Tire Size 305/45r22 vs 33×12.50r22

305 45r22 vs 33x12 50r22

The main difference between the 305/45r22 and 33×12.5r22 tire sizes lies in the section width. The tire size 33×12.5r22 is around 0.51 inch (13 mm) wider than the 305/45r22 tire size. This width difference impacts various performance factors between the two tire sizes.

305/45r22 vs 33×12 50r22 Table

Our analysis provides valuable insights to help you choose the ideal tire size for your vehicle.

305/45R22 33×12.5R22 Difference
Tire Height 32.81″ Tire Height 33.02″ 0.21 inch
Tread Width 12.01″ Tread Width 12.52″ 0.51 inch
Circum. inch 103.07 Circum. inch 103.73 0.66 inch
Sidewall Height 5.4″ Sidewall Height 5.51″ 0.11 inch
Revolutions per mile 614 Revolutions per mile 610 -3.91 Mile
Speedometer Reading 20 mph Speedometer Reading 20.13 mph 0.13 mph

Fitment Guide

The 33×12.5r22 is only 0.6% larger in overall diameter compared to the 305/45r22. This minor difference means both tires can likely be interchanged without fitment issues on vehicles designed for 22-inch wheels. However, always confirm tire replacements are within 3% of the original size.

Ground Clearance

With a diameter of 33.02 inches, the 33×12.5r22 provides 0.21 inches (5.34 mm) more ground clearance than the 305/45r22 at 32.81 inches.

This slightly higher clearance benefits off-road driving by preventing scrapes over obstacles. But it also causes a marginal drop in speedometer reading for the 33×12.5r22.

Gas Mileage

The wider 33×12.5r22 has a larger contact patch, which produces more rolling resistance, reducing fuel efficiency slightly compared to the 305/45r22. Its heavier weight also increases rotational mass, further hindering mileage.

Ride Comfort

The taller sidewall of the 33×12.5r22 absorbs road impacts better than the shorter 305/45r22 sidewall. This cushions the ride, especially over very uneven terrain. However, the 305/45r22’s stiffer sidewall on smooth highways provides a more responsive and agile feel.


Visually, the 33×12.5r22 has a modestly stretched, aggressive look owing to its 0.11-inch taller sidewall. This suits the aesthetics of trucks and SUVs well. The 305/45r22 appears slightly more low-profile in contrast.

Handling & Stability

The 305/45r22’s shorter, stiffer sidewall enhances handling precision and turn-in responsiveness. The 33×12.5r22’s slightly taller sidewall flexes more, reducing handling sharpness mildly but aiding stability, especially off-road.

Noise & Vibration

The 33×12.5r22’s extra air volume and sidewall flex help absorb road noise and vibrations, contributing to a marginally smoother, quieter ride. The 305/45r22’s stiff sidewall transmits more harshness into the cabin.

Durability & Wear

With a smaller contact patch, the 305/45r22 may potentially exhibit more even treadwear and longer life. The wider 33×12.5r22 is heavier, which could accelerate wear on suspension and driveline components.

Adverse Conditions

The narrower 305/45r22 may cut through to the pavement better for traction in snow and ice. But the wider 33×12.5r22 provides superior performance in mud, sand, and other off-road conditions. Both handle rain well.

Tire Size 30545r22

Speedometer Reading

At an actual speed of 20 mph, the speedometer reads 20.13 mph for the 33×12.5r22, compared to 20 mph for the 305/45r22. This minor 0.13 mph variance is due to the very small diameter difference.

Alternative For 305/70r18
The following table presents a comparison of tire sizes, showing their overall diameter and the percentage difference from the 295/70R18 tire size.

Tire Size Overall Diameter Difference
295/70R18 34.3″ (871 mm) -1.6%
345/60R18 34.3″ (871 mm) -1.6%
325/65R18 34.6″ (879 mm) -0.7%
285/75R18 34.8″ (885 mm) 0%
275/80R18 35.3″ (897 mm) 1.4%
315/70R18 35.4″ (899 mm) 1.6%
375/60R18 35.7″ (907 mm) 2.5%

Alternative For 33×12 50r22
The table showcases the overall diameter of different tire sizes and their percentage difference compared to the 295/70R18 tire size

Tire Size Diameter Difference
275/50R22 32.8″ -0.61%
285/45R22 32.1″ -2.73%
305/45R22 32.8″ -0.61%
325/40R22 32.2″ -2.42%
285/50R22 33.2″ 0.61%
295/50R22 33.6″ 1.82%
315/45R22 33.2″ 0.61%
343/41/R22 33.0″ 0%
368/38/R22 33.0″ 0%
355/40R22 33.2″ 0.61%

Our Observation
Based on the comparison, the 33×12.5r22 is better suited for vehicles focused on off-road performance and utility. Its wider tread provides traction in mud and sand, while the taller sidewall aids ground clearance and absorbs impacts off-road.

The 305/45r22 is preferable for vehicles that emphasize on responsive handling and fuel efficiency. Its shorter, stiff sidewall enhances the cornering grip and feels on the pavement.

We recommend the 33×12.5r22 for trucks, SUVs, and 4x4s driving off-road routinely. The 305/45r22 suits lowered sports cars, and coupes focused on performance and mileage.

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