Tire Size 275/50r15 vs 275/60r15

Starting with the 275/60r15, this tire size has been a popular choice for many drivers due to its versatility and performance. However, there is another tire size that is worth comparing, the 275/50r15. We will discuss the main differences and similarities between these two tire sizes to help drivers make an informed decision.

275/50r15 vs 275/60r15 Table

Get a better understanding of how tire sizes 275/50r15 and 275/60r15 differ by referring to this comparison table.

Diameter25.83″27.99″2.17 in (8.4%)
Circumference81.14″87.94″6.8 in (8.4%)
Sidewall Height5.41″6.5″1.08 in (20%)
Revolutions780.9720.4960.41 (7.7%)

Alternative Tire Size For 275/50r15
The overall diameter of replacement tires must not deviate more than 3% from that of the original tires.

Tire SizeOverall DiameterDifference
235/55R1525.2″ (639 mm)-2.7%
215/60R1525.2″ (639 mm)-2.7%
185/70R1525.2″ (641 mm)-2.4%
175/75R1525.3″ (643 mm)-2.1%
165/80R1525.4″ (645 mm)-1.8%
205/65R1525.5″ (647 mm)-1.5%
265/50R1525.5″ (647 mm)-1.5%
225/60R1525.6″ (651 mm)-0.9%
195/70R1525.8″ (655 mm)-0.3%
255/55R1526″ (661 mm)0.6%
215/65R1526″ (661 mm)0.6%
235/60R1526.1″ (663 mm)0.9%
285/50R1526.3″ (667 mm)1.5%
205/70R1526.3″ (669 mm)1.8%
225/65R1526.5″ (673 mm)2.4%
195/75R1526.5″ (673 mm)2.4%
245/60R1526.6″ (675 mm)2.7%

Alternative tire size For 275/60r15
The overall diameter of replacement tires must be within a 3% range of the original tire’s diameter.

Tire SizeOverall DiameterDifference
195/80R1527.3″ (693 mm)-2.5%
225/70R1527.4″ (697 mm)-2%
265/60R1527.5″ (699 mm)-1.7%
245/65R1527.5″ (699 mm)-1.7%
215/75R1527.7″ (703 mm)-1.1%
295/55R1527.8″ (705 mm)-0.8%
325/50R1527.8″ (707 mm)-0.6%
235/70R1528.0″ (711 mm)0%
255/65R1528.1″ (713 mm)0.3%
225/75R1528.3″ (719 mm)1.1%
215/80R1528.5″ (725 mm)2%
245/70R1528.5″ (725 mm)2%

Overall Diameter
One of the main differences between the 275/50r15 and the 275/60r15 is their overall diameter. The 275/60r15 has a larger overall diameter of 27.99 inches, while the 275/50r15 has a smaller overall diameter of 25.83 inches. This difference in overall diameter affects the ride height of the vehicle, which may impact handling, acceleration, and braking.

Tread Width
The tread width is another contrasting factor between these two tire sizes. Specifically, the 275/60r15 exhibits a broader tread width of 10.83 inches, whereas the 275/50r15 has an identical tread width of 10.83 inches.

Rim Diameter
Both the 275/60r15 and the 275/50r15 have the same rim diameter of 15 inches. This means that both tire sizes can fit on the same size wheel.

Sidewall Height
The sidewall height is another significant difference between these two tire sizes. The 275/60r15 has a taller sidewall height of 6.5 inches, while the 275/50r15 has a shorter sidewall height of 5.41 inches. A taller sidewall height can offer a more comfortable ride, while a shorter sidewall height can provide better handling.

Circumference & Revolutions
The circumference and revolutions of these two tire sizes also differ. The 275/60r15 has a circumference of 87.94 inches and completes 720.49 revolutions per mile, while the 275/50r15 has a circumference of 81.14 inches and completes 780.9 revolutions per mile. This difference in circumference and revolutions can impact the speedometer’s accuracy and fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Aspect Ratio
The aspect ratio of a tire refers to the height of the tire’s sidewall expressed as a percentage of its width. In the case of the 275/50r15 and 275/60r15 tire sizes, the first number (275) represents the tire’s width in millimeters, while the last number (15) represents the diameter of the wheel in inches.

The aspect ratio is indicated by the two-digit number in between the width and the wheel diameter. For instance, in the 275/50r15 tire size, the aspect ratio is 50, while in the 275/60r15 tire size, the aspect ratio is 60.

To calculate the actual height of the tire’s sidewall, you need to multiply the tire’s width (in millimeters) by the aspect ratio (as a decimal), then convert the result to inches.

For the 275/50r15 tire size, the sidewall height would be 275mm x 0.50 = 137.5mm, which is approximately 5.41 inches. Meanwhile, for the 275/60r15 tire size, the sidewall height would be 275mm x 0.60 = 165mm, which is approximately 6.50 inches.

Therefore, the 275/60r15 tire has a taller sidewall than the 275/50r15 tire, which can affect the tire’s handling, ride comfort, and overall performance.

Our Observation
Both the 275/60r15 and the 275/50r15 have their advantages and disadvantages. The 275/60r15 offers a taller sidewall height and wider tread width, which can provide better comfort and handling.

On the other hand, the 275/50r15 has a shorter sidewall height, which can provide better handling and a smaller overall diameter, which can improve acceleration and braking. Ultimately, the choice between these two tire sizes depends on the driver’s specific needs and preferences.

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