Tire Size 185/65r15 vs 195/65r15

The main difference between tire size 185/65r15 and 195/65r15 is the width, with the 195 being 10mm wider. This impacts various performance factors.

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Fitment Guide

The 195/65r15 tire is 5.4% wider and 2.1% larger in diameter than the 185/65r15. This is within the 3% limit for direct replacement without modifications.

However, the wider 195 may rub on narrower rims or require minor fender adjustments. Overall, the 195 should fit most vehicles designed for the 185.

Ground Clearance

The 195 has a diameter 13mm larger than the 185. This slightly increases ground clearance, which can help on rough roads. However, the difference is only 2.1%, so the ground clearance impact is minimal.

Gas Mileage

The wider 195 tire has more rubber in contact with the road, increasing rolling resistance slightly. This can negatively impact fuel efficiency versus the narrower 185.

But at just 10mm wider, the difference is small. Rotational inertia is also marginally higher with the larger 195, contributing to slightly reduced mileage.

Ride Comfort

The 195’s 2.1% larger diameter and 5.4% wider tread slightly improve ride quality over bumps and uneven pavement.

The larger air cavity absorbs more vibration, while the wider footprint evens out the tire’s contact patch. But again, with such slight size differences, the impact is minor.


Visually, the 195 appears slightly more “stretched” due to its 2.1% larger diameter. The 10mm wider tread also fills out the wheel well, opening a bit more.

For some vehicles, this can provide a more aggressive, muscular stance. But the differences are subtle and mainly dependent on individual styling preferences.

Handling & Stability

The 185’s smaller contact patch and sidewall allow for crisper steering input and cornering response. But the 195’s wider footprint provides more grip and stability, especially at higher speeds.

Ultimately, both offer responsive handling for normal driving. The 185 has a slight edge in precision, while the 195 inspires a bit more driver confidence.

Noise & Vibration

The 195’s larger air volume helps marginally reduce road noise versus the 185. Its wider tread also smooths out the tire’s contact patch, dissipating vibrations better on uneven pavement.

But, these benefits are modest due to the small size differences between the tires. Both transmit minimal noise and vibration into the cabin.

Durability & Wear

With 10mm more tread width, the 195 tire has more rubber on the road, causing it to wear slightly faster. The larger contact patch also exerts more rotational forces on the wheel components.

However, for most normal driving conditions, wear life between the two is comparable. Proper maintenance is key for longevity.

Adverse Conditions

Performance in rain, snow, and off-road is similar between the two. The 195 provides a bit more grip and traction thanks to its wider footprint. But the 185 can sometimes cut through snow and slush more effectively.

Ultimately, the tires are closely matched for adverse conditions due to their modest size differences.

Speedometer Difference

There is a slight difference when comparing speedometer readings between 185/65r15 and 195/65r15 tires.

At an actual speed of 20 mph, the 185-width tires read 20 mph on the speedometer. However, the wider 195 tires, with their larger diameter, read 20.42 mph at the same actual speed.

This 0.42 mph faster speedometer reading demonstrates that wider tires can cause speedometers to read slightly higher than narrower tires.

185/65r15 vs 195/65r15

How Much Taller Is a 185/65r15 Tire Than a 195/65r15?

The height of a 185/65r15 tire is 24.47 inches (621.5 mm), while the height of a 195/65r15 tire is 24.98 inches (634.5 mm). Therefore, the 195/65r15 tire is approximately 0.51 inches (or 13 mm) taller than the 185/65r15 tire.

How Much Wider Is a 185/65r15 Tire Than a 195/65r15?

The width of a 185/65r15 tire is 7.28 inches (185 mm), while the width of a 195/65r15 tire is 7.68 inches (195 mm). Therefore, the 195/65r15 tire is approximately 0.39 inches (or 10 mm) wider than the 185/65r15 tire.

Can I Use 185/65r15 Instead of 195/65r15?

Typically, using tires that differ in diameter by more than 3% compared to the original tires is not advised. The overall diameter of a 195/65r15 tire size is 24.98 inches.

The 185/65r15 tire has an overall diameter of 24.47 inches. Calculating the difference between these two tire sizes comes to approximately 0.51 inches or about 2.1%.

Since this is less than the recommended 3% difference, using a 185/65r15 tire instead of a 195/65r15 is feasible. Always consult a tire or vehicle professional before making such changes to ensure safety and performance.

Can I put a 185/65r15 on a 195/65r15?

Both the 185/65r15 and 195/65r15 tires can be mounted on a 15-inch rim. These tire sizes’ suggested rim width range is 15″ x 5.0-6.5″ and 15″ x 5.5-7.0″ respectively. 

This indicates that it would be possible to put a 185/65r15 tire on a rim designed for a 195/65r15, as the ranges overlap.

Overall Observation
While the 185/65R15 may have marginal advantages in fuel economy and handling, the differences are quite small in real-world driving. For most drivers, either tire size will deliver strong overall performance.

The 195/65R15 is a safe bet for balancing ride comfort, capability in adverse conditions, and attractive aesthetics. Unless maximizing fuel economy is critical, we recommend the 195/65R15 as the best blend of attributes for daily driving.

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