Tire Size 215/85r16 vs 245/75r16

The main difference between tire sizes 215/85r16 and 245/75r16 is the tire width. The 215/85r16 tire has a width of 8.46 inches (215mm), while the 245/75r16 tire is wider at 9.65 inches (245mm). This represents a 14% increase in width, which can affect the tire’s contact patch with the road, potentially influencing traction and handling characteristics.

215/85r16 vs 245/75r16 Table

To better understand the differences between 215/85R16 and 245/75R16 tire sizes, refer to this informative comparison table.

Diameter inches30.39 (771.9)30.47 (773.9)0.08 (2)
Width inches8.46 (215)9.65 (245)1.18 (30)
Circum. inches95.47 (2425)95.72 (2431.28)0.25 (6.28)
Sidewall Height7.19 (182.75)7.23 (183.75)0.04 (1)
Revolutions663.65 (412.37)661.93 (411.31)-1.72 (-1.07)

Overall Diameter
The overall diameter of a tire can directly impact the vehicle’s handling and ride comfort. Larger diameters can handle more rough terrain, while smaller ones are more suited for smooth, paved surfaces.

The 215/85r16 tire has a diameter of 30.39 inches (771.9 mm), while the 245/75r16 tire has a slightly larger diameter of 30.47 inches (773.9 mm), a negligible difference of 0.08 inches (2 mm), or 0.3%. The effect of this slight difference on the vehicle’s performance will likely be negligible.

Section Width
The width of a tire can significantly influence traction, handling, and fuel efficiency. Wider tires generally offer better traction and handling but can also increase rolling resistance, decreasing fuel efficiency.

The 215/85r16 tire is 8.46 inches (215 mm) wide, whereas the 245/75r16 is wider at 9.65 inches (245 mm). This results in a 14% increase in width. Thus, the 245/75r16 tire may offer better traction and handling but might also lead to a slight decrease in fuel efficiency due to increased rolling resistance.

The tire’s circumference affects the speedometer reading and the vehicle’s acceleration. A larger circumference means the tire will cover more ground per revolution, leading to a lower speedometer reading and slower acceleration.

The 215/85r16 tire has a circumference of 95.47 inches (2425 mm), while the 245/75r16 tire has a slightly larger circumference of 95.72 inches (2431.28 mm), a minor difference of 0.25 inches (6.28 mm) or 0.3%. This minuscule difference may have negligible effects on your speedometer reading and vehicle acceleration.

Sidewall Height
Sidewall height affects ride comfort and handling. A taller sidewall generally provides a smoother ride but less precise handling, whereas shorter sidewall yields improved handling but a firmer ride.

The 215/85r16 tire has a sidewall height of 7.19 inches (182.75 mm), and the 245/75r16 tire has a slightly taller sidewall of 7.23 inches (183.75 mm). This 0.04 inches (1 mm) or 0.5% difference results in nearly identical ride comfort and handling between the two tire sizes.

Revolutions Per Mile
Revolutions per mile impact fuel efficiency and speedometer accuracy. More revolutions per mile mean the tire has to work harder, potentially reducing fuel efficiency and displaying a higher speed than actual on the speedometer.

The 215/85r16 tire makes 663.65 revolutions per mile, whereas the 245/75r16 tire makes slightly fewer at 661.93 revolutions per mile. This decrease of -1.72 revolutions per mile (-0.3%) implies the 245/75r16 tire may offer slightly better fuel efficiency and speedometer accuracy, although the difference is minute and unlikely to be noticeable.

Wheel Size
The 215/85r16 and 245/75r16 tires are designed to fit on a 16-inch wheel. While wheel size doesn’t affect performance, it limits the tire sizes you can install on your vehicle. Both these tire sizes will fit the same wheels, making them interchangeable if the vehicle suspension and wheel wells can accommodate the slightly larger and wider 245/75r16.

