Tire Size 255/70r16 vs 265/75r16

One common question that often arises is whether to choose the 255/70R16 or the 265/75R16 tire size. Both are popular tire sizes, and they have some similarities and differences. We will compare the two tire sizes based on information from tirecalculator.com, to help you make an informed decision on which tire size would be best for you.

255/70r16 vs 265/75r16 Table

Use this comparison table to gain a better understanding of the disparities between tire size 255/70R16 and 265/75R16.

Diameter30.06 in31.65 in1.59 (5.3%)
Width10.04 in10.43 in0.39 (3.9%)
Circum.94.42 in99.43 in5.01 (5.3%)
Sidewall Height7.03 in7.82 (in0.8 (11.3%)
Revolutions671.04 637.23 33.81 (5%) 

Alternative Tire Size of 255/70r16
This table displays the tire size, overall diameter, and difference in percentage between the diameter of the tire and the reference tire size of 275/65R16

Tire SizeOverall DiameterDifference
225/75R1629.3″ (744 mm)-2.6%
285/60R1629.4″ (748 mm)-2.1%
265/65R1629.5″ (750 mm)-1.8%
245/70R1629.5″ (750 mm)-1.8%
215/80R1629.5″ (750 mm)-1.8%
247/70R1629.6″ (752 mm)-1.6%
315/55R1629.6″ (752 mm)-1.6%
235/75R1629.8″ (758 mm)-0.8%
275/65R1630.1″ (764 mm)0%
215/85R1630.4″ (772 mm)1%
245/75R1630.5″ (774 mm)1.3%
285/65R1630.6″ (776 mm)1.6%
265/70R1630.6″ (778 mm)1.8%
235/80R1630.8″ (782 mm)2.4%
345/55R1630.9″ (786 mm)2.9%

Alternative Tire Size 265/75R16
The overall diameter of replacement tires should be within 3% of the diameter of the original tires.

Tire SizeOverall DiameterDifference
235/80R1630.8″ (782 mm)-2.7%
345/55R1630.9″ (786 mm)-2.2%
225/85R1631″ (788 mm)-2%
295/65R1631.1″ (790 mm)-1.7%
275/70R1631.2″ (792 mm)-1.5%
235/85R1631.7″ (806 mm)0.2%
375/55R1632.2″ (818 mm)1.7%

Why Compare?
Choosing the right tire size for your vehicle is crucial for a variety of reasons, including safety, performance, and fuel economy. Tires are vital to your vehicle’s overall performance, and having the right size can make all the difference. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the differences between tire sizes and what each has to offer.

Overall Diameter
Regarding overall diameter, the 265/75R16 tire size is slightly larger than the 255/70R16. The overall diameter of the 255/70R16 is 30.1 inches, while the 265/75R16 has a diameter of 31.6 inches. This means the 265/75R16 tire is about 1.5 inches taller than the 255/70R16 tire.

Tread Width
The tread width of a tire is the distance from one sidewall to the other across the tread. In this case, the 265/75R16 tire size has a wider tread width than the 255/70R16. The tread width of the 255/70R16 is 8.0 inches, while the 265/75R16 has a tread width of 8.4 inches. This may not seem significant, but it can impact the tire’s performance.

Rim Diameter
The rim diameter measures the wheel rim size that the tire fits onto. Both tire sizes have a rim diameter of 16 inches, which means they will fit onto the same size wheel.

Sidewall Height
The sidewall height is the distance from the wheel rim to the outer edge of the tire’s tread. The 255/70R16 has a sidewall height of 7.0 inches, while the 265/75R16 has a sidewall height of 7.9 inches. This means that the 265/75R16 has a taller sidewall, which can provide better off-road performance and a smoother ride.

The circumference of a tire is the distance around the tire. The 265/75R16 tire size has a circumference of 99.4 inches, while the 255/70R16 has a circumference of 94.9 inches. This means the 265/75R16 tire will cover more distance in one revolution than the 255/70R16 tire.

Revolutions refer to the number of times a tire rotates in a given distance. The 255/70R16 tire size has 706 revolutions per mile, while the 265/75R16 has 666 revolutions per mile. This means that the 265/75R16 tire will have fewer revolutions per mile than the 255/70R16, which can lead to better fuel efficiency.

Our Observation
After analyzing the information from tirecalculator.com, it’s clear that both tire sizes have their advantages and disadvantages. The 255/70R16 is an excellent choice for those prioritizing fuel efficiency, as it has more revolutions per mile and a smaller circumference.

On the other hand, the 265/75R16 is ideal for those who are looking for better off-road performance and a smoother ride, as it has a taller overall diameter and a wider tread width. Ultimately, the choice between the two tire sizes will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

If you drive primarily on highways and want better fuel efficiency, the 255/70R16 may be the way to go. But if you frequently drive on rough terrain and prioritize a smooth ride, the 265/75R16 is the better option. Whether you choose the 255/70R16, the 265/75R16, or an alternative size, understanding the differences between the sizes can help you make an informed decision that best suits your needs.

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