Tire Size 275/55r20 vs 265/60r20

As a car owner, one of the crucial decisions to make is selecting the right tires. With a plethora of options available in the market, it can be challenging to decide which one to go for. We will compare two tire sizes – 275/55R20 and 265/60R20 to help you make an informed decision.

275/55r20 vs 265/60r20 Table

Use this comparison table to gain a better understanding of the variances between tire sizes 275/65R18 and 265/70R18.

Feature 275/55r20 265/60r20 Difference
Diameter 31.91 in 32.52 in 0.61 in (1.9%)
Width 10.83 in 10.43 in 0.39 in (3.6%)
Circumference 100.25 in 102.16 in 1.92 in (1.9%)
Sidewall Height 5.95 in 6.26 in 0.31 in (5.1%)
Revolutions 632.04 620.18 11.86 (1.9%)

Alternative Tire Size For 265/60r20
The overall diameter of replacement tires should be within 3% of the diameter of the original tires.

Tire Size Overall Diameter Difference
245/60R20 31.6″ (802 mm) -2.9%
295/50R20 31.7″ (804 mm) -2.7%
275/55R20 31.9″ (810 mm) -1.9%
305/50R20 32″ (814 mm) -1.5%
255/60R20 32″ (814 mm) -1.5%
285/55R20 32.4″ (822 mm) -0.5%
315/50R20 32.4″ (824 mm) -0.2%
295/55R20 32.8″ (832 mm) 0.7%
325/50R20 32.8″ (834 mm) 1%
275/60R20 33″ (838 mm) 1.5%
305/55R20 33.2″ (844 mm) 2.2%
375/45R20 33.3″ (846 mm) 2.4%
285/60R20 33.5″ (850 mm) 2.9%

Alternative Tire Size  of 275 55r20
To ensure proper fit and performance, replacement tires must have an overall diameter that is within 3% of the original tires.

Tire Size Overall Diameter Difference
255/55R20 31″ (788 mm) -2.7%
285/50R20 31.3″ (794 mm) -2%
245/60R20 31.6″ (802 mm) -1%
295/50R20 31.7″ (804 mm) -0.7%
255/60R20 32″ (814 mm) 0.5%
305/50R20 32″ (814 mm) 0.5%
285/55R20 32.4″ (822 mm) 1.5%
315/50R20 32.4″ (824 mm) 1.7%
265/60R20 32.5″ (826 mm) 2%
295/55R20 32.8″ (832 mm) 2.7%
325/50R20 32.8″ (834 mm) 3%

Why Compare?
While both tire sizes may seem similar, some key differences may affect your car’s performance. This comparison aims to provide the necessary information and comparisons that will help you choose the right tire for your vehicle.

Overall Diameter
The overall diameter of a tire refers to the distance from the ground to the top of the tire. In this regard, the 265/60R20 tire size is taller, with an overall diameter of 30.5 inches, compared to 29.9 inches for the 275/55R20.

The taller tire size means that it will provide a slightly smoother ride and better off-road capabilities. On the other hand, the 275/55R20 tire size may offer better handling due to its lower center of gravity.

Tread Width
The tread width of a tire is part of the tire that comes into contact with the road. The 275/55R20 has a slightly wider tread width, measuring 10.8 inches, compared to 10.4 inches for the 265/60R20.

This wider tread width may provide better stability during cornering and handling. However, it also means that the 275/55R20 tire size may be more susceptible to hydroplaning in wet conditions.

Rim Diameter
The rim diameter is the size of the wheel on which the tire will be mounted. In this case, both tire sizes have the same rim diameter of 20 inches. This means that either tire size can fit on a 20-inch wheel.

Sidewall Height
A tire’s sidewall height is the distance from the rim to the tread. The 265/60R20 tire size has a taller sidewall, measuring 6.2 inches, compared to 5.9 inches for the 275/55R20. A taller sidewall means the tire absorbs more shocks and provides a smoother ride. However, it can also lead to more flex in the sidewall during high-speed cornering, which can affect handling.

Circumference & Revolutions
The circumference and revolutions of a tire are essential factors in determining a car’s speedometer accuracy. The 275/55R20 tire size has a smaller circumference and fewer revolutions per mile compared to the 265/60R20. If you switch from the 265/60R20 to the 275/55R20, your speedometer may display a slightly higher speed than you are traveling.

Our Observation
In conclusion, both tire sizes have their advantages and disadvantages. The 265/60R20 is taller and has a slightly narrower tread width, making it ideal for off-road driving. On the other hand, the 275/55R20 has a wider tread width, providing better handling on paved roads. Ultimately, your tire size choice will depend on your specific driving needs and preferences.

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