Tire Size 295/55r20 vs 275/60r20

The main difference between 295/55r20 and 275/60r20 tires lies in their width, with the 295/55r20 being 0.79 inches wider. This impacts various performance factors.

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Fitment Guide

The 275/60r20 is around 3% smaller in overall diameter than the 295/55r20, so it should not require any modifications to fit as a replacement.

Going more than 3% smaller can cause clearance issues or speedometer inaccuracies. The 275/60r20 may fit better on vehicles with tight wheel arches.

Ground Clearance

With a 0.22-inch larger diameter, the 295/55r20 provides slightly more ground clearance than the 275/60r20.

This can help with off-road driving and clearing obstacles. However, the lower clearance of the 275/60r20 poses a slightly higher risk of scraping on uneven roads.

Gas Mileage

The narrower 275/60r20 tire has a more minor contact patch and less rotational mass, which improves fuel efficiency compared to the wider 295/55r20.

This makes the 275/60r20 a better choice for daily driving and long trips where gas mileage is a priority.

Ride Comfort

While the 295/55r20 offers a plusher ride with more sidewall cushioning, the difference is minor.

Both tires deliver a comfortable ride quality. The lower profile 275/60r20 transmits slightly more bumps but is still smooth on most road surfaces.


The 295/55r20 visually appears more aggressive due to the stretched sidewall and wide tread.

The 275/60r20 has a more subtle look that may suit some vehicles better aesthetically. Overall, the difference is fairly minor.

275 60r20 in inches

Handling & Stability

The 275/60r20 provides a slightly sharper handling response due to the shorter sidewall and smaller contact patch.

But both tires deliver stable, precise handling for everyday driving. The 295/55r20 offers a bit more traction off-road.

Noise & Vibration

With more sidewall flex, the 295/55r20 dampens noise and vibrations slightly better. However, both tires insulate the cabin well and are unlikely to transmit much harshness. Expect a quiet, comfortable ride from either.

Durability & Wear

The narrower 275/60r20 may potentially exhibit lower, more even tire wear over time. The added weight of the wider 295/55r20 puts more stress on vehicle components. Overall wear life is comparable between the two.

275 60r20 In Inches

Adverse Conditions

Performance in rain, snow, and off-road conditions is similar. The 295/55r20 provides more traction off-road, while the 275/60r20 is slightly more nimble on snow and ice. Both handle adverse conditions adequately.

Speedometer Reading

Due to its slightly larger diameter, the 295/55r20 causes the speedometer to read 0.7% lower than the actual speed.

At 20 mph actual speed, the 295/55r20 speedometer reads 20.13 mph. The 275/60r20 matches the actual speed more closely.

What Does 295 55r20 Tire Mean?

The 295 55r20 tire size means that the tire’s width is 295 mm, the height is 55% of the width, and the 20″ refers to the diameter of the wheel.

The “R” in size means that it is a radial tire. Radial tires are the most common type of tire on passenger cars and SUVs.

295/55r20 vs 275/60r20

295/55r20 vs 275/60r20

This comparison table that will allow you to quickly grasp the differences.

Our Observation
The 295/55r20 and 275/60r20 tires each have advantages depending on your needs. The 295/55r20 is better for off-roading due to more ground clearance, traction, and a cushier ride.

For fuel efficiency, handling, and a subtler look, the 275/60r20 is a smarter choice. Overall, the 275/60r20 is the best all-around option for most drivers due to its comfort, performance, and efficiency blend.

However, if you frequently go off-road or want a very plush ride, the 295/55r20 is recommended. For most purposes, though, we suggest the more well-rounded 275/60r20 tire.

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