Tire Size 325/65r18 in inches

The tire size 325/65R18 is equivalent to 34.6×12.8R18 in inches. It has a diameter of 34.6 inches (879.7 mm), a section width of 12.8 inches (325 mm), a wheel diameter of 18 inches (457 mm), and is approved to be mounted on 9.0-10.0 inches (228.6-254 mm) wide wheels. As a significant determinant of your vehicle’s performance, it is crucial to understand the parameters of this tire size and the implications for your driving experience.

325/65r18 in inches

This Table chart enables you to grasp detailed measurements in both inches and millimeters in a single glance.

Feature Inches Metric
Tire Diameter 34.6 879.7
Section Width 12.8 325
Rim Height 18 457
Sidewall Height 8.3 211.3
Circumference 108.8 2763.7
Revolutions 362/km 583/mile
Rim Width Range 9.0-10.0 228.6-254

How Tall Is A 325/65R18 Tire?

The tire height of the 325/65R18 tire size is 34.6 inches, equivalent to 879.7 millimeters. This refers to the tire’s outer diameter, which extends from the bead on one side of the tire to the bead on the other. This measure impacts vehicle stability, ride comfort, and fuel efficiency.

What Is the 325/65R18 Width In Inches?

The 325/65R18 tire’s tread width is 12.8 inches or 325 millimeters. This is the distance across the broadest part of the tire, affecting the contact patch or the part of the tire in contact with the road. This influences the braking, handling, and traction capabilities of the vehicle.

What Is the 325/65R18 Sidewall Height?

The sidewall height of the 325/65R18 tire size is approximately 8.3 inches or 211.3 millimeters. This measurement, from the edge of the wheel to the top of the tire tread, plays a significant role in ride quality. A taller sidewall can provide a smoother ride and better off-road performance.

What Is the 325/65R18 Tire Circumference?

The 325/65R18 tire’s circumference is approximately 108.8 inches or 2763.7 millimeters. This measure is essential to calculate the tire’s revolutions per mile, affecting the accuracy of your vehicle’s speedometer.

What Is the 325/65R18 Revolutions Per Mile?

For the 325/65R18 tire size, there are approximately 583 revolutions per mile. The revolutions per mile is an essential specification to consider when replacing tires, as variations in this value can affect the accuracy of the speedometer.

What Is the 325/65R18 Rims Size?

The 325/65R18 tire size, the rim diameter is 18 inches or 457 millimeters. It is compatible with wheel widths ranging from 9.0 to 10.0 inches (228.6-254 mm), providing flexibility for different wheel configurations.

Fitment Guide
This will guide you on which vehicles are compatible with 325/65R18 tires. As these tires are typically used on larger vehicles, please refer to your vehicle’s manual or consult with a tire professional to confirm fitment.

Brand Model
RAM 1500 TRX [2021-2023]

Replacement Tire Size
Replacement tires have to be within 3% of the diameter of the original tires to maintain the functionality of the vehicle’s systems. It’s crucial to consult with a tire professional or refer to your vehicle manual before replacing your tires.

Tire Size Overall Diameter Difference
305/65R18 33.6″ (853 mm) -3%
285/70R18 33.7″ (857 mm) -2.5%
345/60R18 34.3″ (871 mm) -0.9%
295/70R18 34.3″ (871 mm) -0.9%
285/75R18 34.8″ (885 mm) 0.7%
305/70R18 34.8″ (885 mm) 0.7%
275/80R18 35.3″ (897 mm) 2%
315/70R18 35.4″ (899 mm) 2.3%

Our Observation
In our observation, the 325/65R18 tire size offers an optimal blend of off-road capabilities, ride comfort, and stability. With a taller sidewall and wide tread, these tires can handle a variety of terrains while providing a comfortable ride. However, these characteristics might contribute to slightly decreased fuel efficiency and precision at higher speeds.

By understanding the detailed specifications of the 325/65R18 tire size, you can make informed decisions about your vehicle’s performance and maintenance. Whether for replacement or upgrade, it’s vital to consider these dimensions and their effects on your driving experience.

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