Tire Size 295/70r17 vs 33×12 50r17

295 70r17 vs 33x12 50r17

As a vehicle owner, choosing the right tires is a big deal. It’s not just about looks, the right size can make all the difference in performance, safety, and handling. That’s why we’re here to compare two popular tire sizes the 295/70r17 and the 33×12.50r17 tire size. Let’s dive in and find the perfect fit for your ride!

295 70r17 vs 33×12 50r17 Table

Comparing the specifications of the 295/70r17 and 33×12 50r17 tire sizes, along with the difference between them.

Feature 295/70r17 33/12.5r17 Difference
Diameter 33.26″ 33.03″ 0.23 inches
Width 11.61″ 12.52″ 0.91 inches
Circum. 104.49″ 103.75″ 0.74 inches
Sidewall Height 8.13″ 8.01″ 0.12 inches
Revolutions 606.38 610.69 4.31 

Alternative Tire Sire For 33×12 50r17
If you’re in the market for tire size options to replace your 33×12 50r17, there are several choices worth exploring. However, it’s essential to remember that replacement tires must stay within 3% of the original tire’s overall diameter to ensure proper fit and performance.

Tire size Diameter Difference
255/75R17 32.1″ -2.73%
275/70R17 32.2″ -2.42%
285/70R17 32.7″ -0.91%
305/65R17 32.6″ -1.21%
255/80R17 33.1″ 0.30%
285/75R17 33.8″ 2.42%
295/70R17 33.3″ 0.91%
305/70R17 33.8″ 2.42%
267/76/R17 33.0″ 0%
330/62/R17 33.0″ 0%

Alternative Tire Sire For 295/70r17
In case you’re searching for alternative tire sizes to the 295/70r17, you have a few options to explore. But, it’s important to note that replacement tires should have an overall diameter that falls within 3% of the original tire’s size.

Tire Size Overall Diameter Difference
305/65R17 32.6″ (828 mm) -2.1%
235/85R17 32.8″ (832 mm) -1.7%
285/70R17 32.8″ (832 mm) -1.7%
255/80R17 33.1″ (840 mm) -0.7%
285/75R17 33.9″ (860 mm) 1.7%
305/70R17 33.9″ (860 mm) 1.7%

Tire Diameter
One of the most important things to consider when selecting a tire size is the diameter or height of the tire. This measurement is represented by the first number in the size code (33 in 33×12 50r17).

The 33.26 inches is the diameter or height of the 295 70r17 tire size. The difference between those is around 0.23 inches or 0.7%. The diameter of a tire affects many aspects of its performance, including traction, handling, and fuel economy.

Section Width
The section width is the second number in the tire size code. The section width of the 33×12 50r17 Tire Size is 12.52 inches. It represents the tire’s width from sidewall to sidewall and is measured in inches.

The section width of the 295 70r17 tire size is 11.61 inches. The difference between those is around 0.91 inches or 7.8%. The section width influences the tire’s load-carrying capacity and traction and the level of comfort that it provides.

The circumference of a tire is the distance around the outside of the tire. It is important to know the circumference of your tires because it can affect the speedometer readings of your vehicle.

The circumference of the 33×12 50r17 tire size is 103.75 inches. The circumference of the 295 70r17 tire size is 104.49 inches. The difference between those is around 0.74 inches or 0.7%.

Revolutions Per Mile
Another important aspect of tire size is the number of revolutions per mile (RPM). This is a measure of how far the tire will travel in one mile of travel. The 33×12 50r17 tire size has an RPM of 610, while the 295 70r17 tire size has an RPM of 606. This means that the 33×12 50r17 tire size will travel slightly further in one mile than the 295 70r17 tire size.

As you can see, there are a few key differences between 295 70r17 and 33×12 50r17 tires. When choosing a tire size for your vehicle, it is important to consider all of these factors to ensure that you select the size that is best suited for your needs.

Sidewall Height
The sidewall height is the distance from the wheel rim to the tire’s tread. The sidewall height of the 295 70r17 tire size is 8.13 inches, and the sidewall height of the 33×12 50r17 tire size is 8.01. The difference between those is around 0.12 inches or approximately 1.4%.

The sidewall height affects the tire’s load-carrying capacity, handling, and fuel economy. If you are looking for a tire with a higher load-carrying capacity, you will want to choose a tire with a taller sidewall. If you are looking for a tire with better handling, you will want to select a tire with a shorter sidewall.

Wheel Size
Rim size is the diameter of the wheel that the tire is designed to fit. The 33×12 50r17 tire size has a rim size of 17 inches, while the 295 70r17 tire size also has a rim size of 17 inches. The difference between those two tire sizes is the same.

Construction Type
The “r” in 33×12 50r17 and 295 70r17 stands for “radial” construction. Radial tires are the most common type of tire on the market today. They are characterized by a steel belt that runs around the tire’s circumference.

This type of construction provides several benefits, including improved handling, increased fuel economy, and longer tire life. The construction type is the same for both 33×12 50r17 and 295 70r17.

Our Observation
Both tire sizes have their pros and cons depending on the driver’s preferences and intended use. The 295/70r17 is a great choice for those who prioritize on-road performance and handling, while still providing decent off-road capabilities.

On the other hand, the 33×12.50r17 is perfect for off-road enthusiasts who prioritize traction and ground clearance. However, it’s worth noting that the wider tread and taller sidewall may cause some negative effects on handling and fuel economy on paved roads.

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