235 Vs 255 Tires

The primary difference between a 235 and 255 tire is the tread width, the 255 tire has 20mm wider tread than the 235 tire. A 235 tire has a width of 235mm, while a 255 tire is 20mm wider at 255mm. This equates to a 0.79 inch difference, with the 255 about 8.5% wider than the 235.

235 Vs 255 Table

This table provides a clear, concise overview of the differences between two tire sizes, allowing for quick comparison.

Tire Size 235Tire Size 255
Narrower 9.25 inch tread widthWider 10.04 inch tread width
Provides slightly better fuel efficiencyMarginally less fuel efficient
Exhibits even treadwear over timeMay wear tread unevenly over time
Cuts through snow/ice a bit betterAdditional traction in mud or dirt
Delivers nimble, responsive handlingProvides added stability at higher speeds
Absorbs road irregularities smoothlySlightly better absorption of impacts
Lower profile aesthetic appearanceMore aggressive, lifted visual stance
Quiet ride with minimal noiseDampens vibrations well for smooth ride

Ground Clearance

The slightly wider 255 tires will provide marginally more ground clearance than the 235.

This can benefit off-road driving or when navigating rough terrain, reducing the risk of scraping or damage from obstacles. However, the difference is relatively minor.

Gas Mileage

With a narrower tread and less rotational mass, 235 tires generally offer better fuel efficiency than 255 tires. This makes them preferable for daily driving and long trips where fuel economy matters.

The minimal extra width and weight of 255 has a small but measurable impact on efficiency.

Ride Comfort

Both widths provide a comfortable ride, with the 255 having a slight edge thanks to more air volume and sidewall height.

This allows it to better absorb impacts from bumps and road irregularities. However, the difference is subtle, and most drivers will find either size provides adequate comfort.


The 255 has a somewhat wider, more aggressive visual stance, which some drivers prefer for the aesthetics.

However, subjectively, there is little significant difference in appearance between the two tire sizes. Both can look appropriate based on the overall vehicle design.

Handling & Stability

The 235 offers marginally quicker steering response and nimble handling on pavement.

But the wider 255 provides more stability and traction, which can be helpful on uneven roads or slippery conditions. Overall, either width provides responsive, stable handling for normal driving.

Noise & Vibration

With such a minor size difference, both tires generate the same interior noise and vibration levels.

The 255 is slightly better at dampening vibrations, but not in a substantially noticeable way. Expect a comparable ride quality.

Durability & Wear

Again, the difference between these two sizes is negligible regarding durability and treadwear.

The 235 may exhibit somewhat more even wear over time. Still, both provide many miles of use with proper maintenance and alignment.


For snow and ice, the 235 can cut through to the pavement a bit better. But the slightly wider 255 provides a tad more traction in deep mud or loose dirt. On balance, both perform well in adverse conditions.

How Much Wider Is A 255 Tire Than A 235?

The 255 tire is 20 millimeters (mm) wider than the 235 tires. The numbers in the tire size represent the width of the tire in millimeters, so a 255 tire is 255 mm wide, while a 235 tire is 235 mm wide.

How Much Taller Is A 255 Tire Than A 235?

To calculate the height difference between a 255 tire and a 235 tire, we must consider their width, aspect ratio, and wheel diameter.

Without knowing both tires’ aspect ratio and wheel diameter, we cannot accurately determine the height difference.

For instance, comparing a 255/60R17 tire to a 235/60R17 tire, both with a 17-inch wheel diameter and an identical aspect ratio of 60, the overall diameter of the 255 tires would be approximately 29.05 inches.

In contrast, the 235 tires would have an overall diameter of around 28.1 inches. As a result, the 255 tires would be about 0.94 inches taller than the 235 tires.

Can I Replace 235 Tires With 255?

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