Tire Size 255/60r15 in inches

The tire size 255/60R15 is equivalent to 27x10R15 inches, has a diameter of 27 inches (687 mm), a section width of 10 inches (255 mm), a wheel diameter of 15 inches (381 mm), and is approved to be mounted on 7.0-9.0 inches (177.8-228.6 mm) wide wheels. This tire size has a unique set of specifications that make it suitable for a range of vehicles, delivering optimal performance on a variety of road conditions.

255/60r15 in inches

Feature Inches Metric (mm)
Tire Diameter 27 687
Section Width 10 255
Rim Height 15 381
Sidewall Height 6 153
Circumference 85 2158.3
Revolutions 464 per km 747 per mile
Rim Width Range 7.0-9.0 177.8 – 228.6

How Tall Is A 255/60R15 Tire?

The Tire Height of the 255/60R15 tire size is 27 inches (approximately 687 millimeters). This measurement, also known as the overall diameter, represents the full height of the tire when properly inflated.

It is calculated by adding twice the section height to the rim diameter. This height impacts factors like road grip and stability, playing a significant role in the driving experience.

What Is the 255/60R15 Width In Inches?

The tread width of the 255/60R15 tire size is 10 inches (or 255 millimeters). This figure, known as section width, represents the tire’s width from one sidewall to the other at its widest point. This specification is critical to understand as it affects handling characteristics, road contact area, and vehicle load capacity.

What Is the 255/60R15 Sidewall Height?

The sidewall height of the 255/60R15 tire size is approximately 6 inches (153 mm). This dimension, also known as the aspect ratio, is calculated as a percentage of the tire’s section width. The sidewall height is 60% of the 255 mm section width in this case. The sidewall height affects ride comfort, with taller sidewalls generally providing a smoother ride.

What Is the 255/60R15 Tire Circumference?

The circumference of the 255/60R15 tire size is about 85 inches (2158.3 mm). This measurement, significant for various vehicle calculations like speedometer calibration and gear ratio determination, is calculated by multiplying the overall diameter by the value of pi (approximately 3.1416).

What Is the 255/60R15 Revolutions Per Mile?

For the 255/60R15 tire size, there are approximately 747 revolutions per mile. This number indicates how many times a tire will revolve in one mile. Knowing the revolutions per mile is important for maintaining the accuracy of vehicle systems that depend on wheel rotation data, like anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

What Is the 255/60R15 Rims Size?

For the 255/60R15 tire size, the rim diameter is 15 inches (381 mm). This size is ideal for maintaining the balance of the tire and ensuring its correct fitment. The recommended rim width for this tire size ranges from 7.0 to 9.0 inches (177.8 – 228.6 mm), providing options to cater to different driving styles and requirements.

Fitment Guide
To properly fit a 255/60R15 tire, the vehicle’s rim width should fall within the range of 7.0 – 9.0 inches (177.8 – 228.6 mm). Using rims outside this range can lead to poor vehicle handling, increased tire wear, and potential safety issues. Always ensure your rim width is compatible with your chosen tire size.

Brand Name Model
ASTON MARTIN AMV8 (1972 – 1989), DBS (1969 – 1972), Lagonda (1974 – 1990), V8 (1974 – 1989), V8 Vantage (1977 – 1990)
CHEVROLET Corvette (1968 – 1982)
DODGE Charger (1966 – 1974)

Replacement Tire Size
Replacement tires have to be within 3% of the diameter of the original tires to maintain the accuracy of vehicle systems and to ensure safe and optimal performance. It’s crucial to consult with a tire professional or use a trusted tire size calculator when choosing replacement tires.

Tire Size Overall Diameter Difference
285/50R15 26.3″ (667 mm) -2.9%
205/70R15 26.3″ (669 mm) -2.6%
225/65R15 26.5″ (673 mm) -2.0%
195/75R15 26.5″ (673 mm) -2.0%
245/60R15 26.6″ (675 mm) -1.7%
295/50R15 26.7″ (677 mm) -1.5%
185/80R15 26.7″ (677 mm) -1.5%
275/55R15 26.9″ (683 mm) -0.6%
215/70R15 26.9″ (683 mm) -0.6%
305/50R15 27.0″ (687 mm) 0.0%
235/65R15 27.0″ (687 mm) 0.0%
205/75R15 27.1″ (689 mm) 0.3%
195/80R15 27.3″ (693 mm) 0.9%
225/70R15 27.4″ (697 mm) 1.5%
265/60R15 27.5″ (699 mm) 1.7%
245/65R15 27.5″ (699 mm) 1.7%
215/75R15 27.7″ (703 mm) 2.3%
295/55R15 27.8″ (705 mm) 2.6%
325/50R15 27.8″ (707 mm) 2.9%

Our Observation
In our observation, the 255/60R15 tire size is versatile, providing a balance between comfort and performance. Its sidewall height contributes to a smoother ride, while its section width offers superior grip and handling.

However, always remember that the right tire size for your vehicle depends on various factors, including vehicle type, driving style, and intended use. Thus, it’s crucial to consider these factors and consult with a tire expert when choosing the right tire size.

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