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Tires are one of the essential parts of your car. They can make or break your driving experience. You need to take care and invest in a quality tire that will last for years if you want to be safe on the road. Many drivers ask themselves which kind of tire they should buy.

Pirelli P Zero or Nitto Invo? Both tires are high-performing, but they differ in some ways. In this article, we will compare these two tires so that you can decide which one is right for you!

Pirelli P Zero vs Nitto Invo Table

These tires have some similarities but also some significant differences between them. In this blog post, we will compare these two tires so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your car!

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Why Compare
Consider aspects like type, size, load index rating (load carrying capacity), speed rating (maximum road speeds), and construction before choosing which would work best on your car or truck. Comparing two popular tires in this space gives you an idea of what each has to offer so that you can make a better decision when shopping for tires online or at your local dealer.

Nitto Invo Tire Short Review

The deeply treaded, asymmetrical design makes these Nitto Invos stand out from other snow/winter-rated summer performance rubber. The deep grooves cut into the rubber provide plenty of biting edges for traction and braking on snow or wet pavement.

The deep groove pattern is enhanced with special-formulated additives in the compound to increase grip even more, when it’s cold outside. This construction also offers additional durability while driving long distances by reducing general wear and tear from typical tire rotation patterns.

Nitto Invo tires come with a limited warranty as well as 100% mileage coverage against cracking due to sun exposure which makes them one of the best choices in winter performance tires on today’s market! This Limited Warranty covers all Nitto brand passenger cars and light truck tires purchased.


Pirelli P Zero Tire Short Review

These Pirelli summer performance sports tires are designed to excel in warm, wet, and dry conditions. They’re perfect for your sports car or other high-performance vehicles that need a street tire with lots of grip on the road.

Pirelli is one company you can always count on when it comes time to find the best-performing tires for the summer season! The patented tread design features hydraulic grooves that offer incredible traction levels no matter what type of driving surface you’re hitting – whether rain, mud, snow, or even sand!

Pirelli’s comes with a 50,000-mile limited treadwear warranty against any defects related to manufacturing, as well as protection from flat tires caused by punctures (except nails).


Tire Type
The Pirelli P Zero is an ultra-high-performance summer tire. It provides excellent traction in wet or dry conditions. The Nitto Invo is a street/sports performance tire for all seasons and driving styles. This versatile tire offers good stability in wet or dry conditions.

Tire Size
Depending on the rim size, both tires offer different size tires. The Pirelli has available 17 inches to 24 inches. The Pirelli tire will be better at handling the higher speeds of your vehicle because it has more sidewalls, but this also gives you less contact with the ground.

The Nitto offers only 17 inches to 24 inches wheel size, Except for the 23-inch size, but they offer a lower PSI at 50 psi, which will give you better contact on the road and help improve traction when driving.

Speed Rating
A major factor in deciding which tire is right for you or if a specific type of tire even exists. The Pirelli has a SPEED rating of W (up to 168 mph), while the Nitto INVO F01A has an SR rating of R (130 mph).

The Nitto INVO F01A is the winner in this category. There are few tires on the market with a speed rating higher than 168 mph, so if you want to go faster than that (on your vehicle), there’s only one option for you!

Suitable Car
The Pirelli P Zero is suitable for Car or SUVs. At the same time, the Nitto Invo can be used on a wider range of vehicles, Specially for your luxury sports car. The tires are also available in different sizes to suit your car type and vehicle needs. For example, if you’re driving an SUV with tall off-road tires, there will be better matches than these two.

In the case of Pirelli P Zero and Nitto Invo, there are also different tread patterns to suit your needs, so make sure you know which one is best for your car type and type of driving before buying them. Both tires have their own strengths and weaknesses, such as Pirelli being more suited to dry and wet conditions, while Nitto offers a smoother ride.

Different tread patterns suit your needs, so make sure you know which is best for your type and drive before buying them. Both tires have their own strengths and weaknesses, such as Pirelli being more suited to dry and wet conditions while Nitto offers a smoother ride.

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