Tire Size 265/55r18 in inches

The tire size 265/55R18 is equivalent to 29.5×10.4R18 in inches, has a diameter of 29.5 inches, a section width of 10.4 inches, a wheel diameter of 18 inches, and is approved to be mounted on 7.5-9.5 inches wide wheels. This specific size serves as an optimal choice for a broad array of vehicles due to its balanced blend of performance and durability.

265/55r18 in inches

This Table chart offers a simultaneous view of detailed measurements in both inches and millimeters.

Feature Inches Metric
Tire Diameter 29.5 748.7
Section Width 10.4 265
Rim Height 18 457
Sidewall Height 5.7 145.8
Circumference 92.6 2352.1
Revolutions 425 per km 684 per mile
Rim Width Range 7.5-9.5 190.5 – 241.3

How Tall Is A 265/55R18 Tire?

The tire height of the 265/55R18 tire size is 29.5 inches (748.7 millimeters). This measurement, often referred to as the tire’s overall diameter, indicates the tire’s vertical height when fully inflated and not under load. This height can significantly influence your vehicle’s ground clearance, speedometer accuracy, and overall driving performance.

What Is the 265/55R18 Width In Inches?

The 265/55R18 tire’s tread width is 10.4 inches (265 millimeters). The width, also known as the tire’s section width, denotes the measurement of the tire from one sidewall to the other. A wider tire can provide a larger contact patch, increasing traction and stability, particularly in wet conditions.

What Is the 265/55R18 Sidewall Height?

The 265/55R18 tire’s sidewall height is 5.7 inches (145.8 millimeters). The sidewall height is computed as a percentage of the tire’s width, commonly known as the aspect ratio. A taller sidewall can contribute to a smoother, more comfortable ride by providing additional cushioning between the wheel and the road.

What Is the 265/55R18 Tire Circumference?

The circumference of the 265/55R18 tire size is 92.6 inches (2352.1 millimeters). The circumference denotes the distance a tire travels in one complete revolution. This parameter plays a key role in calculating the tire’s revolutions per mile and can impact factors such as fuel efficiency and speedometer readings.

What Is the 265/55R18 Revolutions Per Mile?

For the 265/55R18 tire size, there are approximately 684 revolutions per mile. This measurement aids in determining how many times the tire will revolve in a single mile, which can influence your speedometer and odometer readings.

What Is the 265/55R18 Rims Size?

The 265/55R18 tire size the rim diameter is 18 inches (457 millimeters). Matching the tire size to the rim size is crucial to ensure optimal performance and safety. This tire size is approved to be mounted on rims with widths between 7.5-9.5 inches (190.5 – 241.3 millimeters).

Fitment Guide
This table will guide you on which vehicle makes, and models are compatible with the 265/55R18 tire size. Cross-verifying this information with your vehicle’s manual or with a tire professional is advisable to ensure accurate and safe fitment.

Brand Name Model
ACURA MDX (2014 – 2016), SLX (1995 – 1999)
DODGE Durango (1997 – 2003)
FIAT Fullback (2016 – 2019)
FORD Endeavour (2003 – 2015), Everest (2003 – 2015)
GMC Envoy (2002 – 2009)
HOLDEN Jackaroo (1992 – 2004)
HONDA Pilot (2008 – 2015)
ISUZU Alterra (2004 – 2009), KB (2002 – 2018), MU (2000 – 2002), MU-7 (2004 – 2013), mu-X (2018 – 2021), Rodeo (1998 – 2004), Trooper (1992 – 2003), VehiCROSS (1999 – 2001)
MERCEDES-BENZ M-Class (1997 – 2005), M-Class AMG (2000 – 2005)
MERCURY Mountaineer (2002 – 2005)
SSANGYONG Musso (1993 – 2006)

Replacement Tire Size
Replacement tires have to be within 3% of the total diameter of the original tires to ensure compatibility and to maintain the accuracy of your vehicle’s speedometer. Consult with a tire professional for an accurate replacement size.

Tire Size Overall Diameter Difference
245/55R18 28.6″ -2.90%
225/60R18 28.6″ -2.90%
305/45R18 28.8″ -2.40%
275/50R18 28.9″ -2.10%
175/80R18 29.0″ -1.60%
255/55R18 29.0″ -1.60%
155/90R18 29.0″ -1.60%
235/60R18 29.1″ -1.30%
285/50R18 29.3″ -0.80%
225/65R18 29.5″ 0.00%
325/45R18 29.5″ 0.00%
245/60R18 29.6″ 0.30%
165/90R18 29.7″ 0.80%
275/55R18 29.9″ 1.30%
255/60R18 30.0″ 1.90%
235/65R18 30.0″ 1.90%
285/55R18 30.4″ 2.90%

Our Observation
The 265/55R18 tire size is a versatile choice for drivers seeking a balance of performance, comfort, and durability. Its dimensions offer a good balance between grip and fuel efficiency, while its approved rim width range allows for a variety of mounting options.

In conclusion, the 265/55R18 tire size provides a versatile choice for many vehicles, delivering a balance of performance and comfort. Its measurements in inches and millimeters offer a detailed perspective, allowing for informed decisions when considering replacements or upgrades.

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