Tire Size 195/65r15 vs 195/60r15

19565r15 vs 19560r15

The aspect ratio is the main difference between 195/65r15 and 195/60r15 tires. The 195/65r15 has a taller 65 aspect ratio sidewall, while the 195/60r15 has a shorter 60 aspect ratio. This impacts various performance factors.

195/65r15 vs 195/60r15

Fitment Guide

The overall diameter of the 195/65r15 is 3.1% larger than the 195/60r15. Replacement tires should be within 3% of the original size to prevent clearance issues.

The 195/60r15, being smaller, is more likely to fit as a direct replacement.

Gas Mileage

With a more minor contact patch and lower rolling resistance, the 195/60r15 is marginally more fuel-efficient than the 195/65r15. This can add up to small but measurable fuel savings over time.

Ground Clearance

The taller 195/65r15 diameter provides 0.77 inches (19.5mm) more ground clearance than the 195/60r15.

This added clearance is useful for rough roads but causes a lower speedometer reading. The smaller 195/60r15 reduces clearance, increasing the risks of scraping.

Ride Comfort

The extra sidewall cushioning of the 195/65r15 provides a smoother ride over bumps and cracks compared to the 195/60r15. The taller, more flexible sidewall better absorbs road impacts for a more comfortable ride.

Speedometer Difference

At an actual speed of 20 mph, the speedometer reads 19.39 mph with 195/60r15 tires, compared to 20 mph with 195/65r15. The 60 series tire causes speedometers to read 0.61 mph lower than the 65 series size.


The visual difference between the sizes is subtle. The 195/65r15 will have a slightly taller sidewall, giving a subtly “stretched” look. This can suit some vehicles better than an overly low-profile appearance.

Handling & Stability

The shorter sidewall of the 195/60r15 provides slightly better responsiveness and handling precision. However, both sizes deliver stable, responsive handling for normal driving conditions.

Noise & Vibration

With a shorter sidewall, the 195/60r15 transmits marginally more road noise and vibrations into the cabin compared to the 195/65r15. But differences are minor, with both providing relatively quiet, comfortable rides.

Durability & Wear

The 195/60r15, with its shorter sidewall, may exhibit slightly more even treadwear across the tire’s width. But both sizes deliver comparable overall tread life when rotation is performed regularly.

Adverse Conditions

Traction and handling in rain, light snow, and other adverse conditions are very similar between the two sizes.

The slightly taller 195/65r15 sidewall provides a subtle advantage in deep snow, but the differences are modest. Both perform well overall.

Can I Use 195/60r15 Instead of 195/65r15?

Yes, it is possible to use 195/60r15 tires instead of 195/65r15 tires. The diameter difference between these two tire sizes is only 3.1%, which is slightly higher than the maximum recommended difference of 3%.

The overall diameter difference is just 0.77 inches (19.5mm), so there should be no significant issues if you decide to replace the 195/65r15 tires with the slightly smaller 195/60r15 tires.

What Does 195/60r15 Mean?

The tire size 195/60R15 can also be expressed as 24.2×7.7R15 in inches. The tire size “195/60R15” denotes a tire with a 195 mm tread width, a sidewall height representing 60% of the tread width, radial construction (indicated by “R”), and it fits a 15-inch wheel rim.

What Does 195/65r15 Mean?

The tire size 195/65R15 is the same as 25×7.7R15 when measured in inches. The tire size “195/65R15” indicates that the tire’s tread width is 195 millimeters, the sidewall height is 65% of the tread width, it is built with radial construction (indicated by “R”), and it is designed to fit a 15-inch wheel rim.

How Much Taller Is A 195/65r15 Tire Than A 195/60r15?

The 195/65r15 tire has a diameter of 24.98 inches or 634.5mm, while the 195/60r15 tire has a diameter of 24.21 inches or 615mm.

Therefore, the 195/65r15 tire is 0.77 inches or 19.5mm taller than the 195/60r15 tire, which is about a 3.1% increase in overall diameter size.

How Tall Is A 195/65r15 Tire?

The 195/65R15 tire has an overall height of 24.98 inches, which is equal to 634.5 millimeters.

If you measure from the bottom of the rim to the top of the tread, with the tire mounted and inflated properly, the total tire height will be exactly 24.98 inches or 634.5 millimeters.

How Tall Is A 195/60r15 Tire?

The 195/60r15 tire has an overall height of 24.21 inches. Essentially, if you measured straight across the tire through its center point, you would measure 24.21 inches or the metric equivalent of 615 millimeters in tire height.

Our Observation
Overall, there are relatively few, and mostly minor, performance differences between the 195/65r15 and 195/60r15 tire sizes.

For most drivers seeking a reliable daily driver tire, either size would suffice. However, the 195/60r15 may have a slight edge for fuel efficiency needs. At the same time, the 195/65r15 offers subtle advantages for ride comfort, light snow traction, and aesthetics.

Given these tradeoffs, we recommend the 195/65r15 tire for typical passenger vehicles requiring a balance of comfort, looks, and capability. But those prioritizing maximizing mpg may be better served by the 195/60r15.

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