Tire Size 245/75r17 vs 265/70r17

245/75r17 vs 265/70r17

The main difference between tire sizes 265/70r17 and 245/75r17 lies in their section width, which measures the tread portion in millimeters. The 265/70r17 tire size is about 0.79 inches wider than the 245/75r17 size, which is a reduction of 7.5%.

245/75r17 vs 265/70r17

Fitment Guide

Switching to a much larger tire exceeding the 3% threshold may require modifications like a suspension lift to prevent rubbing.

However, the 265/70r17 can directly replace the 245/75r17 without adaptations in most vehicles since it is within 3% of the overall diameter.

Ground Clearance

The slightly bigger 265/70r17 diameter provides 0.14 inches more clearance than the 245/75r17, helping prevent scrapes off-road.

But it causes a lower speedometer reading. The 245/75r17 reduces clearance and speedo reading.

Gas Mileage

The lighter 245/75r17 offers marginally better fuel efficiency over the heavier 265/70r17, which has more rolling resistance. This matters for daily driving.

Ride Comfort

The 265/70r17’s extra sidewall cushioning absorbs impacts better, giving a more comfortable ride over rough surfaces. The 245/75r17 transmits more harshness from uneven terrain.


Visually, the 265/70r17 appears slightly more aggressive due to its subtly stretched sidewall versus the 245/75r17’s shorter sidewall. This suits trucks aesthetically.

Handling & Stability

The 245/75r17’s shorter sidewall enables sharper handling and turn-in on pavement. The 265/70r17’s extra flex slightly reduces responsiveness but aids off-road stability. Both remain balanced overall.

Noise & Vibration

The stiffer 245/75r17 sidewall transmits more noise and vibration. The 265/70r17’s extra flexion dampens vibrations for a smoother ride. Differences are minor though.


Durability & Wear

The 245/75r17 may exhibit more even treadwear and extended lifespan thanks to its lighter weight. The heavier 265/70r17 sees more stress that can quicken wear.

Adverse Conditions

In light snow, the narrower 245/75r17 may cut through better, while the wider 265/70r17 provides more traction in mud. Both work well in adverse conditions overall.

Speedometer Difference

At an actual vehicle speed of 20 mph, the speedometer reading is 20 mph with 245/75r17 tires. For 265/70r17 tires at the same 20 mph actual speed, the speedometer reading is slightly higher at 20.09 mph.

This small 0.09 mph difference occurs because 265/70r17 tires have a larger overall diameter and rotate less for the same vehicle speed. The speedometer reads slightly higher with 265/70r17 tires versus 245/75r17 at an identical real-world vehicle speed.

Can I Replace 245 Tires With 265?

Yes, Replacing 245/75r17 tires with 265/70r17 tires is generally acceptable. The diameter difference is 0.4%, well within the recommended 3% limit.

However, ensure the load capacity of the new tires meets or exceeds that of the original tires to maintain safety and performance.

What Does 245/75r17 Mean?

The tire size “245/75R17” indicates a tire that is 245 millimeters wide with a sidewall height that is 75% of the width.

Designed for a 17-inch wheel, this radial tire is commonly used on SUVs and trucks. In inches, the tire size 245/75R17 is identical to 31.5×9.6R17.

What Does 265/70r17 Mean?

The tire size “265/70R17” signifies a tire with a width of 265 millimeters and a sidewall height equal to 70% of the width.

Employing radial construction, it is tailored for a 17-inch wheel diameter. In inches, the tire dimensions 265/70R17 can be represented as 31.7×10.4R17.

How Much Taller Is A 265/70r17 Tire Than A 245/75r17?

The 265/70r17 tire is 0.14 inches (3.5 mm) taller than a 245/75r17 tire, representing a 0.4% increase in diameter.

In terms of height comparison, the 265/70r17 tire reaches 31.61 inches (802.8 mm), while the 245/75r17 tire size is a bit shorter, approximately 31.47 inches (799.3 mm) tall.

How Much Wider Is A 265/70r17 Tire Than A 245/75r17?

The 265/70r17 tire is 0.79 inches (20 mm) wider than the 245/75r17 tire, representing an 8.2% increase in width.

As per our observation, the width of a 245/75r17 tire is 9.65 inches or 245mm, while the 265/70r17 tire measures 10.43 inches or 265mm wide.

What Size Rims Fit 265/70r17?

The tire size 265/70R17 is intended to be used with a 17-inch rim. For this tire size, the recommended rim width usually falls within the range of 7.0 to 8.5 inches.

This means that rims with a 17-inch diameter and a width within this range are a good fit for the 265/70R17 tire size.

What Size Rims Fit 245/75r17?

The tire size 245/75R17 can be mounted on 17-inch wheels with a rim width of 6.5-8 inches. LT Tires should be mounted on 6.5-7.5 inch rims.

Our Observation
Based on the data, the 245/75r17 is likely the best all-around choice for most drivers. Its slimmer width provides responsive handling and maneuverability while exhibiting good wear life and fuel economy – key daily driving factors.

Although the 265/70r17 offers slightly more off-road capability and cushioning, the 245/75r17 strikes a better balance of on-road dynamics, efficiency, and reasonable cost for the majority of truck owners who don’t frequently go off-road.

Given its well-rounded attributes for typical driving needs, the 245/75r17 gets my nod as the recommended pick for typical truck duty and daily commuting

Of course, individual needs may vary, but the 245/75r17’s blend of responsive handling, efficiency, and reasonable price make it my top choice.

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