Cooper Discoverer Rtx vs At3 Tire

It’s no wonder that many drivers find themselves wondering which Tire is more suitable for them. There are so many options out there, and it can be challenging to know what the best choice is. This blog post will help you decide which two tires might work better for your driving needs.

We’ll talk about their features, specifications, and prices to give you a well-rounded idea of what each has to offer. Hopefully, this article will help you make an informed decision on whether the Cooper Discoverer Rtx or At3 Tire is right for you!

Cooper Discoverer RTX vs At3 Table

To help you decide which model is more suitable for your needs, we’ve outlined the key differences between these two tires in a comparison table so that you can get the best out of it.

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Why Compare?

We are going to compare the two tires because they both have their own unique features that make them ideal for different purposes and we want to know which of the two is better. The Cooper Discoverer Rtx offers a more aggressive appearance than the At-3000 Series but has less tread life.

On the other hand, you can see that the At-3000 Series is a more affordable tire, but it also has a less aggressive appearance and lower performance.

Tire Type

Both Cooper Discoverer Rtx vs At3 is All season tire. which means they are suitable for all four seasons. The Cooper Discoverer Rtx has a silica compound, which is good at resisting heat and wear. It also provides excellent wet traction with advanced circumferential siping technology that helps it grip the road surface in dry and wet conditions. The At offers better tread life, but these tires are not as good a Cooper Discoverer Rtx in wet conditions.

The Cooper Discoverer At3 has an asymmetrical tread pattern that is made of deep, wide grooves to provide superior grip and traction on snow and ice surfaces. This type of Tire will have more stability than the cooper discoverer RTX with its non-directional design.

Tire size

Tire size actually depending on the wheel size of that Tire. One wheel size also have a different size of Tire. Cooper Discoverer Rtx comes with five wheel sizes which range is 15 inches to 20 inches in size. On the other hand, Cooper Discoverer At3 comes with three different wheel sizes which range is from 15 inches to 20 inches.

Load Capacity

These two tires have different types of usage which determines what their maximum load-bearing capability is. for example, if we compare them on an ATV and dirt bike due to more rigorous use in this type of terrain, Cooper Discoverer Rtx is the better Tire.

For Example, Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT265/70R17 load capacity 3195 Pounds. on the other hand, Cooper Discoverer Rtx Maximum Load capacity is 2679 pounds. Depending on the rim size Load capacity also varies.

Thread Millage

Both Tire comes with great tread millage. The Discoverer RTX is NOT protected by a Treadwear Protection Warranty, although it comes with a Standard Limited Warranty.

The Discoverer AT3 LT is protected up to 60,000 Miles Treadwear Protection Warranty. They both come with great grip on the road, so you won’t worry about losing control while driving due to worn out/low quality tires.

Speed Rating

The speed rating is the most important factor that you need to consider when purchasing a new tire for your car. The speed of one’s vehicle influences how fast it can go and how much traction there will be on the surface and what kind of surfaces they will be able to traverse without difficulty or damage. These characteristics directly affect how safe the driver and passengers are within a vehicle.

The speed rating is rated on an A to Z scale, with each letter corresponding to different rates of miles per hour that this Tire can sustain. The higher up you go in terms of numbers, the faster your car will theoretically be able to drive safely at these speeds. If you are a driver that likes to drive at high rates of speed, you need to purchase higher-rated tires.

  • The Cooper Discoverer Rtx is Speed Rating R (106 mph) & T (118 mph) (Depending On Tire You Are Using).
  • Meanwhile, the Cooper Discoverer At3 has Speed Rating R (106 mph) & S (112 mph) (Depending On Tire You Are Using).

Suitable For

All Season Discoverer RTX Tire Are Build for Fits SUVs, Trucks or crossover vans. On the other hand Cooper Discoverer At3 is suitable for the drivers of pickup trucks, work vehicles and full-size SUVs.


Ultimately, these two tires have their own advantages and disadvantages. The Cooper Discoverer Rtx is the more rugged of the two with a higher speed rating. On the other hand, At- Tires’ tread life is longer than that of Cooper’s, and while its traction on wet surfaces may not be as good as the latter’s, At-Tires is more of a versatile tire.

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