Tire Size Chart

Selecting the right tire size for your vehicle is crucial for numerous reasons. The appropriate tire size ensures optimal safety, performance, and fuel efficiency. It also contributes to a comfortable driving experience and better handling capabilities.

Moreover, having the correct tire size can prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle’s suspension and braking systems, ultimately saving you time and money on maintenance.

Common Tire Sizes
There are a variety of tire sizes available for different types of vehicles, but here are some of the most common tire sizes:

10 Inch Tires

Tire Size (metric) Tire Size (inch)
145/80R10 19.1X5.7R10
155/80R10 19.8X6.1R10
165/70R10 19.1X6.5R10

12 Inch Tires

Tire Size (metric) Tire Size (inch)
135/80R12 20.5X5.3R12
145/70R12 20.0X5.7R12
145/80R12 21.1X5.7R12
155/70R12 20.5X6.1R12
155/80R12 21.8X6.1R12
165/60R12 19.8X6.5R12
165/70R12 21.1X6.5R12

13 Inch Tires

Tire Size (metric) Tire Size (inch)
125/80R13 20.9X4.9R13
135/70R13 20.4X5.3R13
135/80R13 21.5X5.3R13
145/60R13 19.9X5.7R13
145/65R13 20.4X5.7R13
145/70R13 21.0X5.7R13
145/80R13 22.1X5.7R13
155/65R13 20.9X6.1R13
155/70R13 21.5X6.1R13
155/80R13 22.8X6.1R13
165/55R13 20.1X6.5R13
165/60R13 20.8X6.5R13
165/65R13 21.4X6.5R13
165/70R13 22.1X6.5R13
165/75R13 22.7X6.5R13
165/80R13 23.4X6.5R13
175/50R13 19.9X6.9R13
175/55R13 20.6X6.9R13
175/60R13 21.3X6.9R13
175/65R13 22.0X6.9R13
175/70R13 22.6X6.9R13
175/80R13 24.0X6.9R13
185/55R13 21.0X7.3R13
185/60R13 21.7X7.3R13
185/65R13 22.5X7.3R13
185/70R13 23.2X7.3R13
185/80R13 24.7X7.3R13
195/45R13 19.9X7.7R13
195/55R13 21.4X7.7R13
195/60R13 22.2X7.7R13
195/70R13 23.7X7.7R13
205/50R13 21.1X8.1R13
205/60R13 22.7X8.1R13
215/50R13 21.5X8.5R13
225/45R13 21.0X8.9R13

14 Inch Tires

Tire Size (metric) Tire Size (inch)
105/70R14 19.8X4.1R14
115/70R14 20.3X4.5R14
125/70R14 20.9X4.9R14
145/65R14 21.4X5.7R14
145/80R14 23.1X5.7R14
155/55R14 20.7X6.1R14
155/65R14 21.9X6.1R14
155/70R14 22.5X6.1R14
155/80R14 23.8X6.1R14
165/55R14 21.1X6.5R14
165/60R14 21.8X6.5R14
165/65R14 22.4X6.5R14
165/70R14 23.1X6.5R14
165/80R14 24.4X6.5R14
175/50R14 20.9X6.9R14
175/60R14 22.3X6.9R14
175/65R14 23.0X6.9R14
175/70R14 23.6X6.9R14
175/75R14 24.3X6.9R14
175/80R14 25.0X6.9R14
185/50R14 21.3X7.3R14
185/55R14 22.0X7.3R14
185/60R14 22.7X7.3R14
185/65R14 23.5X7.3R14
185/70R14 24.2X7.3R14
185/75R14 24.9X7.3R14
185/80R14 25.7X7.3R14
195/40R14 20.1X7.7R14
195/45R14 20.9X7.7R14
195/55R14 22.4X7.7R14
195/60R14 23.2X7.7R14
195/65R14 24.0X7.7R14
195/70R14 24.7X7.7R14
195/75R14 25.5X7.7R14
205/45R14 21.3X8.1R14

