Tire Size 295/70r17 vs 265/70r17

The section width is the main difference between 295/70r17 and 265/70r17 tires. The 295/70r17 tires have a width of 11.61 inches, while the 265/70r17 tires are narrower at 10.43 inches. This width difference affects various performance factors.

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Fitment Guide

When replacing tires, the new set should be within 3% of the overall diameter of the originals to prevent clearance issues.

The 265/70r17 tires are 5% smaller in overall diameter than 295/70r17. So 265/70r17 could replace 295/70r17 tires without needed modifications. Going more than 3% smaller may require speedometer recalibration.

Ground Clearance

With a diameter of 33.26 inches, 295/70r17 tires provide 1.65 inches more ground clearance than 265/70r17 tires, which have a 31.61-inch diameter.

The extra clearance is useful for off-roading by preventing scrapes over obstacles. However, the larger diameter also causes a lower speedometer reading compared to the 265/70r17.

Gas Mileage

The narrower 265/70r17 tires have less rolling resistance, which confer slightly better fuel efficiency than 295/70r17. This makes them a good choice for daily driving and long trips where mpg is important.

Ride Comfort

While the 265/70r17 shorter sidewall transmits more road impacts into the cabin, the 295/70r17 extra sidewall cushioning provides a smoother ride over uneven surfaces. The difference is minor, though. Both sizes deliver a comfortable ride.


Visually, the 295/70r17 appears more aggressive due to its larger diameter and slightly taller sidewall. This suits trucks and SUVs well.

The 265/70r17 looks more low profile, which some prefer on sports cars or sedans. Overall, the difference is subtle.

Handling & Stability

The 265/70r17 shorter sidewall enhances responsiveness and handling precision, especially around corners.

The 295/70r17 extra sidewall flex reduces handling sharpness slightly. However, both provide responsive, stable handling on pavement.

295 70r17 in inches

Noise & Vibration

With a shorter sidewall, the 265/70r17 transmits more road noise and vibration into the cabin compared to the 295/70r17.

The taller sidewall of the 295/70r17 dampens noise and vibration better. However, both tires are relatively quiet and smooth.

Durability & Wear

The narrower 265/70r17 may exhibit slightly more even treadwear and longer life compared to the wider 295/70r17.

However, both sizes are durable, and the difference is unlikely to be significant over their usable tread life.

295 70r17 in inches

Adverse Conditions

Performance in rain, snow, and off-road is comparable between the two. The 295/70r17 extra ground clearance gives it a slight advantage off-road, while the 265/70r17 handles better on snowy roads. Overall, both perform well in adverse conditions.

Speedometer Reading

Due to its larger diameter, the speedometer reads higher with 295/70r17 tires compared to 265/70r17 at the same true speed.

For example, at an actual speed of 20 mph, the speedometer would read around 19.01 mph with 265/70r17 tires equipped.

How Big Is A 295 70 17 Tire?

The 295/70R17 tire has a diameter of approximately 33.3 inches (846 mm) and a section width of about 11.6 inches (295 mm). That means the 295/70R17 is around 33.3 inches tall.

295/70r17 vs 265/70r17

265/70r17 vs 295/70r17

This comparison table will provide you with a quick and easy way to comprehend the differences.

Our Observation
Based on the comparisons, both 265/70r17 and 295/70r17 tires have merits depending on the application. For vehicles frequently driven off-road, the 295/70r17 is the better choice due to its larger diameter and width, providing increased ground clearance, traction, and durability over rugged terrain.

The 265/70r17 offers slightly better handling and efficiency for on-road driving with its narrower width. Overall, we recommend the more versatile 295/70r17 for most drivers seeking a tire that balances capable off-road performance with composed on-road manners. The extra ground clearance and cushioning are advantages for trucks and SUVs.

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