Tire Size 295/60r20 vs 275/60r20

The main difference between 295/60r20 and 275/60r20 tires is their section width. The 295/60r20 tires are 20mm wider than the 275/60r20 tires. This difference in width can significantly impact the performance and handling of your vehicle.

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Fitment Guide

Staying within 3% of the original tire’s overall diameter is important to avoid clearance issues or speedometer inaccuracies. The overall diameter of 295/60r20 tires is only 2.8% larger than 275/60r20 tires.

This minor difference means both sizes should fit the same vehicles without modifications.

However, always confirm recommended tire sizes from the vehicle manufacturer or tire retailer when replacing tires.

Ground Clearance

The 295/60r20 tire size provides 0.94 inches (24mm) more ground clearance than the 275/60r20 size due to its larger overall diameter.

This added clearance is advantageous for off-road driving, helping prevent scrapes over rough terrain.

However, the larger diameter also causes a slightly lower speedometer reading on 295/60r20 tires.

Gas Mileage

With a narrower tread, 275/60r20 tires will likely provide slightly better fuel efficiency than 295/60r20. The wider 295 tires have more rolling resistance due to increased contact patches with the road.

This results in more drag and slightly reduced gas mileage. However, exact differences depend on many factors like construction and tread design.

Ride Comfort

The taller sidewall and greater air volume of 295/60r20 tires can provide a more comfortable ride, absorbing imperfections in the road better than 275/60r20.

However, both sizes deliver a comfortable ride quality. Smaller differences in sidewall height have a modest impact on ride comfort.


Visually, the 295/60r20 has a slightly more aggressive, rugged look due to the larger diameter and width. However, the difference is subtle, and both sizes suit most trucks and SUVs.

Some prefer the look of a taller sidewall on larger vehicles. However, personal taste plays a big role in the aesthetic appeal.

275 60r20 in inches

Handling & Stability

The 275/60r20 tire’s shorter, stiffer sidewall gives it a handling advantage over the 295/60r20. The smaller size enhances quick steering response and stability.

However, both offer responsive and predictable SUV or truck tire handling. Larger tires can provide more stability off-road.

Noise & Vibration

With a shorter sidewall, 275/60r20 tires transmit marginally more road noise and vibration to the cabin.

The extra cushioning of the taller 295/60r20 sidewall helps isolate and dampen noise and vibration somewhat. However, both sizes perform well in this regard.

Durability & Wear

The added weight and flexing of 295/60r20 tires may increase wear on suspension components compared to 275/60r20.

However, precise tread life depends more on tire construction and compounds. Either size should deliver comparable treadwear when used on appropriate vehicles.

275 60r20 In Inches

Adverse Conditions

Performance in rain, snow, and off-road is similar between the two sizes. The extra ground clearance of 295/60r20 tires provides a slight off-road advantage.

While the shorter sidewall of 275/60r20 makes it more responsive on wet roads. Overall, both handle adverse conditions well.

Speedometer Reading

Due to its larger overall diameter, the speedometer reads slightly lower with 295/60r20 tires compared to 275/60r20.

At an actual speed of 20 mph, the speedometer reads 19.44 mph with 295/60r20 tires versus 20 mph with 275/60r20 tires – a difference of 0.56 mph.

What Does 275/60r20 Tire Mean?

This tire size offers a good balance of traction and stability. It is also a good choice for those who want a little bit more control over their vehicle. The “275” in the 275 60r20 Tire Size refers to the width of the tire in millimeters.

The “60” refers to the sidewall height or aspect ratio, and the “r” indicates that this is a radial tire. The last number, 20, is the diameter of the wheel in inches.

295/60r20 vs 275/60r20

295/60r20 vs 275/60r20

Here is a table that provides a quick comparison to help you understand the differences better.

Our Observation
For most drivers, the 275/60R20 is the better all-around choice. The narrower width provides better fuel economy, handling, and potential treadlife than the 295/60R20.

While the 295 has advantages in ground clearance, comfort, and aesthetics, the 275 road-focused strengths make it ideal for daily driving and highway use.

With its responsive handling and efficient performance, we recommend the 275/60R20 tire for drivers looking for a capable, well-rounded option suitable for various conditions.

The 295/60R20 is best for those prioritizing off-road capabilities and rugged aesthetics.

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