15 Inch Tires

Tire Size (metric) Tire Size (inch)
175/50R15 21.9X6.9R15
175/55R15 22.6X6.9R15
175/60R15 23.3X6.9R15
175/65R15 24.0X6.9R15
175/70R15 24.6X6.9R15
175/75R15 25.3X6.9R15
185/45R15 21.6X7.3R15
185/55R15 23.0X7.3R15
185/60R15 23.7X7.3R15
185/65R15 24.5X7.3R15
185/70R15 25.2X7.3R15
185/80R15 26.7X7.3R15
195/45R15 21.9X7.7R15
195/50R15 22.7X7.7R15
195/55R15 23.4X7.7R15
195/60R15 24.2X7.7R15
195/65R15 25.0X7.7R15
195/70R15 25.7X7.7R15
195/80R15 27.3X7.7R15
205/45R15 22.3X8.1R15
205/50R15 23.1X8.1R15
205/55R15 23.9X8.1R15
205/60R15 24.7X8.1R15
205/65R15 25.5X8.1R15
205/70R15 26.3X8.1R15
205/75R15 27.1X8.1R15
215/40R15 21.8X8.5R15
215/45R15 22.6X8.5R15
215/50R15 23.5X8.5R15
215/55R15 24.3X8.5R15
215/60R15 25.2X8.5R15
215/65R15 26.0X8.5R15
215/70R15 26.9X8.5R15
215/75R15 27.7X8.5R15
215/80R15 28.5X8.5R15
215/85R15 29.4X8.5R15
225/45R15 23.0X8.9R15
225/50R15 23.9X8.9R15
225/55R15 24.7X8.9R15

16 Inch Tires

Tire Size (metric) Tire Size (inch)
175/50R16 22.9X6.9R16
175/55R16 23.6X6.9R16
175/60R16 24.3X6.9R16
175/75R16 26.3X6.9R16
185/50R16 23.3X7.3R16
185/55R16 24.0X7.3R16
185/60R16 24.7X7.3R16
185/65R16 25.5X7.3R16
185/75R16 26.9X7.3R16
195/40R16 22.1X7.7R16
195/45R16 22.9X7.7R16
195/50R16 23.7X7.7R16
195/55R16 24.4X7.7R16
195/60R16 25.2X7.7R16
195/65R16 26.0X7.7R16
195/75R16 27.5X7.7R16
195/80R16 28.3X7.7R16
205/40R16 22.5X8.1R16
205/45R16 23.3X8.1R16
205/50R16 24.1X8.1R16
205/55R16 24.9X8.1R16
205/60R16 25.7X8.1R16
205/65R16 26.5X8.1R16
205/70R16 27.3X8.1R16
205/75R16 28.1X8.1R16
205/80R16 28.9X8.1R16
215/35R16 21.9X8.5R16
215/40R16 22.8X8.5R16
215/45R16 23.6X8.5R16
215/50R16 24.5X8.5R16
215/55R16 25.3X8.5R16
215/60R16 26.2X8.5R16
215/65R16 27.0X8.5R16
215/70R16 27.9X8.5R16
215/75R16 28.7X8.5R16
215/80R16 29.5X8.5R16
215/85R16 30.4X8.5R16
225/40R16 23.1X8.9R16
225/45R16 24.0X8.9R16

