Tire Size 275/65r18 vs 265/65r18

The tire size 265/65R18 can also be expressed as 31.5×10.4R18, while the tire size 275/65R18 is equivalent to 32.1×10.8R18. These alternate expressions of tire size may be helpful when selecting replacement tires or comparing tire specifications across different brands and models.

265/65r18 vs 275/65r18 Table

By referring to this table, you can easily discern the dissimilarities between tire size 265/65R18 and tire size 275/65R18.

Feature 265/65r18 275/65r18 Difference
Diameter (inch) 31.56 32.07 0.51 (1.6%)
Width (inch) 10.43 10.83 0.39 (3.8%)
Circum. (inches) 99.16 100.77 1.61 (1.6%)
Sidewall Height (inch) 6.78 7.04 0.26 (3.8%)
Revolutions per mile 638.98 628.78  10.2 (1.6%) 

Tire Size Alternative 265/65R18
The overall diameter of replacement tires must not deviate more than 3% from that of the original tire.

Tire Size Overall Diameter Difference
235/70R18 31″ (787 mm) -1.7%
275/60R18 31″ (787 mm) -1.7%
255/65R18 31.1″ (789 mm) -1.5%
225/75R18 31.3″ (795 mm) -0.7%
285/60R18 31.5″ (799 mm) -0.2%
245/70R18 31.5″ (801 mm) 0%
235/75R18 31.9″ (809 mm) 1%
275/65R18 32.1″ (815 mm) 1.7%
255/70R18 32.1″ (815 mm) 1.7%
305/60R18 32.4″ (823 mm) 2.7%

Tire Size Alternative 275/65R18
The overall diameter of replacement tires must be within a 3% margin of the original tire’s diameter.

Tire Size Overall Diameter Difference
225/75R18 31.3″ (795 mm) -2.5%
285/60R18 31.5″ (799 mm) -2%
265/65R18 31.5″ (801 mm) -1.7%
245/70R18 31.5″ (801 mm) -1.7%
235/75R18 31.9″ (809 mm) -0.7%
255/70R18 32.1″ (815 mm) 0%
305/60R18 32.4″ (823 mm) 1%
285/65R18 32.6″ (827 mm) 1.5%
265/70R18 32.6″ (829 mm) 1.7%
375/50R18 32.8″ (833 mm) 2.2%

Overall Diameter
One of the most significant differences between 265/65R18 and 275/65R18 is the overall diameter. The 275/65R18 tire has a slightly larger diameter, which means that it will cover more ground with each rotation. However, the difference in diameter is minimal, with the 275/65R18 being only 1.6% larger than the 265/65R18 tire.

Tread Width
The tread width is another important factor to consider. The 275/65R18 tire has a wider tread than the 265/65R18, which may provide better grip and stability on the road. This also means that the 275/65R18 tire may have a slightly higher resistance to hydroplaning in wet conditions. However, the difference in tread width between the two tire sizes is only 10 millimeters.

Rim Diameter
Both tire sizes have the same rim diameter of 18 inches. This means that either tire size can fit on a wheel with an 18-inch diameter.

Sidewall Height
The 265/65R18 tire has a taller sidewall than the 275/65R18 tire. This means that the 265/65R18 tire will have a smoother and more comfortable ride, as it will absorb bumps and road imperfections more effectively. However, the 275/65R18 tire will provide a sportier and more aggressive look to your vehicle.

The circumference of the tire is the distance that the tire covers in one revolution. The 275/65R18 tire has a larger circumference than the 265/65R18 tire, which means that it will travel further with each rotation. The difference in circumference is approximately 3%.

The number of revolutions a tire makes affects its durability and performance. The 265/65R18 tire will make slightly more rotations than the 275/65R18 tire over the same distance. However, the difference in the number of revolutions is negligible.

Our Observation
Ultimately, your driving preferences and vehicle type should dictate which tire size to choose between 265/65R18 and 275/65R18. If you prioritize a comfortable and smooth ride, the 265/65R18 is an excellent option. However, if you seek better handling, improved grip, and a sportier driving experience, the 275/65R18 tire may be a better fit for you.

While there are minor differences in size between these two tire sizes, they may not make a significant impact on your driving experience. We hope that this comparison has provided you with a better understanding of the difference between the 265/65R18 and 275/65R18 tire sizes.

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