Tire Size 225/60R17 in inches

The tire size 225/60R17 is equivalent to 27.6×8.9R17 in inches. The 225/60R17 tire size is a popular choice for many vehicles, offering a combination of performance, comfort, and safety. This article will provide a comprehensive analysis of this tire size, focusing on its dimensions in inches, relevant specifications, and important features.

225/60R17 in inches

Feature Metric Inches
Overall Diameter (Tire Height) 702 mm 27.6″
Tread Width 225 mm 8.9″
Rim Diameter 431.8 mm 17″
Sidewall Height 135 mm 5.3″
Circumference 2204.3 mm 86.7″
Revolutions 454 per km 731 per mile

The 225/60R17 tire size is denoted by three numbers and a letter: 225, 60, and 17. The first number (225) indicates the tread width in millimeters, while the second number (60) represents the aspect ratio or profile of the tire.

The “R” signifies that the tire is of radial construction, and the last number (17) refers to the wheel diameter in inches. This combination of numbers and letter gives us a clear understanding of the tire’s dimensions and specifications.

225/60r17 Tire Size Alternative

It’s generally recommended to choose replacement tires that have a diameter measurement within 3 percent of your current tires.

Tire Size Overall Diameter Difference
255/50R17 27.1″ (688 mm) -2%
215/60R17 27.2″ (690 mm) -1.7%
235/55R17 27.2″ (690 mm) -1.7%
145/90R17 27.3″ (694 mm) -1.1%
165/80R17 27.4″ (696 mm) -0.9%
295/45R17 27.5″ (698 mm) -0.6%
205/65R17 27.5″ (698 mm) -0.6%
245/55R17 27.6″ (702 mm) 0%
225/55R18 27.8″ (705 mm) 0.4%
305/45R17 27.8″ (706 mm) 0.6%
275/50R17 27.9″ (708 mm) 0.9%
345/40R17 27.9″ (708 mm) 0.9%
155/90R17 28″ (712 mm) 1.4%
215/65R17 28″ (712 mm) 1.4%
255/55R17 28″ (712 mm) 1.4%
235/60R17 28.1″ (714 mm) 1.7%
315/45R17 28.2″ (716 mm) 2%

Overall Diameter
The overall diameter, also known as tire height, is the total distance from the ground to the top of the tire. For the 225/60R17 tire size, the overall diameter measures 702 millimeters, or approximately 27.6 inches.

This height ensures that the tire maintains a good balance between comfort and performance, as it can absorb road imperfections while still providing optimal handling.

Tread Width
Tread width is the width of the tire’s contact patch, which is the area that makes contact with the road. The 225/60R17 tire has a tread width of 225 millimeters, or about 8.9 inches. This wider tread width contributes to better traction, handling, and stability, particularly in wet or slippery conditions.

Rim Diameter
The rim diameter refers to the size of the wheel on which the tire is mounted. For the 225/60R17 tire size, the rim diameter is 431.8 millimeters, or 17 inches. This size is common for many passenger vehicles, as it provides a good balance between ride quality and performance.

Sidewall Height
Sidewall height, also known as the aspect ratio, is the distance between the outer edge of the tire and the wheel rim. In the 225/60R17 tire size, the sidewall height is 135 millimeters, or approximately 5.3 inches. This aspect ratio indicates a moderately tall sidewall, which can contribute to a smoother and more comfortable ride.

The circumference is the distance around the outer edge of the tire. The 225/60R17 tire size has a circumference of 2204.3 millimeters, or about 86.7 inches. This measurement is important when calculating tire revolutions and speedometer accuracy.

Revolutions per mile or kilometer is a measure of how many times a tire rotates over a specific distance. For the 225/60R17 tire size, there are 454 revolutions per kilometer, or approximately 731 revolutions per mile. This information is useful when determining fuel efficiency, tire wear, and accurate speedometer readings.

Can I Use 215/60r17 Instead Of 225/55r17?

Yes, you can use 215/60R17 tires instead of 225/55R17 tires, but keep in mind that there may be some differences in your vehicle’s performance and handling characteristics. A 215/60R17 tire will have a slightly different diameter than a 225/55R17 tire, which could affect the accuracy of your speedometer and odometer readings.

Additionally, the smaller sidewall height of the 225/55R17 tire (55% of 225mm) compared to the 215/60R17 tire (60% of 215mm) may result in a firmer ride and improved handling, but the trade-off could be less comfort and a decrease in traction in certain conditions.

Our Observations
The 225/60R17 tire size offers a balance between comfort and performance. Its overall diameter, tread width, and sidewall height contribute to a smoother, more comfortable ride without sacrificing handling and stability.

The wider tread width also provides better traction in various road conditions, making it a suitable choice for drivers who desire a tire that can perform well in different driving environments.

The 17 -inch wheel size is popular among many passenger vehicles, offering an excellent combination of ride quality and performance. The rim diameter, combined with the tire’s dimensions, ensures that the 225/60R17 tire size is well-suited for a range of vehicles, from sedans and hatchbacks to crossovers and SUVs.

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