17 Inch Tires

Tire Size (metric) Tire Size (inch)
195/40R17 23.1X7.7R17
195/45R17 23.9X7.7R17
205/40R17 23.5X8.1R17
205/45R17 24.3X8.1R17
205/50R17 25.1X8.1R17
205/55R17 25.9X8.1R17
205/65R17 27.5X8.1R17
215/35R17 22.9X8.5R17
215/40R17 23.8X8.5R17
215/45R17 24.6X8.5R17
215/50R17 25.5X8.5R17
215/55R17 26.3X8.5R17
215/60R17 27.2X8.5R17
215/65R17 28.0X8.5R17
215/70R17 28.9X8.5R17
225/35R17 23.2X8.9R17
225/40R17 24.1X8.9R17
225/45R17 25.0X8.9R17
225/50R17 25.9X8.9R17
225/55R17 26.7X8.9R17
225/60R17 27.6X8.9R17
225/65R17 28.5X8.9R17
225/70R17 29.4X8.9R17
225/75R17 30.3X8.9R17
235/40R17 24.4X9.3R17
235/45R17 25.3X9.3R17
235/50R17 26.3X9.3R17
235/55R17 27.2X9.3R17
235/60R17 28.1X9.3R17
235/65R17 29.0X9.3R17
235/70R17 30.0X9.3R17
235/75R17 30.9X9.3R17
235/80R17 31.8X9.3R17
235/85R17 32.7X9.3R17
245/35R17 23.8X9.6R17
245/40R17 24.7X9.6R17
245/45R17 25.7X9.6R17
245/50R17 26.6X9.6R17
245/55R17 27.6X9.6R17
245/60R17 28.6X9.6R17
245/65R17 29.5X9.6R17
245/70R17 30.5X9.6R17
245/75R17 31.5X9.6R17

18 Inch Tires

Tire Size (metric) Tire Size (inch)
175/90R18 30.4X6.9R18
205/35R18 23.6X8.1R18
205/40R18 24.5X8.1R18
205/45R18 25.3X8.1R18
205/55R18 26.9X8.1R18
215/35R18 23.9X8.5R18
215/40R18 24.8X8.5R18
215/45R18 25.6X8.5R18
215/50R18 26.5X8.5R18
215/55R18 27.3X8.5R18
225/30R18 23.3X8.9R18
225/35R18 24.2X8.9R18
225/40R18 25.1X8.9R18
225/45R18 26.0X8.9R18
225/50R18 26.9X8.9R18
225/55R18 27.7X8.9R18
225/60R18 28.6X8.9R18
225/65R18 29.5X8.9R18
235/30R18 23.6X9.3R18
235/35R18 24.5X9.3R18
235/40R18 25.4X9.3R18
235/45R18 26.3X9.3R18
235/50R18 27.3X9.3R18
235/55R18 28.2X9.3R18
235/60R18 29.1X9.3R18
235/65R18 30.0X9.3R18
245/30R18 23.8X9.6R18
245/35R18 24.8X9.6R18
245/40R18 25.7X9.6R18
245/45R18 26.7X9.6R18
245/50R18 27.6X9.6R18
245/55R18 28.6X9.6R18
245/60R18 29.6X9.6R18
245/65R18 30.5X9.6R18
255/30R18 24.0X10.0R18
255/35R18 25.0X10.0R18
255/40R18 26.0X10.0R18
255/45R18 27.0X10.0R18
255/50R18 28.0X10.0R18
255/55R18 29.0X10.0R18
255/60R18 30.0X10.0R18
255/65R18 31.1X10.0R18
255/70R18 32.1X10.0R18
265/30R18 24.3X10.4R18

19 Inch Tires

Tire Size (metric) Tire Size (inch)
175/60R19 27.3X6.9R19
175/80R19 30.0X6.9R19
215/35R19 24.9X8.5R19
225/30R19 24.3X8.9R19
225/35R19 25.2X8.9R19
225/40R19 26.1X8.9R19
225/45R19 27.0X8.9R19
225/55R19 28.7X8.9R19
235/30R19 24.6X9.3R19
235/35R19 25.5X9.3R19
235/40R19 26.4X9.3R19
235/45R19 27.3X9.3R19
235/50R19 28.3X9.3R19
235/55R19 29.2X9.3R19
235/65R19 31.0X9.3R19
245/30R19 24.8X9.6R19
245/35R19 25.8X9.6R19
245/40R19 26.7X9.6R19
245/45R19 27.7X9.6R19
245/50R19 28.6X9.6R19
245/55R19 29.6X9.6R19
255/30R19 25.0X10.0R19
255/35R19 26.0X10.0R19
255/40R19 27.0X10.0R19
255/45R19 28.0X10.0R19
255/50R19 29.0X10.0R19
255/55R19 30.0X10.0R19
255/60R19 31.0X10.0R19
265/30R19 25.3X10.4R19
265/35R19 26.3X10.4R19
265/40R19 27.3X10.4R19
265/50R19 29.4X10.4R19
265/55R19 30.5X10.4R19
275/30R19 25.5X10.8R19
275/35R19 26.6X10.8R19
275/40R19 27.7X10.8R19
275/45R19 28.7X10.8R19
275/50R19 29.8X10.8R19
275/55R19 30.9X10.8R19
285/30R19 25.7X11.2R19
285/35R19 26.9X11.2R19
285/40R19 28.0X11.2R19
285/45R19 29.1X11.2R19
285/55R19 31.3X11.2R19