Construction Type
Both tires feature radial construction, denoted by the ‘r’ in their sizes. Radial tires are the industry standard for their numerous advantages, including longer tread life, better steering control, and more comfortable ride quality.

Alternative Tire Size of 215/85R16
It is required that the replacement tires do not exceed a 3% difference in overall diameter compared to the original tires.

Tire SizeOverall DiameterDifference
265/65R1629.5″ (750 mm)-2.8%
215/80R1629.5″ (750 mm)-2.8%
245/70R1629.5″ (750 mm)-2.8%
315/55R1629.6″ (752 mm)-2.6%
247/70R1629.6″ (752 mm)-2.6%
235/75R1629.8″ (758 mm)-1.8%
275/65R1630.1″ (764 mm)-1%
255/70R1630.1″ (764 mm)-1%
245/75R1630.5″ (774 mm)0.3%
285/65R1630.6″ (776 mm)0.5%
265/70R1630.6″ (778 mm)0.8%
235/80R1630.8″ (782 mm)1.3%
345/55R1630.9″ (786 mm)1.8%
225/85R1631″ (788 mm)2.1%
295/65R1631.1″ (790 mm)2.3%
275/70R1631.2″ (792 mm)2.6%

Alternative Tire Size of 245/75r16
The replacement tires must maintain an overall diameter that is within a 3% margin of the original tires.

Tire SizeOverall DiameterDifference
315/55R1629.6″ (752 mm)-2.8%
247/70R1629.6″ (752 mm)-2.8%
235/75R1629.8″ (758 mm)-2.1%
255/70R1630.1″ (764 mm)-1.3%
275/65R1630.1″ (764 mm)-1.3%
215/85R1630.4″ (772 mm)-0.3%
285/65R1630.6″ (776 mm)0.3%
265/70R1630.6″ (778 mm)0.5%
235/80R1630.8″ (782 mm)1%
345/55R1630.9″ (786 mm)1.6%
225/85R1631″ (788 mm)1.8%
295/65R1631.1″ (790 mm)2.1%
275/70R1631.2″ (792 mm)2.3%

How much taller is a 245/75r16 tire than a 215/85r16?

Comparing the 245/75r16 and the 215/85r16 tires, it’s found that the 245/75r16 tire measures 30.47 inches (773.9 mm) in height, whereas the 215/85r16 tire measures 30.39 inches (771.9 mm) in height. Thus, the 245/75r16 tire is around 0.08 inches (or 2 mm) taller than the 215/85r16 tire.

How much wider is a 245/75r16 tire than a 215/85r16?

The 245/75r16 tire has a width of 9.65 inches (245 mm), while the 215/85r16 tire measures 8.46 inches (215 mm) in width. This implies that the 245/75r16 tire is roughly 1.18 inches (or 30 mm) wider than the 215/85r16 tire.

Can I use 245/75r16 instead of 215/85r16?

The overall diameter of the 245/75r16 tire is 30.47 inches (773.9 mm), and that of the 215/85r16 tire is 30.39 inches (771.9 mm). The difference between these two tire sizes is only 0.08 inches or approximately 0.3%. As this difference is less than the recommended 3%, using a 245/75r16 tire should be acceptable instead of a 215/85r16.

Can I put a 245/75r16 on a 215/85r16?

The suggested rim width range for a 245/75r16 tire is 6.5-8.0″, whereas the range for a 215/85r16 tire is 5.5-7.0″. Since there’s an overlap in the acceptable rim width range for these two tires, it is possible to mount a 245/75r16 tire on a rim initially equipped with a 215/85r16 tire.

Our Observation
The 215/85r16 and 245/75r16 tires are very similar in dimensions, with slight differences in width, diameter, and sidewall height. The 245/75r16 tire, being wider, may offer better traction and handling but may also reduce fuel efficiency slightly due to increased rolling resistance.

However, the impact of these differences is likely minimal due to their small magnitude. Ultimately, the choice between these two tires should be guided by the specific requirements of your vehicle, the driving conditions you frequently encounter, and your driving style.

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