Tire Size 305/70r18 vs 295/70r18

The main difference between 305/70R18 and 295/70R18 tires is the section width. The 305/70R18 tire is 10 millimeters wider than the 295/70R18 tire.

This means that the 305/70R18 tire will provide better handling and cornering grip, while the 295/70R18 tire will offer a more comfortable ride and better fuel economy.

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Fitment Guide

The overall diameter difference between 305/70R18 and 295/70R18 tires is 14mm (0.55 inches), which is a 1.6% difference.

Generally, replacement tires should be within 3% of the original tire’s diameter to prevent clearance or drivetrain issues. So the 295/70R18, being under 3% smaller, can directly replace a 305/70R18 tire without problems.

Gas Mileage

The 295/70R18 tire has marginally less rolling resistance with a narrower tread and smaller contact patch than the 305/70R18.

This can contribute to slightly improved fuel efficiency, which is advantageous for daily drivers focused on gas mileage. Over long distances, the fuel savings could add up.

Ground Clearance

The 305/70R18, with a 1.6% larger overall diameter, provides 0.55 inches (14mm) more ground clearance than the 295/70R18 tire.

This added clearance benefits off-roading, allowing the vehicle to traverse rougher terrain without bottoming out or scraping.

However, the larger 305/70R18 diameter causes a 1.6% lower speedometer reading than the 295/70R18 one.

Ride Comfort

While the 305/70R18’s taller sidewall may absorb bumps slightly better, both tires deliver a comfortable ride.

The 295/70R18, with its shorter sidewall, feels a bit more responsive, but the harshness differences are minor between the two. Overall, ride quality is similar.


Visually, the difference between 305/70R18 and 295/70R18 tires is subtle. The 305’s wider tread face and taller sidewall have a slightly more aggressive, “stretched” appearance compared to the narrower 295. This aesthetic suits trucks and SUVs well.

Handling & Stability

The 295/70R18 tire, with its shorter sidewall, offers crisper turn-in response and handling precision compared to the 305/70R18.

But both remain stable at highway speeds and deliver responsive handling for an 18-inch tire. Traction should be comparable.

Noise & Vibration

Road noise and vibration levels are similar between the two tire sizes. The 295/70R18 transmits slightly more harshness, while the 305/70R18 generates marginally more noise from its wider tread and higher air volume. But differences are modest at best.

Durability & Wear

The 10mm narrower tread face gives the 295/70R18 tire a smaller contact patch, distributing wear forces over a smaller area.

This causes slightly less tread stress, allowing for potentially extended tread life compared to the 305 width.

Adverse Conditions

Performance in wet and wintry conditions is comparable between the two. The 305 offers a bit more traction from its wider tread, while the responsive 295 navigates snow effectively. Ground clearance gives the 305 an edge in deep snow or over obstacles.

Speedometer Difference

When the vehicle’s actual speed is 20 mph, the speedometer reads 20 mph with 305/70R18 tires equipped.

But with 295/70R18 tires, the speedometer reads 19.68 mph at the same actual speed. This 1.6% speedometer difference is consistent across all speeds.

How Big Is A 305/70r18 Tire?

The 305/70R18 tire has an overall diameter (tire height) of 34.8 inches, a tread width of 12 inches, a rim diameter of 18 inches, and a sidewall height of 8.4 inches.

When converted to inches, the 305/70R18 tire is equivalent to 34.8x12R18, with a diameter of 34.8 inches.

305/70r18 vs 295/70r18

Are 295 Tires Bigger Than 305?

The 305/70R18 tires are bigger than the 295/70R18 tires. The 305/70R18 tire size is 0.55 inch taller than the 295/70R18 tire size.

The 305/70R18 tire has a larger diameter of 34.81 inches compared to 34.26 inches for the 295/70R18 tire, making the 305/70R18 tire taller with more ground clearance.

295/70r18 vs 305/70r18

To make it easier for you to understand the differences quickly, we have created a comparison table for you.

Our Observation
Based on the minor differences between the 305/70R18 and 295/70R18 tires, both deliver strong overall performance.

The 305 width offers slightly better traction and off-road clearance thanks to its larger diameter and wider tread. However, the 295 confers a small fuel efficiency benefit and crisper on-road handling from its shorter sidewall.

Ultimately, the 305/70R18 is recommended for vehicles frequently driven off-road that benefit from the added ground clearance or traction.

The 295/70R18 strikes the best balance of responsive handling, lower rolling resistance, and tread life for mainly street or highway use.

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