20 Inch Tires

Tire Size (metric) Tire Size (inch)
175/55R20 27.6X6.9R20
215/30R20 25.1X8.5R20
225/30R20 25.3X8.9R20
225/35R20 26.2X8.9R20
235/30R20 25.6X9.3R20
235/35R20 26.5X9.3R20
235/45R20 28.3X9.3R20
235/55R20 30.2X9.3R20
245/30R20 25.8X9.6R20
245/35R20 26.8X9.6R20
245/40R20 27.7X9.6R20
245/45R20 28.7X9.6R20
245/50R20 29.6X9.6R20
245/60R20 31.6X9.6R20
255/30R20 26.0X10.0R20
255/35R20 27.0X10.0R20
255/40R20 28.0X10.0R20
255/45R20 29.0X10.0R20
255/50R20 30.0X10.0R20
255/55R20 31.0X10.0R20
265/30R20 26.3X10.4R20
265/35R20 27.3X10.4R20
265/40R20 28.3X10.4R20
265/45R20 29.4X10.4R20
265/50R20 30.4X10.4R20
265/60R20 32.5X10.4R20
275/25R20 25.4X10.8R20
275/30R20 26.5X10.8R20
275/35R20 27.6X10.8R20
275/40R20 28.7X10.8R20
275/45R20 29.7X10.8R20
275/50R20 30.8X10.8R20
275/55R20 31.9X10.8R20
275/60R20 33.0X10.8R20
275/65R20 34.1X10.8R20
285/25R20 25.6X11.2R20
285/30R20 26.7X11.2R20
285/35R20 27.9X11.2R20
285/40R20 29.0X11.2R20
285/45R20 30.1X11.2R20
285/50R20 31.2X11.2R20
285/55R20 32.3X11.2R20
285/60R20 33.5X11.2R20
285/65R20 34.6X11.2R20

21 Inch Tires

Tire Size (metric) Tire Size (inch)
245/30R21 26.8X9.6R21
245/35R21 27.8X9.6R21
245/40R21 28.7X9.6R21
255/30R21 27.0X10.0R21
255/35R21 28.0X10.0R21
255/40R21 29.0X10.0R21
255/50R21 31.0X10.0R21
265/30R21 27.3X10.4R21
265/35R21 28.3X10.4R21
265/40R21 29.3X10.4R21
265/45R21 30.4X10.4R21
275/30R21 27.5X10.8R21
275/35R21 28.6X10.8R21
275/40R21 29.7X10.8R21
275/45R21 30.7X10.8R21
285/30R21 27.7X11.2R21
285/35R21 28.9X11.2R21
285/45R21 31.1X11.2R21
295/25R21 26.8X11.6R21
295/30R21 28.0X11.6R21
295/35R21 29.1X11.6R21
295/40R21 30.3X11.6R21
305/25R21 27.0X12.0R21
305/30R21 28.2X12.0R21
305/35R21 29.4X12.0R21
315/35R21 29.7X12.4R21
325/25R21 27.4X12.8R21
325/30R21 28.7X12.8R21
355/25R21 28.0X14.0R21
375/20R21 26.9X14.8R21

