Tire Size 31×10.50r15 in Metric

Have you ever wondered what those numbers and letters on your tire actually mean? Today, we embark on a journey to demystify the 31×10.50R15 tire size and delve into its fascinating dimensions. Join us as we break down the components of this tire size and uncover the practical applications of the 31×10.50R15 size.

Dimension Breakdown
Let’s start by deciphering the puzzle of the 31×10.50R15 tire size. Each part of this size holds vital information. The number 31 represents the tire’s overall diameter in inches, while the 10.50 indicates the tire’s width.

The “R” signifies the tire’s radial construction, which is the most common type today. Lastly, the number 15 corresponds to the diameter of the wheel in inches.

31×10.50r15 in inches

Specification Inches
Tire Diameter 31.0″
Tire Section Width 10.5″
Rim Width Range 15″ x 7-9″
Sidewall Height 8.0″
Circumference 97.3″
Revs/Mile 651

Conversion Process
Converting these measurements from inches to millimeters, the international standard, involves basic math. To convert inches to millimeters, we multiply the value by 25.4.

The overall diameter of ’31’ inches becomes 787.4 mm. The tire width ‘10.50’ inches transforms to 266.7 mm. The wheel diameter ’15’ inches equates to 381 mm.

Sidewall height and aspect ratio are two additional tire dimensions not directly mentioned in the 31×10.50r15 size. Sidewall height is the distance from the wheel rim to the top of the tire, and the aspect ratio is the sidewall height as a percentage of the tire width.

For our 31×10.50r15 tire, the sidewall height is half the difference between the overall diameter and wheel diameter. The aspect ratio is the sidewall height divided by the tire width multiplied by 100.

Finding a Close Metric Equivalent
To find a close metric equivalent, we need to translate these dimensions into a format used globally. Metric tire sizes are denoted as ‘Width/Aspect Ratio R Wheel Diameter .’ Take, for instance, a flotation tire with dimensions 31×10.50R15. This particular tire corresponds to a metric tire size of 265/75R15.

Replacement Tire Size

Tire Size Overall Diameter Difference
235/80R15 29.8″ (757 mm) -2.8%
315/60R15 29.9″ (759 mm) -2.6%
345/55R15 30″ (761 mm) -2.3%
255/75R15 30″ (763 mm) -2.1%
295/65R15 30.1″ (765 mm) -1.8%
275/70R15 30.2″ (767 mm) -1.5%
325/60R15 30.4″ (771 mm) -1%
285/70R15 30.7″ (781 mm) 0.3%

Practical Applications
Now that we’ve explored the technical aspects let’s shift our focus to the practical uses of the 31×10.50R15 tire size. This size is commonly found on off-road vehicles and light trucks, making it a popular choice for adventurous individuals and outdoor enthusiasts.

We’ll provide real-world examples highlighting the versatility and benefits of using the 31×10.50R15 size in various scenarios, such as off-roading, camping, and everyday driving.

What Is Equivalent To A 31×10.50r15?

In the metric system, the tire size equivalent to 31×10.50R15 is 267/76/R15. However, it’s worth noting that this specific tire size is not commonly available in the real world. The closest equivalent in the metric system is 265/75R15.

How tall are 31×10.50R15 tires?

The first number in the tire size (31×10.50R15) denotes the diameter of the tire. So, a 31×10.50R15 tire is approximately 31 inches tall.

How Wide Is A 31×10.50r15 Tire?

The second number in the tire size (31×10.50R15) indicates the width of the tire. So, a 31×10.50R15 tire is approximately 10.5 inches wide.

What Size Rim Fits A 31×10.50r15?

The third number in the tire size (31×10.50R15) represents the diameter of the wheel (or rim) that the tire is designed to fit. So, a 31×10.50R15 tire is designed to fit a 15-inch rim. However, the width of the rim can vary.

A 31×10.50R15 tire will typically fit a rim width in the range of 7 to 9 inches, with about 8.5 inches being the ideal. Always refer to the tire manufacturer’s recommendations for the exact rim specification.

Understanding the 31×10.50r15 tire size is easier than it initially seems. It’s a simple breakdown of overall diameter, tire width, and wheel diameter, with a conversion from inches to millimeters bringing you closer to the metric system.

Knowing this conversion process allows you to find a close metric equivalent, expanding your tire options globally. And with the 31×10.50r15 size being a popular choice for off-road and snow-prone conditions, who knows? Your next vehicle might just be sporting these rugged, reliable tires.

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