Tire Size 285/45r22 vs 33×12.50r22

285/45r22 vs 33×12.50r22

The main difference between 285/45R22 and 33×12.50R22 tires is their section width. The 33×12.50R22 tires are 1.3 inches (23.34 mm) larger in width than 285/45R22 tires. This width difference affects various performance factors.

285/45r22 vs 33x12.50r22

Fitment Guide

The 33×12.50R22 is 2.9% larger in overall diameter than the 285/45R22. Replacement tires should be within 3% of the original tire’s diameter to avoid clearance issues or speedometer inaccuracies.

Larger tires, like the 33×12.50R22, may require modifications like a leveling kit or lift kit to fit vehicles designed for smaller tires properly.

Ground Clearance

With a diameter of 33.02 inches, the 33×12.50R22 tire size provides 0.92 inches more ground clearance than the 285/45R22 size at 32.1 inches.

This added clearance is helpful for off-road driving, helping prevent scrapes over rocks or obstacles. However, the larger diameter also causes a lower speedometer reading than the smaller 285/45R22.

Gas Mileage

The 285/45R22’s more minor contact patch and lower rotational mass provide better fuel efficiency than the larger, heavier 33×12.50R22.

The wider footprint and extra weight of the 33×12.50R22 increase rolling resistance, reducing mileage.

Ride Comfort

While the 285/45R22 offers a smooth highway ride, the 33×12.50R22’s additional sidewall height absorbs impacts better, providing a more comfortable ride over very uneven terrain. Its larger air volume also dampens noise and vibration.


Visually, the 33×12.50R22 has a taller, more stretched look owing to its larger sidewall, suiting trucks and SUVs. The 285/45R22 looks slightly more low-profile, enhancing the aerodynamics of sports cars.

Handling & Stability

The shorter sidewall of the 285/45R22 provides sharper handling and quicker response on pavement. The taller 33×12.50R22 sidewall flexes more, reducing handling precision but increasing stability off-road.

Noise & Vibration

With its shorter, stiffer sidewall, the 285/45R22 transmits more road noise and vibration into the cabin. The 33×12.50R22’s additional sidewall flex better dampens noise and vibration.

Durability & Wear

The smaller 285/45R22 exhibits more even treadwear and potentially longer life. The larger 33×12.50R22 endures more impacts, but its weight strains components, potentially accelerating wear.

Adverse Conditions

In snow, the narrower 285/45R22 cuts through to the pavement better. But in mud, the wider 33×12.50R22 provides superior traction. The 33×12.50R22’s extra ground clearance also helps in light off-roading.

Speedometer Reading

At an actual speed of 20 mph, the 285/45R22 equipped vehicle’s speedometer reads 20 mph.

But with 33×12.50R22 tires, the speedometer reads 20.57 mph due to the larger diameter. This 0.57 mph difference is typical between these sizes.

285/45r22 Equivalent

The equivalent tire size for 285/45R22 in inches is 32.1 inches in diameter and 11.2 inches in width, with the notation 32.1×11.2R22.

What Does 33×12.50r22 Tire Mean?

The “33” in the 33×12 50r22 tire size is the overall diameter of the tire size. The “12.50” is the width of the tire in inches. The “22” is the size of the wheel or rim that this tire size will fit on.

The letter “R” after the size indicates that it is a radial tire. Radial tires are the most common type of tire on the market today.

285/45r22 vs 33x12 50r22

What Size is 285/45r22?

The size 285/45R22 indicates a tire with a width of 285 millimeters, a sidewall height that is 45% of its width (approximately 128.25 mm), and designed for 22-inch diameter wheels.

This dimension is typical for SUVs and trucks, offering a balance between performance and comfort.

Our Observation
Based on the comparison, the 285/45R22 is better suited for on-road driving. Its narrower tread provides sharper handling, a quieter ride, and better fuel economy.

Meanwhile, the wider 33×12.50R22 excels for off-road activities. Its added ground clearance, cushioning, and traction make it ideal for rough terrain.

For most drivers who spend minimal time off-road, we recommend the 285/45R22. But for off-road enthusiasts, the 33×12.50R22 is a better choice despite requiring modifications to prevent fitment issues.

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