Tire Size 285/45r22 in inches

The tire size 285/45R22 is equivalent to 32.1×11.2R22 in inches, has a diameter of 32.1 inches (815.3 mm), a section width of 11.2 inches (285 mm), a wheel diameter of 22 inches (559 mm), and is approved to be mounted on 9.0-10.5 inches (228.6-266.7 mm) wide wheels.

285/45r22 in inches

Discover the measurements of the tire size 285/45R22 in inches through a comprehensive table chart. Easily understand the dimensions of this tire for your vehicle’s needs.

Tire Diameter32.1815.3
Section Width11.2285
Rim Height22559
Sidewall Height5128.3
Revolutions391 per km629 per mile
Rim Width Range9.0-10.5228.6 – 266.7

How Tall Is A 285/45R22 Tire?

The tire height of the 285/45R22 tire size is 32.1 inches or 815.3 millimeters. This is also referred to as the overall diameter of the tire. It is calculated by doubling the sidewall height and adding the diameter of the wheel. This overall diameter can affect the ride quality and handling of the vehicle.

What Is the 285/45R22 Width In Inches?

The tread width of the 285/45R22 tire size is 11.2 inches or 285 millimeters. This is referred to as the tire’s section width, which is the distance from sidewall to sidewall. The section width can impact how a vehicle rides and handles, particularly at high speeds and on curvy roads.

What Is the 285/45R22 Sidewall Height?

The 285/45R22 tire’s sidewall height is 5 inches or 128.3 millimeters. This is the distance from the rim to the outer tread, excluding any additional tread for winter or off-road tires. The sidewall height can significantly impact ride quality, with taller sidewalls generally providing a more comfortable ride.

What Is the 285/45R22 Tire Circumference?

The circumference of the 285/45R22 tire size is 100.8 inches or 2561.3 millimeters. This is the total distance around the outside of the tire. The circumference can affect the vehicle’s speedometer and odometer readings and how often the tire needs to be rotated.

What Is the 285/45R22 Revolutions Per Mile?

For the 285/45R22 tire size, there are approximately 629 revolutions per mile or 391 revolutions per kilometer. This measure is important for determining vehicle speed, fuel consumption, and distance traveled, as reported by the vehicle’s odometer.

What Is the 285/45R22 Rims Size?

The 285/45R22 tire size, the rim diameter is 22 inches or 559 millimeters. The rim width ranges from 9.0-10.5 inches, equivalent to 228.6 – 266.7 millimeters. The rim size is crucial for determining the tire you can fit on your vehicle.

Fitment Guide
This table will guide you on which vehicle makes, and models are compatible with the 285/45R22 tire size. It’s essential to consult your vehicle’s manual or a tire professional to ensure proper fitment.

Brand NameModel
CADILLACEscalade (2002 – 2020)
CHEVROLETCheyenne (2014 – 2018), Silverado (2014 – 2018), Silverado 1500 (2014 – 2018), Silverado 1500 LD (2018 – 2019), Suburban (2007 – 2023), Suburban 1500 (2007 – 2014), Tahoe (2007 – 2023)
DODGERam 1500 (2002 – 2010)
FORDExpedition (2015 – 2023)
GMCSierra 1500 (2014 – 2018), Sierra 1500 Limited (2019 – 2019), Sierra 2500HD (2011 – 2019), Yukon (2007 – 2020), Yukon XL (2015 – 2020), Yukon XL 1500 (2007 – 2014)
JEEPGrand Wagoneer (2021 – 2023), Grand Wagoneer L (2023 – 2023), Wagoneer (2021 – 2023), Wagoneer L (2023 – 2023)
LAND ROVERRange Rover (2021 – 2023), Range Rover Sport (2022 – 2023)
LEXUSLX (2007 – 2023)
LINCOLNNavigator (2010 – 2023)
MERCEDES-BENZGLS-Class (2019 – 2023), GLS-Class AMG (2020 – 2023)
MERCEDES-MAYBACHGLS-Class (2020 – 2023)
RAM1500 (2011 – 2023), 1500 Classic (2019 – 2023)
TOYOTASequoia (2008 – 2022)

Replacement Tire Size
Replacement tires have to be within 3% of the diameter of the original tires to maintain the same tire clearance, speedometer accuracy, and overall performance.

Tire SizeOverall DiameterDifference

The 285/45R22 is a popular choice for SUVs, light trucks, and performance vehicles due to its balanced combination of size and performance. It’s wide section width and large diameter provide excellent stability at high speeds and good curve-handling.

Its approved range for wheel width makes it versatile for different rim sizes, which is beneficial for drivers looking to customize their vehicles. However, its larger size may result in a rougher ride on uneven roads, and fuel efficiency may be slightly reduced compared to smaller tire sizes.

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