Tire Size 295/60r20 vs 35×12.50r20

The main difference between 295/60r20 and 35×12.50r20 tires lies in their overall diameter. The 295/60r20 tires have a diameter of 33.94 inches, while the 35×12.50r20 tires have a larger diameter of 35.02 inches. This difference in size directly influences factors like ground clearance, fuel economy, and aesthetic appeal.

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Fitment Guide

The 35×12.50R20 is 3.2% larger in overall diameter compared to the 295/60R20. This exceeds the 3% diameter difference threshold for direct replacement without modifications.

The 35×12.50R20 may require a lift kit or other adaptations to prevent rubbing or fitment issues. Its wider tread also needs adequate wheel well clearance.

Ground Clearance

With a diameter of 35.02 inches, the 35×12.50R20 tire provides 1.08 inches more ground clearance versus the 33.94-inch diameter of the 295/60R20. The added clearance benefits off-road driving by preventing scrapes over rocks or obstacles.

However, the larger 35×12.50R20 diameter causes a lower speedometer reading than the 295/60R20. At 20 mph actual speed, the 35×12.50R20 equipped vehicle’s speedometer would read around 19.86 mph.

Gas Mileage

The heavier 35×12.50R20 tire has more rolling resistance and rotational mass than the 295/60R20. This typically results in marginally worse fuel efficiency, an important consideration for daily drivers.

Ride Comfort

The 35×12.50R20’s additional sidewall height and air volume provide superior impact absorption. This cushions the ride over uneven terrain or bumps better than the lower profile 295/60R20.

The 295/60R20’s shorter sidewall on smooth highways enables a more responsive and slightly smoother ride. But both deliver comfortable cruising.


Visually, the 35×12.50R20’s taller sidewall suits the rugged aesthetics of trucks and SUVs. However, the 295/60R20’s lower profile appearance blends better with performance cars and contributes to sleeker aerodynamics.

Handling & Stability

The 295/60R20’s shorter sidewall enables quicker steering response and sharper handling on pavement.

In contrast, the 35×12.50R20’s additional sidewall flex provides enhanced high-speed stability and improved traction off-road.

Noise & Vibration

On smooth roads, the 295/60R20 runs quieter with less vibration reaching the cabin. But the 35×12.50R20’s extra air cushioning better dampens noise and vibration from bumps or gravel.

Durability & Wear

Even tire wear may be longer lasting on the 295/60R20. But the 35×12.50R20’s larger air volume and sidewall flex make it more damage-resistant over impacts or rugged use.

Adverse Conditions

The narrower 295/60R20 can cut through to the pavement more effectively in snow or ice. But the wider 35×12.50R20 provides additional traction in mud, sand, or loose dirt. Both perform well in wet conditions.

Speedometer Difference

The larger diameter 35×12.50R20 causes the speedometer to under read compared to the stock 295/60R20 size. At an actual 20 mph speed, the speedometer would read around 19.86 mph with 35×12.50R20 tires fitted.

What Does 295 60r20 Tire Mean?

The “295” in 295 60r20 refers to the tire’s width in millimeters. The “60” is the aspect ratio, which tells you how tall the tire is compared to its width.

In this case, the height is 60% of the width. The “r” stands for radial construction, and the “20” is the diameter of the wheel in inches.

A 295 60r20 tire is a wide, low-profile tire often used on high-performance cars. This size offers stability and grip, making it a good choice for highway driving and off-road adventures.

295/60r20 vs 35×12.50r20

What Does 35×12 50r20 Tire Mean?

The “35” in 35×12.50r20 refers to the Tire height or diameter of the tire in inches. The “12.50” is the width of the tire in inches.

The “r” stands for radial construction, and the “20” is the diameter of the wheel in inches. A 35×12 50r20 tire is a taller, wider one often used on lifted trucks and SUVs.

What Size is 35×12.50r20?

The size 35×12.50R20 refers to a tire size, where 35 inches is the overall diameter, 12.50 inches is the tire width, and the tire is designed to fit on 20-inch rims.

This size is commonly used on light trucks and SUVs for off-road and all-terrain use.


Our Observation
Choosing between 295/60r20 and 35×12.50r20 tires involves considering various factors such as vehicle fitment, performance needs, and personal preferences.

While the 295/60r20 tires may offer better fuel efficiency and on-road handling, the 35×12.50r20 tires excel in providing superior ground clearance, stability, and an aggressive look for off-road adventures.

Ultimately, the right choice depends on your specific requirements and the type of driving you most frequently engage in.

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