Tire Size 285/70r17 vs 33×12.50r17

285/70r17 vs 33x12.50r17

The main difference between the tire sizes 285/70r17 and 33×12.50r17 is the width, with the 33×12.50r17 being wider by 1.3 inches (33mm). This results in some critical differences in performance and capability.

285 70r17 vs 33x12.50r17

Fitment Guide

When switching between these sizes, staying within 3% of the original diameter is important to avoid any fitment issues.

The 33×12.50R17 is only 1% larger in diameter, so it should fit most vehicles designed for a 285/70R17 without any clearance or rubbing problems. A leveling kit may help accommodate the extra height.

Ground Clearance

The taller 33×12.50R17 tire provides 0.32 inches (8mm) more ground clearance than the 285/70R17.

This added clearance benefits off-roading by helping prevent scrapes over rocks or obstacles. However, the larger diameter causes a 1% lower speedometer reading.

Gas Mileage

The wider 33×12.50R17 has a larger contact patch, slightly increasing rolling resistance potentially reducing gas mileage compared to the narrower 285/70R17. The extra weight of the larger tire may also negatively impact fuel efficiency.

Ride Comfort

The 33×12.50R17’s additional sidewall height absorbs bumps and impacts better than the 285/70R17, contributing to a smoother ride over uneven terrain. The flexible sidewalls provide more cushioning from road irregularities.


Visually, the 33×12.50R17 appears more aggressive due to the larger, square profile and prominent tread.

The taller sidewall suits trucks and SUVs well. The 285/70R17 has a rounder and lower profile look that some may prefer aesthetically.

Handling & Stability

The 285/70R17 offers slightly better responsiveness and handling due to the shorter, stiffer sidewall.

But the 33×12.50R17’s additional sidewall flex provides stability, particularly off-road, where the extra traction and clearance are advantageous.

Noise & Vibration

The 33×12.50R17’s thicker sidewall absorbs noise and vibration better than the 285/70R17. But the wider tread and heavier weight likely contribute more overall road noise. Differences are minor for most drivers.

Durability & Wear

The taller, thicker 33×12.50R17 sidewall withstands punctures and damage better.

However, the additional weight compared to the 285/70R17 may cause more wear on suspension components. Even treadwear is comparable between sizes.

Adverse Conditions

Both tires perform well overall in rain, snow, and off-road conditions. The 33×12.50R17 provides a bit more traction and clearance, while the 285/70R17 is slightly more maneuverable. Performance differences are modest.

Speedometer Reading

At the same true speed, the speedometer reads 0.19 mph higher with the 33×12.50R17 compared to the 285/70R17 due to the larger diameter. This is a minor discrepancy but should be considered.

Will 33×12.50r17 Fit 285/70r17?

Yes, the 33×12.50r17 tire is compatible with the 285/70r17, as the diameter difference is only 1%, falling within the recommended range.

Ensure load capacity matches or exceeds the original tire for optimal performance and safety.

How Much Taller Is A 33×12.50r17 Tire Than A 285/70r17?

The 33×12.50r17 tire is 0.32 inches (8.04 mm) taller than the 285/70r17 tire, representing a 1% increase in diameter.

With an overall height of 33.03 inches (838.84mm), the 33×12.50r17 tire surpasses the 285/70r17 tire, which stands at 32.71 inches (830.8mm) tall.

How Much Wider Is A 33×12.50r17 Tire Than A 285/70r17?

The 285/70r17 tire has a width of 11.22 inches (285mm), while the 33×12.50r17 tire has a width of 12.52 inches (318mm).

By comparing the widths, we can determine that the wider 33-inch tire has an extra width of 1.3 inches (33mm) more than the 285mm tire. This means the 33-inch tire is about 11.6% wider than the more narrow 285-sized tire.

What Does 285/70r17 Tire Mean?

The designation “285/70r17” on a tire provides key information about its size and construction. The number 285 indicates the tire’s width in millimeters, while 70 represents the aspect ratio, signifying the tire’s height as 70% of its width.

The “r” signifies radial construction, the prevalent tire type, and the final number, 17, corresponds to the wheel diameter in inches. Expressing it in inches, 285/70r17 is equal to 32.8×11.2R17.

What Is A 33×12.50r17 In Metric?

The tire size 33 12.50 17 is equivalent to a metric tire size of 315/65R17. The tire has a diameter of 33 inches (838.2 mm), a section width of 12.5 inches (318 mm), and fits a 17-inch wheel.

What Size Rim For 285/70r17?

The tire size “285/70r17” is designed to fit a 17-inch rim. The recommended rim size for a 285/70r17 tire is typically 7.5 to 9.5 inches. This means the width of the rim should be between 7.5 and 9.5 inches.

Our Observation
Based on comparing the specifications and characteristics of these two tire sizes, we observe that the 33×12.50R17 is the better choice for off-roading, truck, and SUV applications where the extra traction, ground clearance, and cushioning are advantageous.

The wider, taller profile and tread provide stability and absorb impacts well for a smoother ride over rugged terrain. Visually, the 33×12.50R17 also suits the aesthetics of trucks and SUVs nicely.

On the other hand, the 285/70R17 is likely the better fit for vehicles that are mostly driven on paved roads. The narrower size is optimized for on-road handling, maneuverability, and fuel efficiency.

So it’s best to consider your intended driving conditions and preferences for aesthetics, ride comfort, and performance when deciding between these capable but distinct tire sizes.

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