Tire Size 255/85r16 vs 285/75r16

The main difference between the two tire sizes is the width. The 285/75R16 tire is 1.2 inches (30 mm) wider than the 255/85R16 tire. This will result in a slightly wider stance and improved handling.

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Fitment Guide

The 255/85r16 has an overall diameter of 0.7% smaller than the 285/75r16. Replacement tires should be within 3% of the original size’s diameter to avoid issues with speedometer accuracy or rubbing against wheel wells.

The 255/85r16 can likely replace a wider range of original sizes. The 285/75r16 may require lifting or leveling kits on some vehicles for proper fitment without rubbing.

Ground Clearance

With a 0.7% larger diameter, the 285/75r16 offers increased ground clearance compared to the 255/85r16. This can help prevent scrapes and damage from obstacles, improving off-road capability.

But it also causes a slightly lower speedometer reading at a given speed. The 255/85r16 has less clearance, increasing the risks of scrapes but giving a higher speedometer readout.

Gas Mileage

The 285/75r16’s larger size adds more weight and rolling resistance, likely decreasing gas mileage compared to the lighter 255/85r16.

Less rubber on the road and lower rotational mass help the 255/85r16 provide better fuel efficiency.

Ride Comfort

The 255/85r16 offers a smoother ride on paved roads with its shorter sidewalls. But the 285/75r16’s taller sidewalls and larger air chamber absorb bumps better, providing superior comfort on uneven terrain. Overall, ride quality is a tradeoff between on and off-road scenarios.


The 285/75r16 has a taller, more aggressive look, which suits trucks and larger SUVs. The 255/85r16 maintains a lower, car-like profile that blends in across more vehicle types. It may also aid aerodynamic efficiency better.

Handling & Stability

The shorter sidewall and smaller contact patch of the 255/85r16 improve handling precision and sensitivity on the pavement.

But the 285/75r16’s larger footprint and sidewall flex lend it more stability and traction off-road. Handling reflects the intended use of each size.

Noise & Vibration

Expect more road noise and vibration transmission from the stiffer 255/85r16. But the larger 285/75r16 generates more noise, especially with aggressive treads.

The 285/75r16 better dampens vibrations through the sidewall. Overall noise levels are comparable.

Durability & Wear

The lighter 255/85r16 should exhibit more even tread wear over time. The heavier 285/75r16 endures more impact, but its weight could also wear driveline components faster.

Even wear favors the 255/85r16, while impact endurance leans towards the 285/75r16.

Adverse Conditions

In snow and ice, the narrower 255/85r16 may cut through to pavement better, improving grip. The wider 285/75r16 provides more traction in deep mud or rough terrain. Performance in adverse conditions depends on the specific environment.

Speedometer Reading

The 255/85r16 will read 0.7% higher on the speedometer at a given speed than the 285/75r16. At 20 mph true speed, the speedometer reads 20.7 mph for the 255/85r16 and 19.86 mph for the 285/75r16, a difference of 0.84 mph.

255/85r16 vs 285/75r16

Alternative For 285/75r16
There are several alternative tire sizes that you can consider as a replacement for 285/75r16, and you can utilize a chart table to compare them.

Tire SizeOverall DiameterDifference
225/90R1632″ (812 mm)-2.6%
375/55R1632.2″ (818 mm)-1.9%
265/80R1632.7″ (830 mm)-0.5%
305/70R1632.8″ (834 mm)0%
255/85R1633.1″ (840 mm)0.7%
315/70R1633.4″ (848 mm)1.7%
295/75R1633.4″ (848 mm)1.7%

Alternative For 255/85r16
If you’re seeking other tire dimensions to substitute for 255/85r16, multiple choices exist, and you could refer to a comparison chart in order to evaluate them.

Tire SizeOverall DiameterDifference
375/55R1632.2″ (818 mm)-2.6%
265/80R1632.7″ (830 mm)-1.2%
285/75R1632.8″ (834 mm)-0.7%
305/70R1632.8″ (834 mm)-0.7%
295/75R1633.4″ (848 mm)1%
315/70R1633.4″ (848 mm)1%
305/75R1634″ (864 mm)2.9%

What Does 255/85r16 Mean?

The 255 85r16 is a tire size that is often used on SUVs and trucks. This size offers a good balance of traction and comfort.

The 255 refers to the width of the tire in millimeters, while the 85 denotes the height of the sidewall as a percentage of the width. The “r” in this case stands for radial, which is the most common type of tire.

Finally, the 16 refers to the diameter of the wheel in inches. If you are looking for a tire that can handle off-road conditions but still provide a comfortable ride, the 255 85r16 may be a good option for you. However, keep in mind that this size can be more expensive than other options.

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