Tire Size 33×9.5r15 to Metric

Tire sizes are a fundamental aspect of any vehicle’s performance, safety, and overall driving experience. They play a crucial role in determining how your vehicle handles various terrains, providing stability, grip, and maneuverability.

Among the many tire size configurations available, the 33×9.5R15 stands out as a popular choice for off-road enthusiasts and truck owners looking to enhance their vehicles’ capabilities..

Dimension Breakdown
Let’s begin with the dimensions of a typical off-road tire size – 33×9.5r15. Though seemingly complex, this nomenclature is quite easy to understand when broken down.

  • 33: This is the tire’s overall diameter in inches, in this case, 33 inches.
  • 9.5: This number signifies the tire’s width, also in inches. Our tire here is 9.5 inches wide.
  • R: The ‘R’ stands for Radial, indicating the tire’s construction type.
  • 15: Finally, the last number (15) represents the wheel diameter in inches. Our tire fits a 15-inch wheel.

33×9.5r15 in inches

Tire Diameter33.0″
Tire Section Width9.5″
Rim Width Range15″ x 6.5-8.5″
Sidewall Height9.0″

Conversion Process
Transitioning to the metric system involves converting inches to millimeters (1 inch equals 25.4mm). Let’s look at each dimension in detail.

  • Overall Diameter: The diameter of our tire is 33 inches, which equates to 838.2mm.
  • Tire Width: With a width of 9.5 inches, our tire converts to 241.3mm wide.
  • Wheel Diameter: The wheel diameter of 15 inches translates to 381mm.
  • Sidewall Height: This can be calculated by subtracting the wheel diameter from the overall diameter and dividing by 2. Our tire’s sidewall height is (33 – 15) / 2 = 9 inches or 228.6mm.
  • Aspect Ratio: The aspect ratio (expressed as a percentage) is the ratio of the sidewall height to the tire width. For our tire, the aspect ratio is (9 / 9.5) * 100% = 94.7%.

33×9.5r15 to Metric

The tire size that’s represented as 33×9.5R15 can be approximately converted into the metric system, written as 241/95r15. However, it should be mentioned that this specific measurement is not commonly found in retail stores.

A more typically found metric size that’s comparable is 240/95r15. This size shares similar characteristics with a 33×9.5R15 tire and is generally more accessible for customers to purchase.

Practical Applications
The 33×9.5r15 tire size is commonly found on off-road vehicles and 4×4 trucks, primarily because of its broader width and larger diameter, which provide better traction and ground clearance.

These tires significantly improve off-road performance, making them the perfect fit for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.

How Tall Are 33×9.5r15 Tire Size?

The 33×9.5R15 tire has a diameter of 33 inches. To convert this to millimeters, we can use the conversion factor that 1 inch is equal to 25.4 millimeters. Therefore, the tire’s diameter is 33 inches * 25.4 mm/inch = 838.2 mm.

How Wide Is A 33×9.5r15 Tire?

The width of a 33×9.5R15 tire is 9.5 inches. Converting this to millimeters gives us 9.5 inches * 25.4 mm/inch = 241.3 mm.

What Size Rim Fits 33×9.5r15?

The size rim that fits a 33×9.5R15 tire is 15 inches in diameter. In millimeters, this is 15 inches * 25.4 mm/inch = 381 mm.

Understanding tire sizes like 33×9.5r15 and their metric equivalents is easier than it may initially seem. The ability to break down these dimensions, convert them to a globally recognized system, and identify their real-world applications enhances your automotive knowledge and decision-making capability, especially when choosing tires that best suit your driving needs.

A world of numbers, percentages, and ratios might seem intimidating, but when it comes to tires, they create a roadmap to a better and safer driving experience.

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