Tire Size 285/60r20 vs 275/55r20

285 60r20 vs 275 55r20

The tire size 275/55R20 is the equivalent of 31.9×10.8R20, while the tire size 285/60R20 is the equivalent of 33.5×11.2R20. Comparing these tire sizes, we hope to help you understand the differences between them and make an informed decision when choosing the right tire size for your vehicle.

285/60r20 vs 275/55r20 Table

This table shows the differences between the two tire sizes in terms of diameter, width, circumference, sidewall height, and revolutions per mile.

Sidewall Height5.95″6.73″0.78″

Alternative Tire Size For 285/60r20
Here is the alternative tire size table comparing various tire sizes in terms of overall diameter.

Tire SizeOverall DiameterDifference
265/60R2032.5″ (826 mm)-2.8%
295/55R2032.8″ (832 mm)-2.1%
325/50R2032.8″ (834 mm)-1.9%
275/60R2033″ (838 mm)-1.4%
305/55R2033.2″ (844 mm)-0.7%
375/45R2033.3″ (846 mm)-0.5%
295/60R2033.9″ (862 mm)1.4%
355/50R2034″ (864 mm)1.6%
275/65R2034.1″ (866 mm)1.9%
305/60R2034.4″ (874 mm)2.8%

Alternative Tire Size For 275/55r20
This table shows the overall diameter of various tire sizes and the percentage difference compared to the 285/60R20 tire size.

Tire SizeOverall DiameterDifference
255/55R2031″ (788 mm)-2.7%
285/50R2031.3″ (794 mm)-2%
245/60R2031.6″ (802 mm)-1%
295/50R2031.7″ (804 mm)-0.7%
255/60R2032″ (814 mm)0.5%
305/50R2032″ (814 mm)0.5%
285/55R2032.4″ (822 mm)1.5%
315/50R2032.4″ (824 mm)1.7%
265/60R2032.5″ (826 mm)2%
295/55R2032.8″ (832 mm)2.7%
325/50R2032.8″ (834 mm)3%

Tire Diameter
The tire’s diameter affects many things, including the vehicle’s height, gear ratio, and speedometer reading. A smaller diameter tire will result in a higher gear ratio and a lower speedometer reading. In comparison, a larger diameter tire will have the opposite effect.

The 285 60r20 has a diameter of 33.46 inches, while the 275 55r20 has a diameter of 31.91 inches. This may not seem like a big difference, but it can have a significant effect on the way your vehicle performs.

Section Width
The section width of a tire is the width from one sidewall to the other. A wider tire will have a larger contact patch, which can improve traction and handling. However, a wider tire can also make the vehicle more difficult to control.

The 285 60r20 has a section width of 11.22 inches, while the 275 55r20 has a section width of 10.83 inches. The difference between those tire sizes is about 0.39 inches or 3.6%.

Another important factor to consider is the circumference of the tire. A larger circumference will result in a higher speedometer reading, while a smaller circumference will have the opposite effect. The 285 60r20 has a circumference of 105.13 inches, while the 275 55r20 has a circumference of 100.25 inches. This difference is about 4.89 inches or 4.9%.

Revolutions Per Mile
A higher RPM means that the tire will travel further in one mile, while a lower RPM means that the tire will travel less in one mile. The 285 60r20 has an RPM of 602, while the 275 55r20 has an RPM of 632. This difference is about 30 RPM or about 4.6%.

Sidewall Height
The sidewall height is the height of the tire from the rim to the tread. A taller sidewall can provide a smoother ride, but it can also make the vehicle less stable. The 285 60r20 has a sidewall height of 6.73 inches, while the 275 55r20 has a sidewall height of 5.95 inches. This difference is about 0.78 inches or 13.1%.

Wheel Size
The wheel size is the diameter of the wheel that the tire is mounted on. The 285 60r20 can be mounted on a 20-inch wheel, while the 275 55r20 can be mounted on a 20-inch wheel. Both tire sizes can fit in the 20-inch wheel.

Construction Type
Radial tires are the most common type of tire, and they are used on most passenger cars. Bias-ply tires are less common and are mostly used on trucks and off-road vehicles. The 285 60r20 is a radial tire, while the 275 55r20 is also a radial tire too.

Our Observation
The main difference between the 285/60r20 and 275/55r20 tire sizes is their overall diameter and sidewall height. The 285/60r20 tire is larger and has a taller sidewall than the 275/55r20 tire. This means that the 285/60r20 tire will provide a slightly higher ride height and a more comfortable ride with better protection against road hazards.

The 275/55r20 tire, on the other hand, has a slightly wider tread and a higher rotational speed, which can provide better handling, traction, and acceleration. Ultimately, the choice between these two tire sizes will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

If you prioritize a comfortable ride and better protection against road hazards, the 285/60r20 tire might be the better choice for you. On the other hand, if you prioritize handling, traction, and acceleration, the 275/55r20 tire might be the better choice.

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