Tire Size 275/65r18 vs 295/70r18

The main difference between 275/65r18 and 295/70r18 tires is the sidewall height. The 295/70r18 tire is 1.09 inch taller than the 275/65r18 tire size. This impacts ride quality, handling, appearance, ground clearance, and more.

295/70r18 vs 275/65r18

This table of comparison will assist you in quickly comprehending the disparities.

Fitment Guide

Replacement tires should remain within 3% of the original tire’s overall diameter to prevent clearance issues. The 295/70r18 is 6.8% larger in overall diameter than the 275/65r18, exceeding the 3% limit.

To fit 295/70r18 tires without rubbing or scraping, a vehicle may need a minor lift kit or leveling kit installation. Always check carefully for fitment before installing larger tires.

Ground Clearance

With its larger 34.26 inches overall diameter, the 295/70r18 tire provides 1.08 inches more ground clearance than the 275/65r18 32.07-inch diameter.

This added clearance is helpful for off-roading and clearing obstacles or rough terrain without scraping or damaging the undercarriage.

However, the larger diameter 295/70r18 also causes a lower speedometer reading than the 275/65r18.

Gas Mileage

The 275/65r18 more minor contact patch and lighter overall weight provide slightly better fuel efficiency over the larger, heavier 295/70r18 tire.

Minimizing rolling resistance helps optimize gas mileage, an important consideration for daily driving.

Ride Comfort

The extra 1.09 inches of sidewall cushioning gives the 295/70r18 tire a modestly smoother ride quality over harsh bumps and uneven pavement.

Its flexible sidewall absorbs more road impacts versus the shorter 275/65r18 sidewall. This difference is subtle but could improve comfort on very rough roads.


Visually, the difference between 275/65r18 and 295/70r18 tires is minor. The 295/70r18 has a slightly taller sidewall, giving it a subtly “stretched” look compared to the 275/65r18.

For trucks and SUVs, some prefer this taller profile aesthetic over a low-profile appearance.

Handling & Stability

The 275/65r18 tire’s shorter, stiffer sidewall provides crisper steering response and handling precision on the pavement.

In contrast, the flexible 295/70r18 sidewall allows more body roll, reducing handling sharpness slightly. However, both tires deliver responsive, stable handling for everyday driving.

Noise & Vibration

With its shorter sidewall, the 275/65r18 transmits more road noise and vibrations into the cabin. The taller 295/70r18 sidewall dampens noise and vibration better. However, both tires deliver a smooth, quiet ride overall.

Durability & Wear

The 275/65r18 smaller contact patch and lighter weight could allow it to exhibit more even treadwear and last slightly longer before needing replacement.

The heavier 295/70r18 applies more stress to suspension and steering components, which may have minor effects on wear over time.

275 65r18 vs 295 70r18

Adverse Conditions

Both tires perform well on wet roads, light snow, and off-road terrain. The 295/70r18 extra ground clearance gives it a slight edge for clearing obstacles, while the 275/65r18 feels a bit more responsive.

But overall, their capabilities are very similar in rain, snow, and off-road conditions.

Speedometer Difference

Due to its larger overall diameter, the 295/70r18 tire causes the speedometer to read higher than the actual speed.

At a speed of 20 mph, the 295/70r18 tire’s speedometer reads 21.36 mph, while the 275/65r18 reads 20 mph. Drivers should be aware of this 1.36 mph speedometer difference.

What Does 275/65r18 Tire Mean?

The 275 65r18 tire size is a bit smaller than the 295 70r18. The “275” refers to the width of the tire in millimeters. The “65” refers to the sidewall height or aspect ratio.

The “r” stands for radial construction, and the “18” refers to the diameter of the wheel in inches. This tire size is often used on SUVs and trucks. It provides a good balance of traction and comfort.

How Much Taller Is A 295 Tire Than A 275?

The 295/70r18 tire is approximately 2.19 inches (55.5 mm) taller than the 275/65r18 tire. This difference in tire diameter also results in a 6.4% variance in the speedometer reading.

Our Observation
Regarding comparing 275/65r18 and 295/70r18, it’s important to consider your individual needs and requirements, as each has unique benefits.

The 295/70R18 is ideal for off-roading, where it’s extra ground clearance and sidewall flex absorb impacts well. It also provides a smooth highway ride.

However, for responsive handling and maximizing fuel efficiency, the 275/65R18 is best with its stiff, shorter sidewall.

Overall, we recommend the 275/65R18 for its sharp handling and tread life for most drivers. But go with the 295/70R18 if you prioritize off-road capabilities and a plush ride.

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