Tire Size 35×12.5r15 to Metric

Tire Size 35x12.5r15 to Metric

Have you ever glanced at your vehicle’s tire and wondered what the numbers and letters molded into the sidewall actually mean? You might think it’s some kind of secret language. You’re not alone.

In the world of tire dimensions, one size that often raises eyebrows is the 35×12.5r15. So, what does 35×12.5r15 mean, and how does it translate into the metric system?

Dimension Breakdown
Let’s first break down these mysterious numbers. “35×12.5r15” is a typical tire size designation in the United States, using inches as the measurement unit. The first number, “35,” signifies the tire’s overall diameter in inches. “12.5” is the width of the tire tread, also in inches.

The “r” denotes radial construction, the most common type of tire construction today. The final number, “15,” indicates the wheel diameter that the tire fits on, also measured in inches.

35×12.5r15 in inches

Tire Diameter35.0″
Tire Section Width12.5″
Rim Width Range15″ x 8.5-11″
Sidewall Height10.0″

Conversion Process
Understanding tire size is a crucial aspect of vehicle maintenance and safety, but it becomes more complicated when conversion is involved. Let’s explore how to convert the size 35×12.5r15 from inches to millimeters.

  • Overall Diameter: We use the conversion factor that 1 inch equals 25.4 millimeters to convert the overall diameter from inches to millimeters. Therefore, a 35-inch diameter converts to 889 millimeters.
  • Tire Width: The same principle applies to the tire’s width. For the 35×12.5r15 tire size, the tire width of 12.5 inches equals 317.5 millimeters.
  • Wheel Diameter: The wheel diameter also follows the same conversion factor. Therefore, a wheel diameter of 15 inches translates to 381 millimeters.

35x12.5r15 to Metric

Sidewall Height and Aspect Ratio
The Sidewall height and Aspect Ratio can be determined using simple formulas. The Sidewall Height in inches is obtained by subtracting the Wheel Diameter from the Overall Diameter and dividing by 2. For a 35×12.5r15 tire, the Sidewall Height equals (35-15)/2 = 10 inches.

The Aspect Ratio is the ratio of the Sidewall Height to the Tire Width, expressed as a percentage. Therefore, for our tire size, the Aspect Ratio equals (10/12.5) * 100% = 80%.

Finding a Close Metric Equivalent
The closest metric equivalent for a 35×12.5r15 tire size would typically be a 315/80r15. This figure represents a tire that is 315mm wide, with an aspect ratio of 80% and fits a 15-inch wheel.

Practical Applications
The 35×12.5r15 size is commonly used in off-road vehicles and trucks due to its substantial width and aggressive tread patterns. They provide a larger footprint and offer better traction on various terrains, from muddy trails to sandy dunes.

Moreover, these tires have a high load-bearing capacity, which makes them perfect for heavy-duty applications. For instance, the 35×12.5r15 is often seen in vehicles involved in construction, forestry, and agriculture industries where high torque and load capacity are vital.

What Is Equivalent To A 35×12.5R15?

The conversion of the tire size 35×12.5R15 into the metric system roughly equals 318/80r15, although this specific size isn’t typically available on the market.

Instead, the most comparable and commonly found metric size is 315/80r15. This size aligns closely with the dimensions of a 35×12.5R15 tire, and you’ll likely have an easier time finding it for sale.

How Tall Is A 35×12.5r15 Tire?

The first number in tire size, like 35×12.5R15, represents the overall diameter of the tire in inches when it is inflated and not under load. Therefore, a 35×12.5R15 tire is approximately 35 inches tall.

How Wide Is A 35×12.5r15 Tire?

The second number in a tire size represents the tire’s width in inches. In the case of a 35×12.5R15 tire, the width is 12.5 inches.

What Size Rim Fits A 35×12.5r15 Tire?

The last number in a tire size represents the diameter of the wheel (or rim) that the tire is designed to fit. In the case of a 35×12.5R15 tire, it is designed to provide a 15-inch diameter rim.

Remember that the rim’s width also plays a role in fitting the tire properly. For a 12.5-inch wide tire, the rim width is typically between 8.5 and 11 inches. Always check with the tire manufacturer to ensure the correct rim width for the specific tire model.

Understanding the measurements and the conversion process of tire sizes like 35×12.5r15 can be beneficial for everyone, from car enthusiasts to everyday drivers. From its breakdown to practical applications, this knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions about tire replacement, maintenance, and vehicle safety.

By converting these sizes into the metric system, we can better understand our vehicle’s tire specifications globally. And whether you are tackling challenging off-road terrain or simply taking a leisurely drive, understanding your tires is a step towards a safer and more comfortable journey.

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