Tire Size 315/75r16 vs 285/75r16

The main difference between 315/75r16 and 285/75r16 tires is the width. The 315/75r16 tires are 31.5 millimeters wider than the 285/75r16 tires.

This means that the 315/75r16 tires will provide a wider contact patch with the road, which can improve handling and cornering performance.

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Fitment Guide

Replacement tires should be within 3% of the original tire’s diameter to avoid clearance issues or speedometer errors. The overall diameter of 315/75r16 tires is 5.4% larger than 285/75r16.

So 285/75r16 tires could potentially replace 315/75r16 tires, but not vice versa. If you interchange, the 315/75r16 may require modifications like a lift kit to prevent rubbing at the complete turn.

Ground Clearance

The larger 315/75r16 tire size provides 0.89 inches (22.5mm) more ground clearance than the 285/75r16, which is beneficial for off-roading.

However, the increased diameter of 315/75r16 tires causes a lower speedometer reading compared to 285/75r16 tires.

Gas Mileage

The 315/75r16 tires are heavier with more rolling resistance, which could lead to slightly worse fuel efficiency compared to the 285/75r16.

The more minor contact patch and lower rotational mass of 285/75r16 tires confer better gas mileage.

Ride Comfort

The taller sidewall and larger overall diameter of 315/75r16 tires provide a smoother ride over uneven terrain.

The flexible sidewalls absorb impacts better than the shorter 285/75r16 sidewalls. However, the 285/75r16 may feel more comfortable on smooth roads.


Visually, the wider 315/75r16 tires fill out the wheel wells more. Some drivers prefer the aggressive, “stretched” look of a wider tire.

However, others find the more proportional look of a narrower tire more appealing. It comes down to personal taste.

Handling & Stability

The 285/75r16 tire’s shorter sidewall enables crisper steering response and handling precision.

But the 315/75r16’s additional traction from the wider tread helps maintain stability in corners. Both offer responsive handling, but the 285/75r16 has a slight edge.

Noise & Vibration

The 285/75r16’s shorter sidewall transmits more road noise and vibration into the cabin.

The taller 315/75r16 sidewall dampens vibrations better for a smoother, quieter ride. However, aggressive tread patterns on either size increase noise.

Durability & Wear

The narrower 285/75r16 tire exhibits more even treadwear across its width, leading to potentially longer life.

The heavier 315/75r16 tire causes more strain on suspension components, possibly decreasing durability. But both sizes are quite durable overall.

Adverse Conditions

Winter traction is a wash between the two. The narrower 285/75r16 cuts through snow better, but the wider 315/75r16 offers more traction.

For off-road and mud, the wider 315/75r16 provides an advantage with its additional grip.

Speedometer Reading

Due to the larger overall diameter, the speedometer reads 1.08 mph higher with 315/75r16 tires than with 285/75r16 tires at the same true speed.

For example, at an actual speed of 20 mph, the speedometer would read 21.08 mph with 315/75r16 tires equipped.

What Does 315/75r16 Tire Mean?

The 315 75r16 tire size is a popular choice for many vehicles. This size is often referred to as a 33-inch tire. The 315 refers to the width of the tire in millimeters, while the 75 is the aspect ratio. The R, in this case, means that it is a radial tire. Finally, the 16 refers to the diameter of the tire in inches.

A 315 75r16 tire is a good choice for many different types of vehicles. This size tire is also a good choice if you are looking for a tire that will provide good traction in all kinds of weather conditions.

How Much Bigger Is A 315 Tire Than A 285?

The 315 tire size is around 1.77 inch taller than the 285 tire size. This mean if you are comparing the the height of the tire sire 315 around 1.77 inch or 45 millimeters to taller than the 285 tire size.

315/75r16 vs 285/75r16

What is a 315 75R16 equivalent to?

When converted to inches, the tire size 315/75R16 is equivalent to 34.6×12.4R16 in the high flotation system.

285/75r16 vs 315/75r16

This comparison table can provide you with a clearer comprehension of the distinctions between the tire sizes of 315/75r16 and 285/75r16.

Our Observation
Based on the comparisons, the 285/75r16 is the better all-around tire for most drivers. It offers superior fuel efficiency, handling, wear life, and snow/ice traction over the 315/75r16.

The key advantages of the 315/75r16 are its off-road capabilities, cushioned ride, and aesthetic appeal. The 315/75r16 is recommended for off-road use due to its traction, clearance, and stability benefits.

However, for typical on-road driving conditions, we recommend the 285/75r16 for its well-rounded everyday performance and long-term value.

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