-road or if you need something with heavyweight loads. However, if speed stability in corners at high speeds on roads is important to you, then go ahead and get an ATP.

The main difference between Cooper ATP and Cooper AT3 tires is in the Treadwear Warranty. The Cooper ATP comes with a 55,000-mile warranty. The Cooper Discoverer AT3 has a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty. Both warranties are excellent. Overall, both Cooper ATP and Cooper AT3 tires are excellent choices for drivers who want a reliable tire that will provide superior performance.

Tire Type

The Discoverer AT3 is a rugged, off-road tire that provides excellent performance even on difficult terrain. It has one of the most aggressive tread patterns in its class, and it handles well at high speeds when driving on rough roads or hard surfaces. The Cooper ATP also performs well on all terrains but has more rounded grooves in the tread for better cornering performance.

The Discoverer AT3 has a height of 18 inches. It is available with all-season, mud & snow, or All-Terrain rubber compounds. At the same time, the Cooper ATP comes only in an all-terrain version. The Cooper ATP gets better gas mileage than the Discoverer, but that doesn’t matter because the Discoverer AT3 is more expensive.

Tire Size

Discoverer AT3 XLT comes in different sizes with different load capacities depending on the wheel size. Their model’s Discoverer AT3 XLT has a wheel size of 15″ to 20″. Load capacity depends on the size of the wheel & the model of the tire. Just like Cooper Discoverer LT295/75R16 Tire load capacity is 3970 Pounds.

On the other hand, Cooper Discoverer ATP also comes in different sizes depending on the tire’s wheel size. Cooper ATP comes with a wheel size of 16″ to 20″. Load capacity also depends on the size of the wheel & model. Cooper ATPs 265/60 R18 tire load capacity is 3750 Pounds which meets load requirements for most vehicles.

Tire Mileage

Cooper ATP comes with Great tread life with a 55,000-mile warranty; it also varies depending on which country you buy from. One of the great things about Cooper ATP tires is that they are made for wet, dry, snow, or ice conditions. The treads have been designed to ensure you get traction wherever you go! One downside is that these tires can

Cooper Discoverer AT3 is a Long-Lasting Tire Backed by an outstanding 60,000-mile Treadwear Warranty. Also, it varies depending on which country you buy from. The treads have been designed to ensure you get traction wherever you go! One downside is that these tires can be more expensive than other brands and may need replacing before 60k miles.

Speed Rating

The Cooper ATP tire features a speed rating of T, while the Discoverer AT3 has only an S on its label. This means that you can drive at speeds up to 118 mph with the Cooper ATP and 130 mph in the case of the Discoverer AT3.

You need to be aware of the speed rating on your tires, especially if you’re an avid driver. It can make a big difference in terms of safety and performance.

Rim Size & Width

The Discoverer AT-XL is offered on a wider variety of rim sizes than the Cooper ATP. The different size options, which are 15 inches through 20 inches, will make it easier to find an option that will fit your vehicle.

If you choose the Discoverer AT3 LT295/75R16, your rim size must be 16 inches, and the rim width will be 8 Inches. On the other hand, if you choose the Cooper ATPs 265/60 R18 tire model, your rim size will be 18 inches, and the rim width will be 8 Inches.

Suitable For

Discoverer AT3 XLT is for drivers looking at high speed and long wear. They offer customers what anyone would want from their tires: A good grip, high-speed ratings, and long wear. Cooper Discoverer ATP is for you if you are to drive a light truck or SUV and want the new performance levels.

Cooper ATP is a versatile tire for drivers who want to try something new in their car. This tire offers different driving modes that will change how your vehicle handles on the road. It can be set up as an all-season or winter, depending on what you are looking for from your tires. It’s a perfect new addition to your truck or SUV.


So which tire should you go with? It all depends on what your vehicle needs. If you are looking for a long-wear and high speed, the Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT is perfect. But if versatility is important to you or wants something new from your tires, choose Cooper ATP! Check out more of our blog posts to find the perfect tire!

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