Tire Size 285/65r20 in inches

Understanding tire sizes can often seem like deciphering a complex code, but each number and letter carries crucial significance. The tire size 285/65r20 is no exception, providing comprehensive data about the tire’s specifications. This tire size translates to 34.6×11.2R20 when measured in inches.

285/65r20 in inches

Discover the dimensions of the 285/65r20 tire size in inches and make an informed choice for your vehicle’s needs.

Feature Metric Inches
Tire Height 878 mm 34.6″
Tread Width 285 mm 11.2″
Rim Diameter 508 mm 20″
Sidewall Height 185 mm 7.3″
Circumference 2756.9 mm 108.6″
Revolutions 363 per km 583 per mile

285/65r20 Dimension
In the tire size ‘285/65r20’, ‘285’ represents the tread width, ’65’ indicates the aspect ratio, ‘R’ signifies the tire construction type, and ’20’ is the wheel diameter. Let’s delve deeper into these dimensions.

Replacement Tire Size
When selecting replacement tires, it is important to ensure that they fall within a 3% range of the overall diameter of the 285/65r20 tire.

Tire Size Overall Diameter Difference
295/60R20 33.9″ (862 mm) -1.8%
355/50R20 34″ (864 mm) -1.6%
275/65R20 34.1″ (866 mm) -1.4%
305/60R20 34.4″ (874 mm) -0.5%
335/55R20 34.5″ (876 mm) -0.2%
315/60R20 34.9″ (886 mm) 0.9%
295/65R20 35.1″ (892 mm) 1.6%
325/60R20 35.4″ (898 mm) 2.3%

Tread Width
Starting with the tread width, the 285mm metric measurement translates to approximately 11.2 inches. This width is the distance from one side of the tire’s tread to the other, affecting both the vehicle’s stability and the amount of tire in contact with the road.

A wider tread generally offers better grip and stability, making the 285/65r20 tire an excellent choice for vehicles requiring enhanced traction.

Aspect Ratio
Next is the aspect ratio, denoted by the ’65’ in our tire size. This number indicates the height of the tire’s sidewall as a percentage of the tread width. In this case, 65% of 285mm gives us a sidewall height of approximately 185mm or around 7.3 inches.

Sidewall height is a critical factor in determining the ride quality, with taller sidewalls usually leading to a more comfortable ride.

Tire Construction
The ‘R’ in the tire size indicates that this tire is a Radial, the most common type of tire construction. Radial tires have layers of fabric with cord plies arranged at 90 degrees to the direction of travel, offering more flexibility and ground contact, which helps to increase traction and reduce tread wear.

Rim Size
The ’20’ at the end of our tire size refers to the wheel diameter, which is the wheel size from one end to the other. For the 285/65r20 tire, the wheel diameter is 20 inches (or 508mm), meaning this tire is designed to fit on a 20-inch wheel.

Overall Diameter
Delving into the overall diameter, also known as tire height, this tire size measures 878mm or 34.6 inches. This is the total height of the tire from the ground to the top of the tread.

Understanding the overall diameter is essential as it can impact speedometer accuracy, gear ratios, and whether the tire will fit in the wheel well without rubbing.

The tire’s circumference is another critical dimension, measuring 2756.9mm or 108.6 inches. This is the distance around the outer edge of the tire.

Knowing the tire circumference can help in several ways, including calculating the tire’s revolutions per mile, an important factor in your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and speedometer accuracy.

Indeed, the 285/65r20 tire will make approximately 363 revolutions per kilometer or 583 revolutions per mile. The lower the number of revolutions per mile, the taller the tire. Taller tires can sometimes increase fuel efficiency because they cover more ground per revolution.

How Wide Is A 285/65r20 Tire?

A 285/65R20 tire has a width of approximately 285 millimeters. The first number in the tire size represents the tire’s width in millimeters, so in this case, it is 285 mm.

How Tall Is A 285/65r20 Tire?

The overall diameter, or the height of a 285/65R20 tire, is approximately 878mm, equivalent to 34.6 inches. This measurement is taken from the ground to the top of the tire’s tread.

The 285/65r20 tire size balances performance and comfort thanks to its wide tread width and relatively high sidewall. The wide tread width of 11.2 inches provides excellent stability and road grip, making this tire a reliable choice for larger vehicles or those requiring enhanced traction.

With a sidewall height of 7.3 inches, these tires also deliver a comfortable ride quality by absorbing more road imperfections. The overall diameter of 34.6 inches and the 20-inch wheel diameter suggest this tire is well-suited for larger vehicles, such as SUVs and trucks.

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