Tire Size 295/70r17 vs 35×12.50r17

The main difference between 295/70r17 and 35×12.50r17 tires is in the overall diameter. The 35×12.50r17 tire size is about 1.77 inches (45mm), which is more significant than the 295/70r17 tire size.

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Fitment Guide

When replacing tires, the new size should be within 3% of the original size’s overall diameter to avoid clearance issues.

At 5.3% larger, the 35×12.50r17 exceeds this threshold, potentially requiring suspension modifications like a lift kit to prevent rubbing at full lock or suspension travel. The 295/70r17, being smaller, is more likely to fit as a direct replacement.

Gas Mileage

With a more minor contact patch and lower rotational mass, the 295/70r17 likely offers slightly better fuel efficiency over the heavier 35×12.50r17.

But mileage differences would be minor, with only a 45mm diameter difference. Still, the 295/70r17’s modest efficiency edge makes it a good pick for daily drivers.

Ground Clearance

The 35×12.50r17 size provides 1.77 inches (45mm) more ground clearance than the 295/70r17 tires.

This added clearance aids off-road driving by reducing the risk of scrapes or damage from rocks or obstacles. However, the larger diameter also causes lower speedometer readings.

Ride Comfort

While the 295/70r17 offers a smoother highway ride, the 35×12.50r17’s additional sidewall height provides superior impact absorption.

This cushier sidewall enhances ride quality over very uneven terrain, rubble, dirt roads, etc. But on pavement, both deliver comfortable rides.

Handling & Stability

With a shorter, stiffer sidewall, the 295/70r17 provides sharper handling and quicker response on pavement compared to the flexier 35×12.50r17.

However, the 35×12.50r17’s additional traction and stability aid off-road driving.

Noise & Vibration

The 295/70r17 transmits slightly more road noise and vibration due to its shorter sidewall. The extra cushioning of the 35×12.50r17 helps isolate bumps before they reach the cabin. But noise and vibration levels are low in both tires.

Durability & Wear

With less weight and rotation mass, the 295/70r17 likely exhibits more even wear and marginally longer tread life compared to the heavier-duty 35×12.50r17.

However, the 35×12.50r17 is designed to withstand tougher off-road use.

Adverse Conditions

The narrower 295/70r17 might cut through to pavement more easily in snow and ice. But the wider 35×12.50r17 provides additional traction in mud, sand and other off-road terrain types. Both perform well, given their intended use cases.

295 70r17 in inches

Speedometer Difference

At the same actual vehicle speed, the 35×12.50r17 reads 1.06 mph higher on the speedometer compared to the 295/70r17, owing to its larger diameter.

What Does 295 70r17 Tire Mean?

The 295 70r17 tire size is a metric tire. The first number, 295, refers to the Tire’s width in millimeters.

The second number, 70, means that the Tire’s height is 70% of its width. The last number, 17, is the diameter of the wheel in inches. The “R” in size means that the Tire is a radial tire.

What Does 35×12 50r17 Tire Mean?

The “35” in the 35×12 50r17 tire size means the height or diameter of the Tire in inches.

The “12.50” refers to the width of the Tire, and the “r” is the tire construction of the Tire, which is radial. The last number, “17,” is the rim size the Tire is designed to fit.

295 70r17 in inches

Can I Use 295/70r17 Instead of 35×12.50r17?

Directly replacing 35×12.50r17 tires with 295/70r17s is not advisable, given the 5.3% difference in overall diameter between the sizes.

While close to the 3% replacement threshold, the more minor 295/70r17 would likely result in fitment issues without modifications to provide proper tire clearance around wheel wells and suspension parts.

However, with minor lifts or levelling, using the 295/70r17 may be possible if load rating requirements are also met. Still, exercise caution when substituting between these sizes, even if the diameter difference seems marginal.

295/70r17 Equivalent

The 295/70r17 is equivalent to 33.3×11.6r17 in inches. The tire size 295/70r17 is equivalent to a tire with a diameter of 33.3 inches, a section width of 11.6 inches, and a wheel diameter of 17 inches.

Is A 295 The Same As A 35?

The tire sizes 295/70R17 and 35×12.50R17 are not the same. The 35×12.50R17 tires are 1.77 inches (44.92 mm) larger in diameter than the 295/70R17 tires, with a 5.0% difference in speedometer reading.

295/70r17 vs 35x12.50r17

295/70r17 vs 35×12.50r17

Our Observation
Based on our observation of 295/70r17 vs 35×12.50r17, both the 295/70r17 and 35×12.50r17 tires have merits depending on the intended use.

For a responsive daily driver that prioritizes road handling and fuel efficiency, the 295/70r17 is likely the better choice.

However, the 35×12.50r17 provides clear advantages in off-road capability thanks to its larger diameter and width and increased traction.

While differences are modest in some categories, the 35×12.50r17’s off-road-focused design suits it better for Overlanding or work applications needing maximum clearance and grip. Ultimately, matching the tire to your specific needs and vehicle matters most.

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