Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Vs Michelin Defender

Choosing the right tire for your car is incredibly important. They help you drive, but they are also a safety feature of your vehicle. There are many factors to consider when selecting tires, including size, tread life, mileage warranty, and more.

Compare Table
The question of which tires to purchase for your vehicle can be tricky. There are many brands, models, and specifications to choose from. This table will help you decide on the best set of tires for your needs by comparing two popular options.

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Why Compare?
These two types of tires are both popular options. The Michelin Defender Tire is known for its excellent wet and snow conditions, while the Cooper CS-Ultra Touring tire is one of the most affordable all-season tires. While they may seem similar at first glance, there are many differences that you should be aware of before making your purchase.

Overall Performance of Cooper CS-Ultra Touring
This graph will help you understand the overall performance of Cooper CS-Ultra Touring in various conditions.


Overall Performance of Michelin Defender
This graph will help you understand the overall performance of Michelin Defender in various conditions.


Tire Type
The Michelin Defender Tire is an all-season tire in many different sizes. It has a high tread life and was created to provide excellent grip on wet and dry roads. The Cooper CS-Ultra Touring All-Season Tires are known for being versatile, affordable tires at great prices! They have impressive tread life and a good grip on wet roads.

Tire Size
The Michelin Defender Tires come in an extensive range of sizes, from 15 to 20 inches. The Cooper CS-Ultra Touring Tires are available as either 15 to 22-inch tires. Depending on which car you have and the size your manufacturer recommends, this difference may be essential for you.

In addition, while the Michelin Defender Tires are available in bulk quantities, the Cooper CS-Ultra Touring is only sold individually or in four sets.

Warranty Mileage
The Michelin Defender Tires are protected by up to 70,000 Miles Treadwear Protection Warranty. The Cooper CS-Ultra Touring comes with either a 70,000 Miles (T & H Speed Rated) & or 50,000 Miles (R Speed Rated) warranty, depending on your chosen model.

Load Index Rating
The Load Index Rating tells you the maximum weight that a tire can carry. The Michelin Defender Tires have a higher load index rating than the Cooper CS-Ultra Touring Tire. The load Index Rating of the Michelin Defender Tire range is 95 To 126, which means it can carry Max 3748 lbs (Depending on your tire size).

On the other hand, Cooper CS-Ultra Touring Tire load index rating is between 88 To 111, Which means it can max carry 2403 lbs. However, both meet the legal requirements for your vehicle.

Tire Pressure
The recommended tire pressure for the Michelin Defender is Maximum Tire Inflation Of 44 PSI To 80 PSI. The Cooper CS-Ultra Touring has a slightly lower average Maximum Tire Inflation Of 35 PSI To 51 PSI. Both tire pressure varies Depending on the tire size you are using.

Treadwear Rating
Many factors affect Treadwear, including driving habits, road conditions, and weather. Take into account your driving style when considering tread wear. Cooper CS-Ultra Touring Comes with an Average 10.5 millimeters Tread Depth, While Michelin Defender Tires Comes with an 8 to 10 millimeters Tread Depth.

Speed Rating
The Michelin Defender Tires and Cooper CS-Ultra Touring all-season tires come with three different speed ratings: The Michelin Defender Tire range is 106 to 130 mph, which means it can carry a Max Speed – of MPH (Depending on the tire size you are using).

On the other hand, the Cooper CS-Ultra Touring Tire speed rating is between 130 to 168 mph, Which means it can max carry Max Speed – of MPH (Depending on the tire size you are using). However, both meet the legal requirements for your vehicle.

Our Observation
The main difference between Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring and Michelin Defender tire is that Michelin defender offers a wider range of sizes. Michelin also offers a treadwear protection warranty of up to 70,000 Miles, while Cooper offers a warranty of 50,000 Miles.

Michelin defender is also designed to have a high tread life and grip on wet roads. At the same time, Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring is known to be versatile and affordable. Depending on your driving habits, it may be essential to consider the treadwear rating when making your decision.

The Michelin Defender Tires and Cooper CS-Ultra Touring tires are excellent options for drivers seeking all-season tires with high-performance ratings. After researching the specs of these tires, it was clear that they have many differences.

Summing up, the two types of tires have many differences and similarities. To decide which tire best meets your needs, you should compare them to see which makes the most sense.

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