Tire Size 255/70r18 vs 265/70r18

For those who are not familiar with tire sizes, the numbers on the sidewall of a tire can be confusing. However, understanding the differences between tire sizes can greatly impact the performance of your vehicle. We will compare two popular tire sizes, 255/70r18 and 265/70r18, to help readers make an informed decision.

255/70r18 vs 265/70r18 Table

This table offers a side-by-side comparison of tire sizes 255/70r18 and 265/70r18 to assist you in understanding the differences between them.

Diameter32.06 in32.61 in0.55 (1.7%)
Width10.04 in10.43 in0.39 (3.9%)
Circum.100.7 in102.44 in1.73 (1.7%)
Sidewall Height7.03 in7.3 in0.28 (3.9%)
Revolutions629.17 618.5310.64 (1.7%)

Alternative Tire Size of 265/70r18
It is recommended to select an alternative tire size that has an overall diameter within 3% of the original tire’s diameter. This will help maintain the accuracy of your vehicle’s speedometer and odometer readings, and prevent any negative impact on its overall performance.

Tire SizeOverall DiameterDifference
235/75R1831.9″ (809 mm)-2.4%
255/70R1832.1″ (815 mm)-1.7%
275/65R1832.1″ (815 mm)-1.7%
305/60R1832.4″ (823 mm)-0.7%
285/65R1832.6″ (827 mm)-0.2%
375/50R1832.8″ (833 mm)0.5%
295/65R1833.1″ (841 mm)1.4%
275/70R1833.2″ (843 mm)1.7%
325/60R1833.3″ (847 mm)2.2%
305/65R1833.6″ (853 mm)2.9%

Alternative Tire Size of 255/70r18
The overall diameter of replacement tires must fall within 3% of the overall diameter of the original tires.

Tire SizeOverall DiameterDifference
225/75R1831.3″ (795 mm)-2.5%
285/60R1831.5″ (799 mm)-2%
265/65R1831.5″ (801 mm)-1.7%
245/70R1831.5″ (801 mm)-1.7%
235/75R1831.9″ (809 mm)-0.7%
275/65R1832.1″ (815 mm)0%
305/60R1832.4″ (823 mm)1%
285/65R1832.6″ (827 mm)1.5%
265/70R1832.6″ (829 mm)1.7%
375/50R1832.8″ (833 mm)2.2%

Overall Diameter
One of the most significant differences between the two tire sizes is the overall diameter. The 255/70r18 has a diameter of 32.06 inches, while the 265/70r18 has a diameter of 32.61 inches. This means the 265/70r18 is slightly taller and has a larger circumference, resulting in a somewhat smoother ride and better handling.

Tread Width
Another difference is the tread width, with the 265/70r18 having a wider tread than the 255/70r18. The 265/70r18 provides more surface area for better traction and improved handling, particularly in wet and snowy conditions.

Rim Diameter
Both tire sizes have a rim diameter of 18 inches, meaning they are compatible with the same wheel size. However, the 265/70r18 tire may require a wider rim to accommodate its wider tread.

Sidewall Height
The sidewall height of a tire is the distance from the rim to the tread, affecting the vehicle’s handling and ride quality. The 255/70r18 has a taller sidewall, which can provide a softer ride but may result in less responsive handling. On the other hand, the 265/70r18 has a shorter sidewall, which can provide better handling but may also result in a slightly harsher ride.

The circumference of a tire is the distance around its outer edge, while the number of revolutions refers to the number of times the tire rotates in one mile. The larger circumference of the 265/70r18 means that it covers more ground with each revolution, resulting in fewer revolutions per mile than the 255/70r18.

Our Observation
Ultimately, the decision between these two tire sizes comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of your vehicle. The 255/70r18 may be a better option if you prioritize a smooth ride. At the same time, the 265/70r18 is better suited for those who prioritize handling and traction.

As with any tire purchase, it is vital to consider the driving you will be doing, the conditions you will be driving in, and your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

Understanding the differences between tire sizes is crucial for making an informed decision when choosing a new set of tires. You can choose a tire size that meets your needs and preferences by considering overall diameter, tread width, rim diameter, sidewall height, circumference, and revolutions.

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