Tire Size 275/55r20 vs 285/65r20

The sidewall height is the key difference between 275/55r20 and 285/65r20 tires. The 285/65r20 tire size has a sidewall height 1.34 inches (34 mm) taller than the 275/55r20, making up 22.5% of the total sidewall height.

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Fitment Guide

The overall diameters differ by 2.68 inches or 8.4%. Replacement tires should typically be within 3% of the original size to prevent clearance issues.

The 285/65r20 exceeds this threshold, potentially requiring adaptations like a lift kit to fit correctly. The 275/55r20, being closer in size, is less likely to pose fitment problems.

Gas Mileage

The 275/55r20 has a more minor contact patch and diameter and provides slightly better fuel efficiency over the heavier, larger 285/65r20. The 275/55r20 is the better pick for daily drivers focused on the economy.

Ground Clearance

The taller 285/65R20 offers 1.34 inches more ground clearance than the 275/55R20, an advantage for off-roading.

But it causes a lower speedometer reading. The 275/55R20 reduces clearance, increasing risks of scrapes and damage.

285 65r20 in inches

Ride Comfort

The 285/65R20 extra sidewall cushioning smooths out imperfections, but the 275/55R20 transmits fewer vibrations on the road. For a supple ride on variable terrain, the 285/65R20 performs best.


The 285/65R20 appears slightly “stretched” versus the 275/55R20. Its taller sidewall suits trucks aesthetically. For a low-profile look, the 275/55R20 fits the bill.

Handling & Stability

The 275/55R20’s shorter sidewall enables sharper handling and quicker response on pavement. The flexible 285/65R20 prioritizes stability and traction off-road over responsiveness.

Noise & Vibration

The stiff sidewall of the 275/55R20 increases road noise and vibration transmission. The shock-absorbing 285/65R20 runs quieter and smoother.

285 65r20 in inches

Durability & Wear

The 275/55R20 resists irregular wear well, while the heavier 285/65R20 applies more stress to components. For longevity, the 275/55R20 is the wiser choice.

Adverse Conditions

The 275/55R20 narrower tread may grip better in snow and ice. The wider 285/65R20 provides an edge in deep mud or rough terrain. Both perform well overall.

Speedometer Difference

At 20 mph actual speed, the speedometer reads 21.68 mph with 285/65R20 tires and 20 mph with 275/55R20. The size difference accounts for a 1.68 mph speedometer variance.

Difference Between 275/55r20 And 285/65r20?

The difference between the 275/55R20 and 285/65R20 tires is their section width. This means that the 285/65R20 tire is 10 millimeters wider than the 275/55R20 tire.

Can I Use 275/55r20 Instead of 285/65r20?

No, it is not recommended to substitute 275/55R20 tires in place of 285/65R20 tires on your vehicle. The overall diameter of the 275/55R20 tire is 8.4% smaller than the original 285/65R20 tire.

This exceeds the recommended diameter difference limit of 3% between replacement and OEM tires. Beyond this, the 3% threshold risks clearance issues, speedometer inaccuracies, and other problems.

How Much Taller Is A 275/55r20 Tire Than A 285/65r20?

The 285/65r20 tire is 2.68 inches (68mm) taller than to the 275/55r20 tire size. This equals a 8.4% increase in overall height.

The 275/55r20 tire has an overall height of approximately 31.91 inches (810.5mm), while the 285/65r20 tire has an overall height of around 34.59 inches (878.5mm).

How Much Wider Is A 285/65r20 Tire Than A 275/55r20?

The tire size 285/65r20 is wider than the 275/55R20 tire size by 0.39 inches (10mm). This means that the section width increases by approximately 3.6% when switching from the 275/55r20 to the wider 285/65r20 tire.

To put it simply, the 275/55R20 tire measures 10.83 inches in width, while the 285/65r20 tire has a width of 11.22 inches.

275 55r20 in inches

What Does 285/65r20 Mean?

The tire size “285/65R20” indicates that the tire is 285 millimeters wide, and its sidewall height is 65% of its width. The letter “R” signifies that the tire has radial construction, which is a common type of tire construction.

The number “20” corresponds to the wheel diameter in inches the tire is designed to fit. Equivalently, the tire size 285/65R20 translates to 34.6×11.2R20 in inches.

What Does 275/55r20 Mean?

The tire size “275/55r20” specifies a 275 millimeters wide tire with a sidewall height equivalent to 55% of its width. The “R” indicates radial construction, a prevalent tire construction type known for durability and performance.

The “20” signifies the wheel diameter in inches the tire intends to fit. The tire size 275/55R20 can be expressed as 31.9×10.8R20 in inches.

275/55r20 vs 285/65r20

275/55r20 vs 285/65r20

Our Observation
The 275/55R20 and 285/65R20 tires have minor differences, making each better suited for certain purposes. The 275/55R20 offers a smoother on-road ride, improved handling, lower rolling resistance, and long-term durability.

It excels as an economical daily driver tire. Meanwhile, the 285/65R20 provides extra ground clearance, cushioning, and traction for off-road adventures, although it is heavier and less fuel-efficient.

Most drivers will experience better performance, value, and versatility from the responsive 275/55R20 all-season tire. We recommend it as the best choice for the majority of users.

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