Tire Size 265/65r18 vs 265/60r18

265/65r18 vs 265/60r18

The main difference between “265/65r18” and “265/60r18” tires is their overall diameter. The 265/65R18 tires are 1.04 inches (26.5 mm) larger in diameter than the 265/60R18 tires.

265/65r18 vs 265/60r18

Fitment Guide

The overall diameter of the 265/65r18 tire is 3.3% larger than the 265/60r18. Replacement tires should generally be within 3% of the original size to prevent clearance or speedometer issues.

The 265/60r18 would be a direct replacement, while the 265/65r18 may require small adaptations.

Gas Mileage

The 265/60r18 tire, with its more minor contact patch and diameter, will likely provide slightly better fuel efficiency over the taller 265/65r18. This can translate to minor but measurable fuel savings over time.

Ground Clearance

With a diameter 1.04 inches larger, the 265/65r18 tire offers increased ground clearance compared to the 265/60r18.

This added clearance aids off-road driving and helps avoid scrapes over obstacles. However, it also causes a lower speedometer reading of 0.66 mph at 20 mph.

Ride Comfort

The 7.7% taller sidewall of the 265/65r18 tire absorbs more road impacts, potentially providing a smoother ride over cracked or uneven pavement. Its extra sidewall cushioning enhances ride quality.

Handling & Stability

Conversely, the shorter sidewall and smaller diameter of the 265/60r18 tire enable slightly sharper steering response and handling agility over the taller 265/65r18. But both offer responsive, stable handling.

Noise & Vibration

The 265/65r18’s flexible sidewall may dampen vibrations better, but its aggressively treaded all-terrain design could generate more noise than the milder 265/60r18 highway tire tread. Overall noise and vibration differences are minor between these tire sizes.

Durability & Wear

With less mass to rotate and endure impacts, the 265/60r18 tire may potentially exhibit improved treadwear over the heavier-duty 265/65r18 tire. Even wear across the tread depends on alignment, rotation, and driving style.


Subjectively, the 7.7% taller sidewall of the 265/65r18 suits trucks and SUVs better visually than the lower-profile 265/60r18 tire. Larger-diameter wheels with taller tire sidewalls provide a certain rugged aesthetic.

Adverse Conditions

In rain, snow, mud, and off-road conditions, the additional ground clearance of the 265/65r18 aids traction and helps avoid hazards. Its tread may also clear more debris. But both perform well overall in adverse conditions.

Will 265/65r18 Fit 265/60r18?

Using tires with a 3.3% diameter difference (1.04 inches) is generally not advised. However, if you want to interchange, we suggest you use leveling or lift kits to accommodate their size and prevent issues like rubbing.

Fitting 265/65r18 (31.56 inches) with 265/60r18 (30.52 inches) may affect the speedometer accuracy and handling.

We recommend sticking to the replacement tire rules, which state that the overall diameter of the new tire should be within 3% of the original tire’s diameter.

What Does 265/65r18 Mean?

The tire size 265/65R18 is the same as 31.5×10.4R18 in inches. The tire size “265/65R18” provides important information about its specifications. The first number, 265, indicates the tire’s width in millimeters.

The aspect ratio is represented by 65, which means that the tire’s height is 65% of its width. The letter “R” stands for radial construction, which is the most common type of tire. Finally, the number 18 indicates that the tire is designed to fit a wheel with an 18-inch diameter.

What Does 265/60r18 Mean?

In inches, 265/60R18 and 30.5×10.4R18 represent the exact tire size. The tire size “265/60R18” provides specific details about the tire’s characteristics. The first number, 265, indicates the tire’s width in millimeters.

Following that, the aspect ratio is denoted by 60, signifying that the tire’s height is 60% of its width. The letter “R” indicates radial construction, which is a standard tire type. Finally, the number 18 specifies that the tire is designed to fit a wheel with an 18-inch diameter.

How Tall Is A 265/65r18?

The 265/65r18 tire has an overall height of 31.56 inches or 801.7 millimeters. This diameter measurement from one side of the tire to the other determines the total height of the tire from the ground to the top once it is mounted.

How Tall Is A 265/60r18?

The 265/60R18 tire has an overall height of 30.52 inches or 775.2 millimeters. This measurement from one sidewall to the other determines the total height of the tire when mounted on an 18-inch wheel rim.

Slight variations in actual diameter are possible depending on the specific tire make and model.

Our Observation
Based on the minor differences between these two popular tire sizes, neither emerges as clearly superior overall. The 265/60R18 offers marginally better fuel efficiency and handling agility, making it a smart choice for smooth highway use.

However, the 265/65R18 provides slightly increased capability for off-road driving thanks to added ground clearance, with only a small sacrifice in ride quality and speedometer accuracy.

For most drivers without specialized needs, we recommend the more well-rounded 265/60R18 tire for daily commuting and all-purpose use.

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