22 Inch Tires

Tire Size (metric) Tire Size (inch)
225/30R22 27.3X8.9R22
235/30R22 27.6X9.3R22
245/30R22 27.8X9.6R22
245/35R22 28.8X9.6R22
255/30R22 28.0X10.0R22
255/35R22 29.0X10.0R22
265/25R22 27.2X10.4R22
265/30R22 28.3X10.4R22
265/35R22 29.3X10.4R22
265/40R22 30.3X10.4R22
265/45R22 31.4X10.4R22
275/25R22 27.4X10.8R22
275/30R22 28.5X10.8R22
275/35R22 29.6X10.8R22
275/40R22 30.7X10.8R22
275/45R22 31.7X10.8R22
275/50R22 32.8X10.8R22
285/25R22 27.6X11.2R22
285/30R22 28.7X11.2R22
285/35R22 29.9X11.2R22
285/40R22 31.0X11.2R22
285/45R22 32.1X11.2R22
285/50R22 33.2X11.2R22
285/55R22 34.3X11.2R22
295/25R22 27.8X11.6R22
295/30R22 29.0X11.6R22
295/35R22 30.1X11.6R22
295/40R22 31.3X11.6R22
295/45R22 32.5X11.6R22
305/25R22 28.0X12.0R22
305/30R22 29.2X12.0R22
305/35R22 30.4X12.0R22
305/40R22 31.6X12.0R22
305/45R22 32.8X12.0R22

23 Inch Tires

Tire Size (metric) Tire Size (inch)
265/25R23 28.2X10.4R23
285/35R23 30.9X11.2R23
285/40R23 32.0X11.2R23
295/30R23 30.0X11.6R23
305/25R23 29.0X12.0R23
305/35R23 31.4X12.0R23
305/40R23 32.6X12.0R23
315/25R23 29.2X12.4R23

24 Inch Tires

Tire Size (metric) Tire Size (inch)
245/30R24 29.8X9.6R24
255/25R24 29.0X10.0R24
255/30R24 30.0X10.0R24
265/25R24 29.2X10.4R24
275/23R24 29.0X10.8R24
275/25R24 29.4X10.8R24
275/30R24 30.5X10.8R24
285/30R24 30.7X11.2R24
285/35R24 31.9X11.2R24
285/40R24 33.0X11.2R24
295/30R24 31.0X11.6R24
295/35R24 32.1X11.6R24
295/40R24 33.3X11.6R24
305/35R24 32.4X12.0R24
305/40R24 33.6X12.0R24
305/45R24 34.8X12.0R24
315/30R24 31.4X12.4R24
315/35R24 32.7X12.4R24
315/50R24 36.4X12.4R24
325/45R24 35.5X12.8R24
385/35R24 34.6X15.2R24
405/25R24 32.0X15.9R24

26 Inch Tires

Tire Size (metric) Tire Size (inch)
255/30R26 32.0X10.0R26
275/25R26 31.4X10.8R26
295/25R26 31.8X11.6R26
295/30R26 33.0X11.6R26
305/25R26 32.0X12.0R26
305/30R26 33.2X12.0R26
315/40R26 35.9X12.4R26

28 Inch Tires

Tire Size (metric) Tire Size (inch)
275/25R28 33.4X10.8R28
295/25R28 33.8X11.6R28
325/35R28 37.0X12.8R28

30 Inch Tires

Tire Size (metric) Tire Size (inch)
315/35R30 38.7X12.4R30
315/30R30 37.4X12.4R30
315/20R30 35.0X12.4R30
275/25R30 35.4X10.8R30
255/30R30 36.0X10.0R30

In conclusion, a tire size chart is a useful tool for anyone who wants to make sure they are selecting the right size of tire for their vehicle. By understanding the various numbers and letters that make up a tire’s size designation, you can determine the width, aspect ratio, and diameter of the tire, as well as its load rating and speed rating. This information is critical for ensuring proper fitment, optimal performance, and safety on the road.

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