Tire Size 185/65r15 vs 195/65r15

The main difference between 185/65r15 and 195/65r15 tire sizes lies in the section width. But how do the differences in their specifications translate into performance and user experience? Let’s delve in to explore more.

185/65r15 vs 195/65r15 Table

The chart will help you to understand the differences between these two tire sizes and help you to decide which one is best for your vehicle.

Feature 185/65r15 195/65r15 Difference
Diameter 24.47″ 24.98″ 0.51″
Width 7.28″ 7.68″ 0.39″
Circumference 76.87″ 78.48″ 1.61″
Sidewall Height 4.73″ 4.99″ 0.26″
Revolutions 824.25 807.36 16.89

Overall Diameter
Tire Height of 185/65r15 vs 195/65r15The diameter of the 185/65r15 tire is approximately 24.47 inches (621.5 mm), whereas the 195/65r15 tire’s diameter is about 24.98 inches (634.5 mm), indicating a 2.1% difference. This increased diameter in the 195/65r15 tire results in more ground clearance, proving beneficial for off-road drives or rough terrains. However, the height increase may result in a lower speedometer reading.

Conversely, the lower diameter of the 185/65r15 may cause scraping or potential vehicle damage on obstacles or rough roads due to reduced ground clearance. The decrease in height, though, would give a higher speedometer reading.

Section Width
The section width for the 185/65r15 is around 7.28 inches (185 mm), and for the 195/65r15, it’s about 7.68 inches (195 mm), marking a 5.4% difference. The wider tread width of the 195/65r15 provides improved traction due to a larger contact patch.

However, it may produce more road noise due to the expanded contact area. On the other hand, the 185/65r15 tire’s narrower width might reduce the tire’s grip, especially in wet or slippery conditions due to less surface area contacting the road.

The circumference of the 185/65r15 tire is approximately 76.87 inches (1952.5 mm) compared to the 78.48 inches (1993.34 mm) of the 195/65r15 tire, showing a 2.1% difference. The increased circumference of the 195/65r15 tire results in lower speedometer readings, while the decreased circumference of the 185/65r15 tire will provide higher speedometer readings.

Sidewall Height
The sidewall height of the 185/65r15 tire is about 4.73 inches (120.25 mm), while the 195/65r15 tire has a height of approximately 4.99 inches (126.75 mm), marking a 5.4% difference. The 195/65r15 tire’s taller sidewall serves as a buffer, absorbing more road irregularities, which translates into a smoother ride.

Furthermore, the increased sidewall height enhances traction on snowy or icy roads. In contrast, the 185/65r15 tire’s shorter sidewall might lead to a harsher ride due to less cushioning. However, its smaller sidewalls could lend a sportier, more aggressive appearance.

Revolutions Per Mile
The 185/65r15 tire turns around 824.25 times per mile (512.16 per km), while the 195/65r15 tire makes approximately 807.36 revolutions per mile (501.67 per km), meaning a 2% decrease. Higher RPM in the 185/65r15 tire signifies more wear due to increased friction with the road surface, leading to a potentially shorter lifespan.

However, the decreased revolutions per mile in the 195/65r15 tire mean it covers less distance per rotation, possibly extending its lifespan due to reduced wear and tear.

Wheel Size
The wheel size for both the 185/65r15 and 195/65r15 is the same, 15 inches, but they have different recommended rim width ranges. The 185/65r15 tire suits a rim width range of 5.0-6.5 inches, while the 195/65r15 tire is compatible with a rim width range of 5.5-7.0 inches.

Larger rims, suitable for the 195/65r15 tire, often give a more aggressive, sporty look. In contrast, smaller rims that fit the 185/65r15 tire can present a more classic or conservative appearance.

Construction Type
Both tires are of the Radial type, the “R” in 185/65R15 and 195/65R15 denotes the construction type, offering superior heat dissipation and fuel efficiency compared to their Bias counterparts.

How much taller is a 185/65r15 tire than a 195/65r15?

The height of a 185/65r15 tire is 24.47 inches (621.5 mm), while the height of a 195/65r15 tire is 24.98 inches (634.5 mm). Therefore, the 195/65r15 tire is approximately 0.51 inches (or 13 mm) taller than the 185/65r15 tire.

How much wider is a 185/65r15 tire than a 195/65r15?

The width of a 185/65r15 tire is 7.28 inches (185 mm), while the width of a 195/65r15 tire is 7.68 inches (195 mm). Therefore, the 195/65r15 tire is approximately 0.39 inches (or 10 mm) wider than the 185/65r15 tire.

Can I use 185/65r15 instead of 195/65r15?

Typically, using tires that differ in diameter by more than 3% compared to the original tires is not advised. The overall diameter of a 195/65r15 tire size is 24.98 inches.

Whereas the 185/65r15 tire size has an overall diameter of 24.47 inches. When you calculate the difference between these two tire sizes, it comes out to approximately 0.51 inches or about 2.1%.

Since this is less than the recommended 3% difference, using a 185/65r15 tire instead of a 195/65r15 should be feasible. Always consult with a tire or vehicle professional before making such changes to ensure safety and performance.

Can I put a 185/65r15 on a 195/65r15?

Both the 185/65r15 and 195/65r15 tires can be mounted on a 15-inch rim. These tire sizes’ suggested rim width range is 15″ x 5.0-6.5″ and 15″ x 5.5-7.0″ respectively. This indicates that it would be possible to put a 185/65r15 tire on a rim designed for a 195/65r15, as the ranges overlap.

Our Observation
When choosing between the 185/65r15 and the 195/65r15 tire sizes, it’s crucial to consider your driving conditions and vehicle performance expectations. The 195/65r15’s larger dimensions make it a better choice for off-roading and smoother rides, albeit at the cost of increased road noise and potential speedometer discrepancies.

On the other hand, the 185/65r15 tire offers a higher speedometer reading and a sportier appearance due to its smaller dimensions. Still, it could compromise on traction and ride smoothness, especially in challenging road conditions.

Your tire choice between 185/65r15 and 195/65r15 should depend on your personal driving conditions, style, and vehicle compatibility. Consult with a professional or your vehicle’s manufacturer to make an informed decision.

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