Tire Size 285/50r22 in inches

The tire size 285/50R22 is equivalent to 33.2×11.2R22 in inches, has a diameter of 33.2 inches (843.8 mm), a section width of 11.2 inches (285 mm), a wheel diameter of 22 inches (559 mm), and is approved to be mounted on 8.0 – 10.0 inches (203.2 – 254 mm) wide wheels. This tire size caters to a variety of vehicles and provides a balanced mix of performance and comfort.

285/50r22 in inches

This Table chart enables an immediate grasp of intricate measurements in inches and millimeters, all in one view.

Tire Diameter33.2843.8
Section Width11.2285
Rim Height22559
Sidewall Height5.6142.5
Revolutions606 per mile377 per km
Rim Width Range8.0-10.0203.2 – 254

How Tall Is A 285/50R22 Tire?

The Tire Height of the 285/50R22 tire size is 33.2 inches or 843.8 millimeters. This measurement, often referred to as the overall diameter, denotes the total height of the tire when it’s inflated and installed.

Tire height affects various vehicle characteristics, such as ride comfort, fuel efficiency, and handling at higher speeds.

What Is the 285/50R22 Width In Inches?

The tread width of the 285/50R22 tire size is 11.2 inches or 285 millimeters. This measurement represents the distance from one sidewall of the tire to the other, highlighting the part of the tire that comes in contact with the road. A wider tire offers better grip but may affect fuel efficiency and noise levels.

What Is the 285/50R22 Sidewall Height?

The 285/50R22 tire’s sidewall height is approximately 5.6 inches or 142.5 millimeters. Also known as the tire’s profile or aspect ratio, this measurement indicates the vertical height of the tire from the rim to the tread.

The sidewall height plays a significant role in the cushioning effect of the tire and handling characteristics.

What Is the 285/50R22 Tire Circumference?

The circumference of the 285/50R22 tire size is 104.4 inches or 2650.9 millimeters. This specification is important in maintaining the speedometer’s accuracy since the vehicle’s speed is calculated based on the number of tire rotations.

What Is the 285/50R22 Revolutions Per Mile?

For the 285/50R22 tire size, there are approximately 606 revolutions per mile or 377 revolutions per kilometer. This specification is crucial for gauging the tire’s performance, affecting the fuel economy and speedometer reading.

What Is the 285/50R22 Rims Size?

The 285/50R22 tire size, the rim diameter is 22 inches or 559 millimeters. These tires can be mounted on rims with widths ranging from 8.0 to 10.0 inches (203.2 – 254 mm), providing a variety of choices for vehicle owners.

Fitment Guide
This table will guide you on which vehicle types can be fitted with 285/50R22 tires. Typically, they are suitable for large sedans, SUVs, and trucks due to their size and load-bearing capacity. Make sure to verify with the vehicle’s manufacturer for precise information.

Brand NameModel
CADILLACEscalade (2011 – 2013)
DODGERam 2500 (2003 – 2009), Ram 3500 (2003 – 2008)
FAW TOYOTALand Cruiser (2016 – 2016), Land Cruiser Prado (2015 – 2017)
GMCAcadia (2006 – 2016), Acadia Limited (2017 – 2017), Sierra 2500HD (2007 – 2019)
JEEPWrangler (2007 – 2018)
LEXUSGX (2009 – 2013), LX (2002 – 2023)
TOYOTALand Cruiser (2007 – 2023), Land Cruiser Prado (2009 – 2017)

Replacement Tire Size
Replacement tires have to be within 3% of the diameter of the original tires to ensure optimal vehicle performance.

Tire SizeOverall DiameterDifference

Our Observation
Our observation of the 285/50R22 tire size reveals its versatility in accommodating a range of vehicles, from sporty sedans to full-size SUVs and trucks. The impressive height and width contribute to the tire’s performance by providing excellent road grip and control. Its high aspect ratio ensures a smooth ride by absorbing road shocks effectively.

However, these tires may consume more fuel due to increased road contact. Always remember the optimal tire size for your vehicle depends on many factors, including the vehicle’s design, power, and intended use. Always refer to your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations when choosing a tire size.

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