Tire Size 265/70r16 vs 245/75r16

The main difference between the two tire sizes is the section width. The 265/70r16 has a width of 10.43 inches, while the 245/75r16 is narrower at 9.65 inches. This width difference of 0.79 inches affects several performance factors.

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Fitment Guide

The overall diameters of the 265/70r16 and 245/75r16 are very close at 30.61 vs 30.47 inches respectively.

This keeps the diameter difference within the 3% limit for direct replacement without adjustments. So, the 245/75r16 can directly replace the 265/70r16 if needed.

Ground Clearance

With a diameter of 0.14 inches less, the 245/75r16 provides slightly less ground clearance than the 265/70r16. This slight reduction is unlikely to cause issues on stock vehicles.

But those with lifted suspensions may want to retain the marginally extra clearance of the 265/70r16 when off-roading over obstacles.

Gas Mileage

The narrower 245/75r16 is lighter than the 265/70r16 by about 1.5 lbs per tire. This reduces rotational mass, which improves fuel efficiency slightly. Less tire rubber also means less rolling resistance. These factors give the 245/75r16 a small advantage in gas mileage over the 265/70r16.

Ride Comfort

The 245/75r16 shorter, more flexible 75 aspect ratio sidewall absorbs road imperfections better than the 265/70r16 70 aspect ratio.

This provides a more compliant, comfortable ride over uneven surfaces. The difference is modest but noticeable over very rough terrain.


Visually, the two sizes are similar. The 245/75r16 taller sidewall looks subtly more “stretched,” which some find aesthetically pleasing. This taller sidewall better suits a truck or SUV aesthetic compared to an overly low-profile tire.

Handling & Stability

The 245/75r16 shorter sidewall gives it a handling advantage over the 265/70r16. Quicker steering response and cornering precision is felt on the pavement.

But both offer responsive, stable handling for normal driving. Off-road, the 265/70r16 added sidewall flex enhances stability slightly.

Noise & Vibration

Due to its shorter, stiffer sidewall, the 245/75r16 transmits more road noise and vibration into the cabin.

This gives it a slightly firmer ride. The 265/70r16 extra sidewall cushioning helps dampen noise and vibrations better. But differences are minor for most drivers.

Durability & Wear

The narrower 245/75r16 exhibits slightly more even tire wear than the wider 265/70r16. The reduced width decreases shoulder wear issues on the 245/75r16.

Tread life is also marginally longer for the 245/75r16 owing to the reduced rolling resistance.

Adverse Conditions

Both sizes perform well overall in rain, snow, and light off-roading. The 245/75r16 shorter sidewall makes it more responsive on slippery surfaces.

But the 265/70r16 extra ground clearance gives it a slight traction advantage in deep snow or over obstacles.

Speedometer Reading

Due to its 0.5% smaller diameter, the 245/75r16 causes the speedometer to read 0.66 mph higher than the actual speed.

At a true 20 mph speed, the speedometer read 20.66 mph with 245/75r16 tires fitted compared to 20 mph with the 265/70r16 size.

265/70r16 vs 245/75r16

265/70r16 vs 245/75r16

Compare the differences between the tire sizes 275/65R18 and 265/70R18 using this table.

Our Observation
The 265/70R16 offers slightly better ground clearance and off-road traction. At the same time, the 245/75R16 provides marginally better fuel efficiency, ride comfort, and on-road handling.

For most everyday driving and commuting, we recommend the 245/75R16 for its well-balanced attributes. The narrower width improves comfort and fuel economy compared to the wider 265/70R16.

However, the 265/70R16 is a better choice for off-road or rough terrain use, thanks to its extra tread width and ground clearance. Weigh your priorities and application, but the 245/75R16 is best for most drivers.

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