Mastercraft Avenger GT Vs Cooper Cobra Tire

The Cooper Cobra GT and the Mastercraft Avenger GT are excellent for drivers looking to replace their tires. The two different brands target different audiences, with the Cooper Cobra’s being more performance-oriented and the Mastercraft Avenger’s being more family-friendly. However, if you’re unsure which tire is better suited for your needs, take a look at these three factors before deciding!

Compare Table

The answer to this question depends on what you are looking for in a tire. If you want something with more grip, it would be wise to go with the Cooper Cobra GTs. However, if you want durability and longevity, we recommend going with the Mastercraft Avenger GTs.

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Why Compare?

Both of the tires have some great traits, but it’s essential to compare them to get the best tire for your needs. Mastercraft Avenger GT is an M+S Rated tire that will retain the character of an old car. It has been designed to reduce the noise caused by the tread on tires, making it easier for people to ride in them. A new feature on the tire is called Cobra Radial G/T. There is a notched center rib and a shape of tread elements that ensure even wear.

Tire Type

The Cooper Cobra GTs target people who want more incredible speed and improved cornering. It features an all-season compound that offers better ice traction than its predecessor, the Ultra High-Performance All-Season tire.

The Mastercraft Avenger GTs are meant more for family-oriented drivers and it offers a smooth ride with less noise than other tires. It has an all-season compound that works well in winter conditions like light snow or ice. It is also suitable for drivers who want to reduce wear and tear on their tires.

Tire Size

The Mastercraft Avenger GT has two-wheel sizes of 14 & 15-inch, while the Cooper Cobra GT comes with two different options ranging from 14 to 15-inches. Both wheel size also comes with different tier size.

Tire Pressure

Max Tire pressure means the highest psi for a tire. The Cooper Cobra GT has its maximum tire inflation of 35 psi to 44 psi, and the Mastercraft Avenger GTs have their Max at 44 psi which makes it more suitable for family cars as they don’t put excess stress on your car tires. If you want to find out what’s best for you, we recommend that you check your car manual.

Warranty Mileage

The Cobra Radial G/T is protected by up to 50,000 Miles Treadwear Protection warranty. While the Mastercraft Avenger GTs come with a 50,000 Mile Treadwear Protection Limited Warranty (U.S. Only) T/S-Speed Rated. The Mastercraft Avenger GTs are better for low-speed driving like in the city or more durable.

On the other hand, the Cooper Cobra will give you more incredible speed and newer designs that make it an excellent choice for drivers who demand performance.

Speed Rating

Both come with the same speed rating which is essential if driving on the highway. The Mastercraft Avenger GTs have a T/S-Speed Rated of 118 mph, while the Cooper Cobra GT has a T/S rated tire that can handle up to 118 miles per hour.

If you’re looking for speed and performance, then the Cooper Cobra GTs are a great option. However, if you want something more durable with less noise that’s also good in winter conditions, go with the Mastercraft Avenger GTs!

Load Index Rating

The Cobra Radial G/T’s have a load index of 96 to 108, which means they can carry more weight than the Mastercraft Avenger GTs with their 96 to 107 load index. The Cooper Cobra GT has a maximum load capacity of 2205 lbs or 1000 kg. If you’re looking for something that will handle heavy loads and carry more weight, then the Mastercraft Avenger GTs are great.

However, if you want something lighter but still capable of handling heavy loads, go with the Cooper Cobra GTs! They have enough load capacity to handle the most common loads that people drive around with. The M+S Rated tire will also give you better traction in light snow or ice.

Suitable For

The Mastercraft Avenger G/t Is Ideally Suited For Older Muscle Cars Or Trucks. On the other hand, Cooper Cobra GTs are suitable for Classic Cars or American Muscle Cars.

Our Observation

The main difference between Mastercraft Avenger GT and Cooper Cobra Tire is that Cobra GT is more performance-oriented, and Avenger GT is family-oriented. They both have different treadwear, load index, warranty, and speed ratings.

If you’re looking for a performance-oriented tire and can handle a lot of weight, then the Cooper Cobra GT is your best bet. However, if you want a more durable tire and good in winter conditions, go with the Mastercraft Avenger GT.

Final Analysis

The Cooper Cobra GT is great for drivers who want something fast and grippy, but they might have to sacrifice some durability in their tires. The Mastercraft Avenger GTS are durable, long-lasting tires that offer smooth rides on all surfaces. They are also great if you want something with less noise. Suppose you’re looking for a tire that will give your car good performance without breaking the bank!

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