Vredestein Quatrac 5 vs Nokian WRG4 Tire

vredestein quatrac 5 vs nokian wrg4

When searching for a quality set of tires, you may be stuck between the Vredestein Quatrac 5 or Nokian WRG4 options. To make your selection simpler, this article will compare both tires to help decide which one is best suited for you. 

Comparison TABLE
This comparison table provides a quick overview of the features and specifications of both tires.

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Tire Type
The type of tire is an important factor to consider when choosing a tire. The Vredestein Quatrac 5 is an all-weather tire, while the Nokian WRG4 is also an all-weather tire but has excellent snow traction.

All-weather tires are designed to give you reliable performance in both dry and wet conditions. In contrast, snow tires are optimized for optimal traction in snow and ice.

Rim Range
Another important factor to consider is the rim range. The size of the rim can affect the overall performance of your tire. The Vredestein Quatrac 5 has a rim range from 13 to 20 inches, while the Nokian WRG4 has a rim range from 15 to 50 inches.

Tread Pattern
The tread pattern is also important for determining the performance of a tire. Vredestein’s Quatrac 5 provides superior winter performance with its innovative V-shaped grooves at the center and asymmetrical outer longitudinal grooves. Its inner tread design has been specifically designed to maximize traction in slippery conditions.

The Nokian WRG4 all-weather tires are designed to be the ultimate performance regardless of weather conditions. Regardless if you’re driving through snow, rain, or heat – you’ll always remain safe and confident thanks to its fourth-generation build that surpasses any expectations from previous models.

The price of the tires is another factor that can help you decide which one to buy. The Vredestein Quatrac 5 costs an average of $104 per tire, while the Nokian WRG4 will cost you about $170 per tire.

UTQG Rating
The UTQG rating measures the tire’s treadwear, traction, and temperature resistance. The Vredestein Quatrac 5 has a UTQG rating of 400 A A, while the Nokian WRG4 has a UTQG of 500 AA. If you are looking for a tire with higher performance ratings, the Nokian WRG4 is the better choice.

Warranty Millage
One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a tire is warranty millage. The Vredestein Quatrac 5 has a 45,000-mile warranty, while the Nokian WRG4 has a 60,000-mile warranty. If you’re looking for a tire that will last longer, the Nokian WRG4 may be the better option.

Available Size
The available sizes of tires are important when considering what to buy. The Vredestein Quatrac 5 is available in 107 sizes including 145/80r13, 145/65r15, 155/70r13, 155/80r13, 155/65r14, 155/60r15, 165/65r13, 165/70r13, 165/60r14, 165/70r14, 165/65r14, 165/60r15, 165/65r15, 175/65r13, 175/70r13, 175/65r14, 175/80r14, 175/70r14, 175/55r15, 175/65r15, 2185/70r13, 185/55r14, 185/65r14, 185/60r14, 185/70r14, 185/55r15, 185/60r15, 185/65r15, 185/50r16, 185/55r16, 195/70r14, 195/60r14, 195/55r15, 195/65r15, 195/50r15, 195/60r15, 195/45r16, 195/55r16, 195/60r16, 205/70r15, 3205/65r15, 205/60r15, 205/50r15, 205/45r16, 205/55r16, 205/50r16, 205/60r16, 205/45r17, 205/50r17, 205/55r17, 215/70r15, 215/65r15, 215/70r16, 215/45r16, 215/65r16, 215/55r16, 215/60r16, 215/45r17, 215/60r17, 215/65r17, 4215/50r17, 215/55r17, 215/55r18, 215/45r18, 225/60r16, 225/55r16, 225/70r16, 225/60r17, 225/55r17, 225/45r17, 225/50r17, 225/65r17, 225/45r18, 225/60r18, 225/40r18, 225/55r18, 235/60r16, 235/70r16, 235/55r17, 235/45r17, 5235/65r17, 235/60r17, 235/60r18, 235/40r18, 235/55r18, 235/45r18, 235/50r18, 235/50r19, 235/55r19, 235/45r19, 235/35r19, 235/40r19, 245/70r16, 245/45r17, 245/65r17, 245/40r18, 245/45r18, 245/45r20, 255/60r17, 255/55r18, 6255/60r18, 255/50r19, 255/55r19, 255/35r19, 255/45r20, 265/70r16, 265/50r19, 265/45r20, 275/55r17, 275/40r20.

On the other hand, the Nokian WRG4 is available in 42 sizes including 175/65R15, 185/55R15, 185/60R15, 185/65R15, 195/60R15, 195/65R15, 195/55R16, 205/60R15, 205/65R15, 205/55R16, 205/60R16, 205/65R16, 205/50R17, 215/55R16, 215/60R16, 215/45R17, 215/50R17, 215/55R17, 215/65R17, 225/60R16, 2225/45R17, 225/50R17, 225/55R17, 225/40R18, 225/45R18, 225/60R18, 235/60R16, 235/45R17, 235/55R17, 235/40R18, 235/45R18, 235/50R18, 235/40R19, 245/45R17, 245/40R18, 245/45R18, 245/55R18, 245/40R19, 245/45R19, 245/40R20, 3255/35R19, 255/40R19.

Speed Rating
The speed rating of tires is another important factor in choosing which one to buy. Both Vredestein Quatrac 5 and Nokian WRG4 tire has the same speed rating of H (149 mph), V (130 mph), and W (168 mph). The speed rating can vary depending on the size of the tire, so it’s important to check the speed rating for each size before making a purchase.

Our Observation
After carefully comparing the Vredestein Quatrac 5 and Nokian WRG4 tires, we can observe that the two tires offer different benefits. The Vredestein Quatrac 5 all-weather tire impresses with its Very Good rating for snow traction and is exceptionally quiet despite being designed specifically for challenging weather conditions.

Unfortunately, the stopping power on ice could use improvement as it only ranks average in comparison to other performance all-season tires that are superior when it comes to handling and braking capabilities in both wet and dry roadways.

For drivers who prioritize winter performance but want to avoid going through the hassle of changing tires often, The Nokian WRG4 is a great option. It offers excellent snow traction and good grip on ice with secure dry braking and handling while also providing comfortable rides that are relatively quiet.

On the downside, it has only fair wet-stopping performance; still, the benefits outweigh this slight drawback overall! I hope this article helps you find the best tire for your driving needs. Happy shopping!

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