Tire Size 255/80r17 in inches

Tire size 255/80R17 is equivalent to 33.1x10R17, has a diameter of 33.1 inches (839.8 mm), a section width of 10 inches (255 mm), a wheel diameter of 17 inches (432 mm), and is approved to be mounted on 6.5-8.5 inches (165.1 – 215.9 mm) wide wheels.

This tire size is commonly used for vehicles requiring larger, more durable tires, like SUVs, light trucks, and heavy-duty vans.

255/80r17 in inches

Tire Diameter33.1839.8
Section Width10255
Rim Height17432
Sidewall Height8204
Revolutions379 per km610 per mile
Rim Width Range6.5-8.5165.1 – 215.9

How Tall Is A 255/80R17 Tire?

The tire height of the 255/80R17 tire size is approximately 33.1 inches or 839.8 millimeters. This refers to the tire’s diameter, which is measured by doubling the sidewall height and adding the diameter of the wheel. In this case, the calculation would be (2 x 8 inches) + 17 inches = 33.1 inches.

What Is the 255/80R17 Width In Inches?

The tread width of the 255/80R17 tire size is about 10 inches or 255 millimeters. This is the width of the tire from one sidewall to the other, and it does not include the extra width of the tire’s shoulder or sidewall design.

What Is the 255/80R17 Sidewall Height?

The 255/80R17 tire’s sidewall height is approximately 8 inches or 204 millimeters. This is derived from the tire aspect ratio, which is the second number in the tire size.

The aspect ratio is the height of the tire’s cross-section as a percentage of its width, so 80% of 10 inches is 8 inches.

What Is the 255/80R17 Tire Circumference?

The circumference of the 255/80R17 tire size is around 103.9 inches or 2638.3 millimeters. The circumference is an important specification as it affects the tire’s revolutions per mile, which can affect speedometer accuracy.

What Is the 255/80R17 Revolutions Per Mile?

For the 255/80R17 tire size, there are approximately 610 revolutions per mile or 379 revolutions per kilometer. This means that the tire will rotate around its axis about 610 times for every mile driven.

What Is the 255/80R17 Rims Size?

The 255/80R17 tire size, the rim diameter is 17 inches or 432 millimeters. This tire size is compatible with rim widths ranging from 6.5 to 8.5 inches or 165.1 to 215.9 millimeters.

Fitment Guide
This table will guide you on which vehicle can use this tire size. You’ll need to refer to your vehicle’s owner manual or consult a tire professional to ensure this tire size is compatible with your vehicle’s make and model.

Brand NameModel
FORDBronco (2021 – 2023)
JEEPGladiator (2019 – 2023), JT (2019 – 2023), Wrangler (2007 – 2023)
LINCOLNNavigator (1998 – 2002)

Replacement Tire Size
Replacement tires have to be within 3% of the diameter of the original tire to maintain the functionality of systems like the ABS and speedometer.

Tire SizeOverall DiameterDifference

Our Observation
The 255/80R17 tire size is a versatile option for many light trucks, SUVs, and vans, providing ample height and width to tackle tough terrains. The robust construction adds to the vehicle’s stability and enhances off-road performance.

This tire size is popular for its blend of size, performance, and compatibility with a variety of rim sizes. However, always ensure it fits your vehicle’s specifications before purchasing.

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