Tire Size 195/65r13 in inches

Tire size 195/65R13, equivalent to 23×7.7R13 in inches, holds an impressive stature in the tire industry. It boasts a diameter of 23 inches (583.7 mm), a section width of 7.7 inches (195 mm), and a wheel diameter of 13 inches (330 mm).

This tire is designed to be seamlessly mounted on wheels ranging from 5.5 to 7.0 inches wide, marking its relevance and adaptability.

195/65r13 in inches

Feature Inches Metric
Tire Diameter 23 583.7
Section Width 7.7 195
Rim Height 13 330
Sidewall Height 5 126.8
Circumference 72.2 1833.7
Revolutions 545 per km 878 per mile

How Tall Is A 195/65R13 Tire?

The tire height of the 195/65R13 tire size is approximately 23 inches (583.7 mm). This vertical distance from the ground to the top of the tire – otherwise known as the tire’s overall diameter – plays a critical role in the vehicle’s ground clearance.

This is important for maintaining stability on uneven terrain and reducing the risk of undercarriage damage.

What Is the 195/65R13 Width In Inches?

The 195/65R13 tire’s tread width is approximately 7.7 inches (195 mm). This horizontal measurement across the tire’s surface plays an influential role in the vehicle’s traction on the road, contributing to braking efficiency, stability during cornering, and overall handling. As seen in this tire, a wider tread provides greater surface area contact with the road, enhancing grip and stability.

What Is the 195/65R13 Sidewall Height?

The 195/65R13 tire’s sidewall height is about 5 inches (126.8 mm). This is the distance from the rim to the tread. Sidewall height significantly impacts ride comfort and responsiveness.

Tires with higher sidewalls, such as the 195/65R13, typically offer a smoother ride by absorbing road impacts better while minimizing wheel damage in the event of hitting potholes or debris.

What Is the 195/65R13 Tire Circumference?

The 195/65R13 tire’s circumference is roughly 72.2 inches (1833.7 mm). This is the total distance around the tire. Tire circumference can affect speedometer accuracy, fuel economy, and overall vehicle performance.

Smaller circumferences will show higher engine RPM at a given speed, while larger ones can improve fuel economy by lowering engine RPM at the same speed.

What Is the 195/65R13 Revolutions Per Mile?

For the 195/65R13 tire size, there are approximately 878 revolutions per mile (545 per km). This measurement indicates how many times the tire will revolve while covering a distance of one mile.

This number is essential for the correct calibration of speedometers and for determining the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

What Is the 195/65R13 Rims Size?

For the 195/65R13 tire size, the rim diameter is 13 inches (330 mm). The size of the rim impacts how the tire fits onto the wheel. Accurate rim size ensures the tire fits securely, providing optimal performance, handling, and safety.

Replacement Tire Size
Replacement tires for 195/65R13 should be within 3% of the original tire’s diameter to maintain ride quality, handling, and speedometer accuracy.

Tire Size Overall Diameter Difference
185/65R13 22.4″ (570 mm) -2.4%
175/70R13 22.7″ (576 mm) -1.4%
245/50R13 22.7″ (576 mm) -1.4%
205/60R13 22.7″ (576 mm) -1.4%
165/75R13 22.8″ (578 mm) -1%
155/80R13 22.8″ (578 mm) -1%
155R13 22.8″ (578 mm) -1%
215/60R13 23.1″ (588 mm) 0.7%
185/70R13 23.2″ (590 mm) 1%
165/80R13 23.4″ (594 mm) 1.7%
165R13 23.4″ (594 mm) 1.7%

Our Observation
With an attractive blend of robustness and adaptability, the 195/65R13 tire size is ideal for a wide range of vehicles. Its impressive tread width provides excellent road grip, while its taller sidewall height contributes to a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Moreover, its appropriate circumference ensures fuel efficiency and accurate speedometer readings. This tire size thus stands as a valuable choice for drivers seeking performance, comfort, and safety.

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