Tire Size 275/55r20 vs 265/50r20

The sidewall height is the main difference between tire sizes 275/55r20 and 265/50r20. The 275/55r20 tire size is approximately 0.74 inches (18.75mm) larger than the 265/50r20 tire size. This 12.4% reduction in sidewall height impacts ride comfort, vibration damping, and off-road clearance.

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Fitment Guide

The overall diameters differ by 4.6% between these sizes, exceeding the 3% replacement guideline. The 265/50R20 smaller diameter may require lifting or leveling kits to prevent clearance issues. Its 10mm narrower tread width also reduces contact patch area by 3.6%.

Gas Mileage

With lower rolling resistance, the 265/50R20 size offers slightly better fuel efficiency – a plus for daily drivers. Less rubber on the road cuts down on wasted energy being lost to heat and friction.

Ground Clearance

The 275/55R20 provides 1.48 inches (37.5mm) more ground clearance than the 265/50R20, beneficial for off-roading. But the tradeoff is a 4.9% lower speedometer reading.

275 55r20 in inches

Ride Comfort

The 275/55R20 taller sidewall cushions bump more effectively. An extra 0.74 inches (18.75mm) of flexible sidewall reduces impact harshness felt in the cabin.


Differences in appearance are subtle. The 275/55R20 will suit lifted trucks with its “stretched” look. The 265/50R20 maintains a street appearance.

Handling & Stability

The 265/50R20 shorter sidewall enables crisper, more responsive handling. However, both deliver stable dynamics for their intended purposes.

Noise & Vibration

The 275/55R20 better isolates road noise and damp vibrations with increased sidewall flex. The 265/50R20 stiffer sidewall transmits more harshness into the cabin.

275 55r20 in inches

Durability & Wear

The 265/50R20 may exhibit slightly more even treadwear across its face. Differences are minor – both demonstrate good durability.

Adverse Conditions

Performance in rain, snow and off-road is comparable. The 275/55R20 provides more clearance for muddier scenarios. The 265/50R20 cuts through snow more readily.

275/55r20 vs 265/50r20

Speedometer Difference

Due to its 4.9% larger diameter, the 275/55R20 causes the vehicle’s speedometer to read 4.9% lower than the actual speed. At 20 mph true speed, it would read 19.07 mph. The 265/50R20 is more accurate.

Can I Use 265/50r20 Instead of 275/55r20?

No, using 265/50R20 tires in place of 275/55R20 tires on your vehicle is not recommended. The diameter difference between these two tires is 4.6%, which exceeds the advisable 3% maximum diameter difference for tire replacement.

Going beyond 3% could negatively impact handling, gearing, and speedometer accuracy. It would be best to replace the 275/55R20 tires with new ones of the same size.

275 55r20 in inches

What Does 265/50R20 Mean?

The tire size 265/50R20 is equivalent to 30.5×10.4R20 in inches. The tire size “265/50R20” indicates a tire that is 265 millimeters wide with a 50% aspect ratio (sidewall height to width). It features radial construction (“R”) and is designed to fit a 20-inch wheel.

What Does 275/55r20 Mean?

The size 275/55R20 tires can be expressed as 31.9×10.8R20 in inches. The tire size “275/55R20” indicates key specifications. The “275” denotes the tire’s width in millimeters, while “55” represents the aspect ratio of sidewall height to width.

The letter “R” signifies radial construction, the common tire type. Lastly, “20” denotes the wheel diameter in inches.

How Much Taller Is A 275/55r20 Tire Than A 265/50r20?

The 275/55R20 tire is about 4.6% taller than the 265/50R20 tire, with a diameter measured from one side to the other passing through the center.

275 60r20 In Inches

How Tall Is A 275/55r20?

The height of a 275/55R20 tire can be estimated based on its diameter. Given the tire diameter of 31.91 inches (810.5 mm), this tire size is approximately 31.91 inches tall. Keep in mind that actual measurements may slightly vary due to brand and model differences.

How Tall Is A 265/50R20?

The 265/50R20 tire has a height of 30.43 inches or 773 millimeters. This measurement is taken from one sidewall of the tire to the other when it is mounted on a 20-inch wheel rim. Therefore, the 265/50R20 tire would have a height of approximately 30.43 inches.

How Much Wider Is A 275/55r20 Tire Than A 265/50r20?

The 275/55r20 tire is 0.39 inches or 10 millimeters wider than a 265/50r20 tire. Specifically, the 275/55R20 measures 10.83 inches (275 mm) across the width, while the 265/50R20 measures 10.43 inches (265 mm) across.

265/50r20 vs 275/55r20

Our Observation
Both the 275/55R20 and 265/50R20 offer comparable overall performance with some key tradeoffs. The 275/55R20 provides a smoother ride and greater ground clearance for trucks and off-road use.

However, for responsive handling and maximized fuel efficiency – necessary for daily driving – the slight advantages of the 265/50R20 make it the best all-around choice for most drivers.

Unless you regularly go off-road, we recommend the well-balanced 265/50R20 tire for its blend of comfort, control, and efficiency.

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