Tire Size 285/70r17 vs 275/70r17

285/70r17 vs 275/70r17

The main difference between 285/70r17 and 275/70r17 tires is the section width. The 285/70r17 tires have a width of 11.22 inches, while 275/70r17 tires have a width of 10.83 inches, making the 285 wider by 0.39 inches or 3.5%. This wider tread impacts various performance characteristics.

285/70r17 vs 275/70r17

Fitment Guide

Replacement tires should be within 3% of the original size’s overall diameter to ensure proper clearance and prevent rubbing or other issues.

The 285/70r17 diameter is 1.7% larger than the 275/70r17, within the recommended 3% limit for direct replacement without modifications. Both can directly replace one another.

Gas Mileage

The narrower 275/70r17 tire has a smaller contact patch and lower rolling resistance, making it slightly more fuel-efficient than the wider 285/70r17.

This can translate into minor but measurable fuel savings for the 275/70r17 over time.

Ground Clearance

With a 1.7% larger diameter, the 285/70r17 tire provides 0.28 inches (7mm) more ground clearance than the 275/70r17.

This added clearance is useful for light off-roading and clearing obstacles or uneven terrain. However, it also causes a 1.7% lower speedometer reading.

Ride Comfort

The 285/70r17 additional 0.28 inches of sidewall cushioning could substantially improve ride quality over harsh surfaces compared to the 275/70r17. However, both deliver a comfortable ride.

Speedometer Difference

At 20 mph actual speed, the speedometer reads 19.66 mph with 275/70r17 tires and 20 mph with 285/70r17s due to the slight diameter difference. This must be considered to avoid unintended speeding.


Visually, the difference between 285/70r17 and 275/70r17 tires is minor. The 285/70r17 will have a slightly taller sidewall, giving a subtly more aggressive look compared to the 275/70r17 lower sidewall profile. This taller profile suits many trucks and SUVs from a stylistic standpoint.

Handling & Stability

With a shorter, stiffer sidewall, the 275/70r17 provides slightly sharper handling response and control.

But both offer responsive, stable handling for their intended purposes. Off-road, the 285/70r17 has a traction advantage from the additional 0.28 inches of ground clearance.

Noise & Vibration

The 275/70r17 transmits slightly more road noise and vibration due to its shorter sidewall.

The taller 285/70r17 sidewall absorbs more noise and vibration for a more isolated ride. However, both are relatively quiet and smooth-riding.

Durability & Wear

Even tire wear should be similar between the two sizes. The 285/70r17 larger contact patch and heavier weight could add marginal stress to suspension components, so durability impact is mixed. Overall wear life is comparable.

Adverse Conditions

Both perform well overall in rain, snow and light off-road use. The extra clearance of the 285/70r17 is useful for clearing deep snow or traversing rough terrain.

But the 275/70r17 can sometimes cut through snow better. Both handle adverse conditions appropriately, given their on/off-road balanced purpose.

Can I Use 275/70r17 Instead of 285/70r17?

Yes, you can use 275/70r17 tires instead of 285/70r17 tires. The diameter difference between these two tire sizes is only 1.7%, which is less than the recommended maximum of 3% for the diameter difference between tires on the same axle.

This means the 275 tires are slightly smaller in diameter but still compatible to use in place of the 285 tires.

What Does 285/70r17 Mean?

The tire size 285/70R17 signifies a tire width of 285 millimeters, an aspect ratio (height to width) of 70%, and a rim diameter of 17 inches.

The tire size 285/70R17 is equivalent to 32.8×11.2R17 in inches. This alphanumeric code communicates key dimensions, helping users select appropriate tires for their vehicles.

What Does 275/70r17 Mean?

The tire size 275/70R17 indicates a tire with a width of 275 millimeters, an aspect ratio (sidewall height) of 70%, and it fits a 17-inch diameter wheel.

The tire size 275/70R17 is equal to 32.2×10.8R17 in inches. It’s a standardized format providing essential information about the tire’s dimensions and compatibility.

How Tall Are 275/70r17 Tires?

The 275/70r17 tires have a height of 32.16 inches or 816.8 mm. This means that when the tire is inflated correctly, it will have an overall diameter of 32.16 inches, measured from the top of the tread to the bottom of the wheel.

How Tall Are 285/70r17 Tires?

The 285/70r17 tires have a diameter measurement of 32.71 inches, which converts to 830.8 mm.

This tire size, when properly inflated, will result in an outer diameter from the tread surface to the wheel of 32.71 inches across. So, the total height of a 285/70r17 tire from the ground to the top is 32.71 inches.

Our Observation
While the 285/70r17 and 275/70r17 are very close in overall capability, the slight differences favor the 285/70r17 for rugged aesthetics, off-road clearance, and ride quality – with only minor tradeoffs in handling, efficiency, and wear.

Ultimately, we recommend the 285/70r17 as the best-balanced fit for most drivers seeking an adaptable on/off-road tire.

It combines capable highway manners with added capability when the pavement ends. The more versatile 285/70r17 is ideal unless fuel efficiency is paramount.

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