Tire Size 275/70r18 vs 265/70r18

275/70r18 vs 265/70r18

The main difference between the tire sizes 275/70R18 and 265/70R18 lies in the section width. The 275/70R18 has a width of 10.83 inches, while the 265/70R18 is narrower at 10.43 inches. This 0.39-inch difference affects various performance factors.

275/70r18 vs 265/70r18

Fitment Guide

The 275/70r18 tire has an overall diameter of 1.7% larger than the 265/70r18. Replacement tires should be within 3% of the original size to avoid clearance issues or the need for modifications.

Going from a 265 to 275 width likely won’t require changes, but stepping up to a much larger overall diameter might.

Ground Clearance

With a diameter of 33.16 inches, the 275/70R18 provides 0.55 inches more ground clearance than the 265/70R18 at 32.61 inches.

This added clearance is helpful for off-road driving, helping prevent scrapes over rocks or obstacles. However, the larger diameter also causes a lower speedometer reading.

Gas Mileage

The 265/70R18’s smaller contact patch and lower rotational mass provide better fuel efficiency than the 275/70R18.

The larger tire has more rolling resistance and weight, reducing gas mileage. This makes the 265 width preferable for daily commuting.

Ride Comfort

The taller 70 aspect ratio sidewall of the 275/70R18 absorbs bumps and impacts better than the shorter 65 aspect of the 265/70R18.

The extra cushioning provides a smoother ride over uneven pavement. However, the difference is modest, and both offer good ride comfort.


Visually, the difference between these two sizes is minor. The 275/70R18 has a slightly taller sidewall, giving it a subtly “stretched” look compared to the 265/70R18. This aesthetic can suit some trucks and SUVs better than a low-profile appearance.

Handling & Stability

The 265/70R18’s shorter sidewall enables quicker steering response and handling precision on paved roads.

The taller 275/70R18 sidewall flexes more, reducing handling sharpness slightly. However, both provide responsive, stable handling for everyday driving.

Noise & Vibration

With its shorter, stiffer sidewall, the 265/70R18 transmits more road noise and vibration into the cabin.

The 275/70R18’s additional sidewall flex better dampens noise and vibration for a more comfortable ride.

Durability & Wear

The 265/70R18 may exhibit more tread wear and a bit longer life compared to the 275/70R18. The larger tire’s added weight could also introduce more wear on suspension components.

Adverse Conditions

Performance in rain, snow, and off-road is comparable between the two. The 275/70R18’s extra ground clearance is a small advantage off-road.

At the same time, the 265/70R18’s shorter sidewall makes it a bit sharper in winter conditions. Both handle adverse conditions well overall.

Speedometer Reading

Due to its larger diameter, the speedometer reads lower with the 275/70R18 compared to the 265/70R18. At an actual speed of 20 mph, the speedometer shows 19.67 mph with the 275/70R18 but 20 mph with the 265/70R18.

Alternative For 275/70r18
If you need to find different tire sizes as a substitute for 275/70R18, there are several alternatives to choose from. Utilizing a table chart can help you compare them.

Tire SizeOverall DiameterDifference
305/60R1832.4″ (823 mm)-2.4%
285/65R1832.6″ (827 mm)-1.9%
265/70R1832.6″ (829 mm)-1.7%
375/50R1832.8″ (833 mm)-1.2%
295/65R1833.1″ (841 mm)-0.2%
325/60R1833.3″ (847 mm)0.5%
305/65R1833.6″ (853 mm)1.2%
285/70R1833.7″ (857 mm)1.7%

Alternative For 265/70r18
There are multiple choices of tire sizes that can replace 265/70r18, and you may utilize a chart to compare and select from the available options.

Tire SizeOverall DiameterDifference
235/75R1831.9″ (809 mm)-2.4%
255/70R1832.1″ (815 mm)-1.7%
275/65R1832.1″ (815 mm)-1.7%
305/60R1832.4″ (823 mm)-0.7%
285/65R1832.6″ (827 mm)-0.2%
375/50R1832.8″ (833 mm)0.5%
295/65R1833.1″ (841 mm)1.4%
275/70R1833.2″ (843 mm)1.7%
325/60R1833.3″ (847 mm)2.2%
305/65R1833.6″ (853 mm)2.9%

What Does 265 70r18 Tire Mean?

The first number in a tire size refers to the tire’s width in millimeters. The second number is the sidewall’s height, or aspect ratio, as a percentage of the width. The last letter and number refer to the wheel diameter that the tire can be fitted onto.

In this case, 265 70r18 refers to tires that are 275mm wide with a sidewall height of 70% of the width. The difference lies in the wheel diameter they can each be fitted onto.

Our Observation
The 275/70R18 is best suited for off-roading and large SUVs/trucks due to its added ground clearance, smoother ride, and aggressive aesthetics.

However, the 265/70R18 is likely the better all-around choice for most drivers seeking better gas mileage, responsive handling, and long tread life from their tires.

Ultimately, we recommend the more moderately sized 265/70R18 for most users and vehicles. Its well-rounded capabilities make it ideal for daily driving without significant compromise in ride comfort or capability during the occasional off-road excursion.

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