Tire Size 35×11.5r18 to Metric

Tire Size 35x11.5r18 to Metric

Have you ever stopped to consider what the peculiar jumble of numbers and letters on your vehicle’s tire mean? Ever wondered what ’35×11.5r18′ signifies and why it’s important? If you have, you’re in the right place.

Dimension Breakdown
Understanding tire size begins with dissecting the numbers and letters that make up the ’35×11.5r18′ size. The ’35’ represents the overall diameter of the tire in inches, an aspect that impacts clearance and performance.

The ‘11.5’ indicates the width of the tire, also in inches. The ‘R’ is an abbreviation for ‘Radial’, signifying the construction of the tire. Lastly, ’18’ stands for the wheel diameter, represented in inches, meaning the size of the wheel the tire fits on.

35×11.5r18 in inches

Tire Diameter35.0″
Section Width11.5″
Rim Width Range18″ x 7.5-10″
Sidewall Height8.5″

Overall Diameter
The overall diameter, denoted by ’35’ in our example, refers to the full height of the tire from the ground to the top of the tread. Conversion from inches to millimeters involves multiplying by 25.4, as one inch equals 25.4mm. Therefore, a ’35’ inch tire equates to 889mm.

Tire Width
The ‘11.5’ in 35×11.5R18 refers to the width of the tire. Converting this to millimeters, we find that 11.5 inches is approximately 292.1mm.

Wheel Diameter
The ’18’ in 35×11.5R18 represents the wheel diameter. When converted to millimeters, 18 inches equates to 457.2mm.

Sidewall Height
Calculating the Sidewall Height involves subtracting the Wheel Diameter from the Overall Diameter and dividing by 2. For a 35×11.5R18 tire, the sidewall height in inches is (35 – 18) / 2 = 8.5 inches. This translates to 215.9mm when converted to millimeters.

Aspect Ratio
The aspect ratio is the ratio of the Sidewall Height to the Tire Width, expressed as a percentage. Therefore, the aspect ratio of a 35×11.5R18 tire is (8.5 / 11.5) * 100% = 73.91%.

Finding a Close Metric Equivalent
If we want to convert this to metric (millimeters), which is the standard used in most countries outside of the United States, you will do the following: 1 inch = 25.4 millimeters.

So, the tire size in metric would be:

  • Height: 35 inches x 25.4 = 889 mm
  • Width: 11.5 inches x 25.4 = 292.1 mm
  • Wheel diameter: 18 inches x 25.4 = 457.2 mm

The aspect ratio is the height of the tire sidewall as a percentage of the width. You’ve calculated the aspect ratio to be approximately 74%. Therefore, the metric tire size equivalent to “35×11.5r18” would be roughly “292/74r18”. However, it’s crucial to note that this particular size is seldom encountered in retail stores.

A metric size that’s seen more commonly, and serves as the closest match, is 295/70r18. This size approximates the characteristics of a 35×11.5r18 tire and can be found with greater ease for customer purchase.

What Is Equivalent To A 35×11.5r18?

The tire size written as 35×11.5r18 could be approximated as 292/74r18 when converted to the metric system. However, it’s important to mention that such a specific size is infrequently observed in commercial stores.

A more common metric size, which serves as the closest equivalent, is 295/70r18. This size is akin to the features of a 35×11.5r18 tire and can be found more efficiently for consumers’ purchases.

How Tall Are 35×11.5r18 Tire Size?

The height (also referred to as the diameter) of a 35×11.5R18 tire is 35 inches. This figure is a rough approximation, as measurements can vary slightly between manufacturers and tire models.

How Wide Is A 35×11.5r18 Tire?

The width of a 35×11.5R18 tire is approximately 11.5 inches. Again, this is an approximate measurement and can slightly differ among tire manufacturers and models.

What Size Rim Fits 35×11.5r18?

The rim diameter that fits a 35×11.5r18 tire is 18 inches. The last number in the tire size represents this. However, the width of the rim should also be compatible with the tire.

Typically, a tire of this size would fit on a rim between 7.5 to 10 inches wide. It’s always best to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the specific tire you’re interested in to ensure proper fitment.

Practical Applications
The 35×11.5R18 tire size is often found on larger vehicles, such as pickup trucks and SUVs, that require robust off-road capabilities. They provide increased ground clearance, traction, and improved handling on challenging terrains. A notable example includes the Ford F-150 Raptor, a vehicle known for its off-road prowess, often fitted with this size tire.

Understanding and converting tire sizes, such as 35×11.5R18, can seem daunting, but once you grasp the meaning of each component, the task becomes straightforward. By converting these measurements from inches to millimeters, you can find equivalent metric sizes and explore additional tire options for your vehicle.

As this knowledge enhances your ability to make informed tire choices, it ensures you achieve optimal vehicle performance and safety. It’s no longer a jumble of numbers and letters, but a guide to your vehicle’s capabilities.

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